Dubai marina
Dubai marina

Dubai Marina is a beautiful man-made canal city and tourist attraction. Yacht rental Dubai marina attracts everyone to the beauty of the sea and high-rise buildings. Events are a part of life. They are not just celebrations but are a source of refreshment. As life is very busy so events are necessary for everyone’s life.

How to choose the venue for parties?

It is a very critical decision to choose the venue for big parties and gatherings. There are many things which we have to keep in mind while booking the venue. The following are the necessary things.

  1. It should be a unique venue
  2. Guests feel safe and secure
  3. Food quality matters a lot
  4. The venue should be spacious according to the guests’ lists.
  5. There will be no disturbance from outside.

Yacht proves to be the best venue

There is a great option that suits you best for any event or party. Yacht rental Dubai marina is the most unique venue for holding big parties and gatherings. There are a lot of yachts available in the Dubai marina like the Gugu boat, lotus mega yacht, Desert rose yacht. One can book according to the guest list and type of event. Following are some yachts that anyone can book for celebrations with friends and family.

Virgo yacht

When a celebration venue comes to mind then first of all the guest list should be present. As the Virgo yacht is 88ft in size and it can hold only 65 guests. So, if the event is not so big or a family gathering then book it. Such a number of guests are welcome on the Virgo yacht. It has a unique design that everyone loves. The professional captain and crew take great care of the guests properly. Theme decoration is available and fresh food is served at the event. It is a suitable venue for small gatherings like bridal showers, baby showers, etc.

Lotus mega yacht

The yacht is 220 ft in size and can accommodate 500 guests. The highly qualified chef promises to serve the best and fresh food onboard. The design of the yacht and 3 large decks allows the guests to move freely. Moreover, a luxurious dining experience makes the guests feel like a celebrity. There is everything available onboard that is necessary for the guests.

Dubai Marina

Furthermore, a lot of different water activities for guests can be added to the package for entertainment purposes. Live music onboard adds to the beauty of cruising. All the guests feel relaxed and can see the different and unique angles of the Dubai marina from the Bluewater. It is best for big events like wedding ceremonies and corporate events.

Gugu boat

Gugu boat is known as the ultramodern party yacht with a size of 78 ft. It can accommodate around 90 guests because of its vast structure. The captain and crew give all the high-end services to the guests. Furthermore, 5-star gourmet food which is fresh and healthy is available onboard. Moreover, live music or BBQ can add to the joy. Hence, the Dubai marina proves to be the best for buffet service and small events like birthdays and family dinners. Therefore, discuss the decoration and food menu at the time of booking. Just enjoy the event and capture beautiful memories with friends and family.

141 ft mega yacht

If the number of guests is 100 then a 141 ft yacht is perfect. The event goes very well with the hard work of the crew members. The elegant design attracts the guests. Each food item is fresh is available on the table. A lot of entertainment options can be added to the package so that guests can enjoy the event with more interest. They can witness the beautiful skyline buildings and feel the cool breeze onboard.