Three Top Amazing Ideas for your App Startup

According to Surveys, App markets like Play Store & Apple store have more than 2 million apps each. It indicates the competitiveness of the market of apps. And the need for an edge over other apps & is very well defined by the idea behind your app. Finding an idea is very crucial for your app startup success. It can decide the type of investments you attract & target audience you need. A good idea can help you boost your edge in the competitive market.

So, today we discuss some of the ideas for your startup. These ideas are selected by keeping the target audience in mind & surely help you get the fundings you desire.

AR-based app

AR-VR is revolutionary technology & It almost looks like reality from some sci-fi movies. These technologies have attracted a large amount of funding. Even Big techs like Meta aim to build their version of it, a.k.a. MetaVerse. If correctly implemented, it can help you immensely in tasks such as redesigning a room using AR technology.

It can also help you with tasks like making notes on your fridge or somewhere you need them pinned. It can be helpful to users in real-life where-in they can simplify daily task monitoring. It is a substitute for paper and can help your brand accordingly.


Web3 is in a boom right now & Blockchain has enabled many industries and has been the topic of research for the last decade. It can be crucial for the future when people want their privacy and want to track authenticity in terms of security. It has helped develop some state-of-the-art security solutions for authentication. Similarly, Blockchain-based apps can help you with a revolutionary idea of your own.

An example of Blockchain is a use case in the fashion industry. Counterfeits have been an issue in the Fashion industry. Some brand stores were exposed, selling counterfeits that are very similar to the originals and hard to differentiate. To eliminate this, Blockchain can help identify the origin and tracking journey of a product. It can help you identify counterfeits efficiently. It also helps keep track of stock inventory in pharma industries, secure their product sales, and avoid misuse.

Medical Industry

The medical industry is an industry with a lot of scope for growth. Though many industries have revolutionized appointments, many doctors still rely on having assistants and manual labor at hospitals to take care of such tasks. Fundings in medical technology have always been ready to invest in new ideas. It has never kept a market cap on the products because of the nature of the need. It is also a noble cause to develop technologies that can help save human lives by efficiently handling costs and time.

Over to You

Those are the three major app industries that have the potential to see future growth. If you already have a revolutionary idea and are having difficulties with how you can start developing these ideas. You can hire Mobile App Developers from a Mobile App Development Firm for these ideas. Mobile App Development Firm can help you outsource your IT requirements and help you focus on the business side of your startup. A Top Mobile App Development Firm will provide you with end-to-end service, ensuring correct App ideation, Market Identification, Smooth Development & Customer Support. This firm can also help you set up teams across the globe & help you follow DevOps practices for delivering better project times. These firms will help entrepreneurs and startups build their apps at affordable hourly rates to help them keep an edge over other competitors.

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