Powerful toolkits

To a tradie, the idea of losing their power tools might be felt like a bird losing its wings.  But you may be surprised to learn that all of that affordable, accessible and powerful assistance for all sorts of daily and commercial tasks is actually quite new.  The rotary hammer only hit the market 90 years ago, followed by the breaker hammer twenty years later, the first cordless drill in 1960 and the lithium batteries that make life at work and at home a comparative breeze.

Without getting too deep in the technical details, what every great modern power tool has in common are things like brushless motors, versatile DC power connectors, advanced features like adjustable torque and speed control, and options to customise the fit and performance across the full industry spectrum.  Power tools can be heard in a hospital corridor idoor or a construction site; inside a mechanic’s warehouse or an aerospace hanger.  With the help of those DC power connectors, safely and accurately supplying the DC power from the mains to charge and power these indispensable modern hand-held gizmos of the 21st century, today’s power tools pummel through surfaces and make light work of some of the toughest jobs and tasks of the past.

As a tradie, a business operator or just someone new to the world of commercial power tools at work, it can be difficult to know where to start as you put together your very first power tool arsenal.  Hopefully, our list of indispensable and formidable power tools for every modern business is as good a place as any (and luckily you can buy any from a world-leading supplier like RS Components). 

  1. Cordless drill

Anyone who has gone from manual drilling to power drilling knows that ‘Wow’ feeling.  The step from wired to cordless is just as significant a step, complete with the range of bits that help create just the hole or the fastening type you require.  Air or gas-powered versions are the next step, but a versatile cordless drill in its various forms with a pistol grip will certainly satisfy your itchy trigger finger.

  1. Circular saw

If it can be cut, a circular saw will cut it.  Like the drill, a cordless version is a great place to start – even if you’re cutting some pretty hard-core metals.  Just choose a right-side or left-side blade version for your preference, the right cutting depth and bevel cutting angle range, and you’re good to go.

  1. Angle grinder

Another iconic power tool is the angle grinder, with the spinning blade at right angles to the device and versions with a standard or flat head for your preference or application.  Get your versatile options right and you’ll be grinding welds, concrete, pipe, stone, mortar and even saying goodbye to rust and paint and saying hello to a freshly polished surface.    

  1. Oscillating multi-tool

Not talked about much at the dinner table perhaps, but you’ll hear plenty about this helpful tool at the pub – that’s for sure.  The principle is that for a huge number of reasons – scraping, sanding, removing grout, cutting, polishing and more – you actually need a blade or attachment that oscillates, or travels in a high speed, side-to-side arc.  Just choose your oscillation angle and go!

  1. Rotary tool

Similarly, there’s a lot of reasons why you’ll need a rotary power tool, which may seem simple but that powerful rotation can be fitted with a wide range of attachments for an even wider range of uses.  They’re small enough for detailed repairs and crafting, as well as engraving and just plain old grinding.

But wait, there’s more!  If your budget allows, set some aside and consider adding a chop and table saw, an orbital sander, a nail gun, jigsaw and planer.  But that’s still just scratching the surface of modern power tools that – thanks to ingenious and versatile components including DC power connectors to make the powerful magic happen – will supercharge your business’ productivity and put smiles on every worker’s face.  Need help kitting out your ultimate power tool box for 2021 and beyond?  Never be shy to ask the experts.  Happy power tooling!