Email marketing for lawyers

The internet dominated world that we live in today, has made it imperative for every business to engage in some sort of digital or online marketing to survive in this fiercely competitive world. The legal profession is not untouched by this phenomenon. Online marketing has become an integral part of marketing for lawyers. More and more lawyers are embracing this channel for their growth plans. There are many aspects of online marketing, and email marketing for lawyers is a crucial part of it. It helps the lawyers keep in touch with their prospects and also fuel word of mouth advertisement in the process.

Research shows that email marketing is 40 times more effective than social media, and around 85% of professionals prefer email as the chosen mode of business communication. Further, almost 60% of professional marketing agencies say that it is the most effective way of revenue generation. In this article, we will discuss some of the most effective email marketing strategies for lawyers.

1. Include Video

Videos have much more impact than plain text when it comes to conveying a message. Video emails are the best way to introduce yourself to your prospects. Video emails have almost twice the click-through rates than non-video emails. Almost all email providers allow you to embed a thumbnail of your video, with a few of them allow full video embedding. Some video hosting providers even allow you an embed code, which can be imported into the HTML editor. You can also embed a smaller thumbnail image in your signature that would be linked to your profile video. This way, your potential clients would be able to learn more about you. Every time you have email communication with your prospects, they would get the opportunity to know you better.

2. Automate your email Campaigns For Lawyers

Email marketing for lawyers cannot be exclusive of other online channels. So, if you have optimized your social media and your website’s CTA, you would be generating enough leads to respond to each of them individually. It could become too cumbersome to respond to them manually. It is here that email automation has a big role to play. Automation lets you quickly respond to every lead that is generated through different online channels. Prompt and personalized reply improves your conversion rate by almost seven times.

Email automation can be used to send an autoresponder whenever someone downloads your lead magnet or books a consultation. It can be used to send a series of emails to educate your prospects, or send a ‘thank you’ note to those who register for any of your live events, etc.

3. Create Monthly Newsletters

Keeping in touch with your prospective clients is very important in the legal profession, and one of the best ways is to keep them updated on the latest developments in the legal field. One way to do that is through a monthly newsletter. Irrespective of whether the person you wish to correspond with has been your client or is a future prospect, it can pay rich dividends if you send them a monthly newsletter via email informing them about your work, what you do for the community, your recent achievements in your profession, etc. It would benefit them if they receive content that is relevant to their needs, and they would also get to know you better. This is an important aspect of lawyer email marketing.

4. Segment Your Leads

Segmentation is critical in email marketing. Divide and subdivide your leads into segments based on different parameters and send them content that is relevant to their segment. Segmented email campaigns have around 20% more conversion chance than non-segmented campaigns, and the click-through rate is almost double. It is also believed that they drive 18 times more revenue than non-targeted, random emails. It would be stupid to send generic emails to all your prospects. Every prospective client would have their own specific legal need, and pounding them with unnecessary, irrelevant content could alienate them. You have to make them believe that you care for them by giving a bit of personal touch to the emails. Segmentation can be done on the basis of where they stand in the sales funnel, the practice area they are interested in, and what action they have taken to address their adverse legal situation.

5. Optimize your emails for Mobile

With the use of smartphones increasing by the day, it is estimated that around half the recipients view their mail on their mobile phones. It is therefore critical that you optimize your emails for mobiles. Half the recipients involuntarily delete unresponsive emails. Optimizing for mobiles is also good for SEO for lawyers.

Discussed above are some important aspects of email marketing for lawyers. You need to keep these points in mind whenever you launch an email marketing campaign for your law firm.

Author Bio

Sophia is a marketing expert working at Conroy Creative Counsel- a digital marketing agency for lawyers in the USA. She has a passion for creative and technical writing and always looks for learning something new.