Fun games to play on road trips

Taking long car trips with young children can sometimes be difficult since they get tired of sitting with the child restraint without being able to move freely, they get bored or dizzy, among other things. For this reason, when traveling with the smallest of the house it is essential to plan everything in advance: calculate the stops that will be made along the way, being advisable to stop to rest every two hours or 200 kilometers; select some toys or stuffed animals to play with during the tour; prepare different games so that they travel entertained, etc. Buy used cars online in the UK.

It is true that you can always turn to movies or cartoons to entertain the little ones; however, traveling by car can always be a very good opportunity to let ourselves be carried away by the imagination and play with the little ones, making them part of the landscape that accompanies us during the journey. To inspire us a little, the Race offers us five wonderful ideas to play with children, which will surely be of great help to all those families who return home from their summer vacations during the next few days.

Before starting a car trip with children, it is essential to plan everything in advance.

Fun games to play on road trips


We must take into account the age of the children, but usually, the license plates of the cars are a very good excuse to practice mathematical operations. If children already know how to add, a good game is to ask them to add the numbers on the license plate of the car in front. The one who makes the sum faster wins. If the children are older, the game can be complicated by asking them to multiply the numbers. If children are still very young and cannot add, it is always a good idea to simply challenge them to read the numbers on the license plates, identify the highest number, the lowest number, etc.

You can also review the letters that accompany the numbers and ask the children to form words that begin with each of them.


The “I see, I see” is a classic game that is popular with all ages. It consists of choosing an object visible to all and guessing it in the shortest time possible. For the youngest, the clue can be the color of the object, while for the oldest it will be the initial letter of the object. The child who first guesses what the object is will be in charge of starting the game again.


Inventing and creating a story is a very fun way to entertain the little ones. The adult should begin a story with the phrase “Once upon a time…” and each member of the family should add the setting, the characters, the situations, the different factions of the story, etc. Besides being a lot of fun, this game will help them foster their creativity and storytelling.


All children like music and nursery rhyme much more. In critical moments when the little ones demand the attention of adults, a good way to distract them is by singing their favorite children’s songs.


Car trips are perfect for teaching a child driver education. To be able to play with traffic signs, we first have to explain briefly, clearly, and simply what function each of the vertical signs that we usually find on the road has: limited speed, no overtaking, end of the ban on overtaking, approaching a curve, the presence of animals on the road, etc.

Once they are clear about the meaning of the signs, the game can begin, which consists of the children being attentive to the road to discover the signs and guess what they are for.
When playing all these games, we must bear in mind that the driver needs to be 100% focused on driving and on the road, so, possibly, he will not be able to play most of these games. It is essential to explain to the little ones that they have to be seated quietly in their chair for the driver to carry out their task correctly. If children are uncomfortable or do not stop crying or complaining, it is best to make a stop to allow them to relax or run for a while if they already know how to walk.