Men's casual wear trends

Most people think that men have limited clothing compared to women. And in the summer the list narrows down even more. But it’s not the case now, a lot of new trends and mixed match techniques, and there are multiple other options for men also.

Choosing casual wear in winter is much easier than in summer. A long list of accessories makes you look presentable and cool. But the fashion shows this year was full of colourful and playful fashion. Clothing lines for men are also getting accepted by a vast number of societies.

Celebrities and other famous personalities, basically men, are normalizing the unconventional style. You must have spotted your favourite singer or tv star roaming around with peppy colours and absurd designs. If you are brave enough, these quirky designs are suitable for setting up as your style statement.

The creative designers of the latest trends for summers and spring tried some bold designs to connect with society. After two years of the pandemics, the designers have bombed the fashion weeks with the most contrasting options for men. Heeled boots, leather pants, shiny party boy suits, skirts and cutouts are some of those. The designers are trying to keep the clothes out of orthodox gender conventions. The message conveyed was clear. Colours and clothing patterns are not confined to a specific gender anymore. Anyone of any age can try anything they like, there are no rules defined or followed by the true fashionista.

These newly introduced trends may be an example of fresh breath but all these are mostly associated with fast fashion. For sustainability and slow fashion supporters, we have come up with a list of best casual wear for men that are not going to get out of the league anytime soon. On the contrary, you can consider these casual wear an essential for men to have in their closet favouring different moods and events.

1. Denim:

Just like diamonds, denim will continue to be essential for both men and women forever. Yes! Of course, the modifications are always there. For almost a decade tight fitted, skin fit, low waisted types of denim rocked all around the world. A few years later boyfriend jeans, straight fit, flared pants started ruling the fashion world for men. This year the trends are not concentrated on only one type. You can choose among all sorts of denim styles. Washed denim, probably straight fit ones, are more in trend anyway.

2. Button Polo shirts:

Polo tees are essential staples for summer. This year’s button through polo shirts is a fresh take on these classic polo t-shirts. It’s easy to pair with summer wear. They are designed a little fancier than the originals. You can rely on them for business dress and ups or a beach party too. Chinos, shorts, Bermudas, denim and whatnot, you can pair these shirts with almost every kind of bottom wear.

3. Tuck in T-shirt:

Tuck in fashion was considered for middle-aged people earlier. But not anymore. This old school fashion is suitable for semi-formal events. Just pick a t-shirt that fits well on your torso and shoulders. Whites, blues, and grey are better options for these tees. For the bottom wear consider a tailored fit formal pants, an ankle-length would be a perfect option for pairing. Denim and chinos will work for you for more casual outings.

4. Big fresh prints:

Prints and patterns belong to winter wear trends. But this season the fresh prints with big bright colours are making a buzz. You can pick up breezy printed shirts with half sleeves for a beach or summer day outing with friends. Chinos or long shorts are better picks with these print shirts. Keep the bottoms more basic and let your statement shirt take the center stage.

5. Chinos and Breton:

Breton was introduced as a navy uniform by France back in 1858. The craze for these T-shirts managed to stay in fashion for decades after its launch. These striped T-shirts are available in both half and full-length sleeves. Take out your chinos and wear your Breton for a charming look. Shoes can make a big difference in your overall appearance. So pick them according to the occasion.

6. Wide-legged Shorts:

Just like wide-legged pants, wide-legged tailored pants were a topic of discussion in most recent fashion shows. While opting for such casual wear, it’s necessary to get your fit and length perfect. An oversized or slouchy fitting will ruin your entire presentation. Keep the length a few inches above the kneecap. The key to slaying these shorts is to wear it along with vertical striped shorts, a polo tee, or any other casual T-shirt.

7. Sandals:

Ditch your shoes for the next beach party or your drink party at the bar with your pals. Go for the sandals instead. Technical sandals don’t seem to leave the show anytime soon. These super relaxed fit sandals are great options for hiking, casual outings, beach parties or your regular wear too. The best part is their versatility makes them a perfect choice for almost all types of casual wear. The comfort is not even required to be mentioned. The super flexibility with washable rubber soles is a better pick than any leather sandals. Moreover, these sandals are animal cruelty-free and sustainable options.

8. Glasses:

No summer look is complete without a classic pair of eyeglasses. Summer needs a breezy colourful appearance. This makes you look desirable and you will never go unnoticed. Invest in a well-established label to leave a mark amongst the people around you. A good pair of eyeglasses is capable of turning heads for you. Choosing a flashy over basic blacks is a better idea for summers. You can keep your dark shades for the winters.

9. Belts:

Just like any other casual wear, belts are essential for elevating your apparel. Be playful and pick some trendy belts over the basic ones. The belts are used by women frequently as a style statement. Similarly when in doubt use these underestimated accessories to change your entire look.

10. Men’s jewellery:

Just like women, jewellery is always necessary to complete your look. Whether it be a casual or formal look, a piece of correct jewellery will make you look more elegant and sophisticated. Heavy chunky chains, bracelets, ear studs, hoop rings, cross pendants, chain link chains, signet rings and embellished watches are some of the options for you. The rest depends on your preferences.