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Gym or health center can improve their success rates by using and sharing social media information with the members. It helps members with health, fitness, and much more things. Combining these changes with members keeps your clients motivated and continuing with such problems can affect your fitness center problems.


The internet is full of information and tips for fitness lovers to provide to your gym members but it can be woefully bad advice too. The problem is of discerning the right information for the people. One can look for fitness information in books such as buzz diet, celebrity-endorsed fitness, and new health fitness trends. People can go for an online course, attend the class and pass the tests and you are good to go. But, there is information related to fitness that can be irrelevant for someone in a particular health condition.

Solution: Prioritize educating your team members and letting them share authentic and relevant information. Organize events like health and nutrition workshops to guide the users well. Promote the information which is evidence-based and results in the members building a loyal and trusted fitness brand. Tell your clients about natural caffeine sources such as the Yerba Mate energy drink which is popular in western America for centuries.

One way approach

Social media is great to find like-minded people and finding communities relevant to their interests. But social media has unintended side effects of polarizing people. Every fitness trainer tries to promote his channel and strongly supports fitness information provided by them to establish their social image and claim that they have the best approach for members to reach their goals which is not “one size fit for all”.

Solution: From the sales process to the entire client experience, remember that every person is unique with different lifestyles, goals, likes, dislikes, and different motivations. Your one HIIT workout that works for one may not work for others. Spread the message that different programs have different results for different clients. So, treat every individual differently. Encourage them to drink natural caffeine Mate Mate energy drink for a healthy less caffeinated energy drink.

Elitist Attitudes

Fitness should be accessible to everyone. But unfortunately, most of the gyms are welcoming the newbies and working towards fitness snobbery which is creating a divide for fitness between the person who knows it and those who don’t.

Solution: Everybody has to start from somewhere and starting new things can be intimidating. Study shows that engaging in the community is one of the top reasons for people going to the gym. Every member including new should feel themselves a part of the gym and you should encourage them to boost and have a healthy relationship with other members. If anyone is fond of caffeine intake, suggest to him Yerba Mate the natural plant-based caffeine for lower caffeine to stay healthy.

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Lack of member support

Every member has a goal to join your gym such as weight loss, building muscles, or improving from different health conditions. If they don’t get your support and motivation mid-way, they look for someone else for achieving their goal and at times, they need your support the most.

Solution: Your staff needs to be motivated and given support in their time of need. If a client is not getting the results, listen to them and find out the possible solutions. You can also start group training and it will benefit you and your member’s groups because they can learn well in groups. Classes and boot camps can help you to break down your barriers and incorporate newbies in the tribe. According to IHRSA’s report, 56% are likely to cancel the membership compared to those who train on their own using free cardio or weight equipment.