Halal Food

You can not imagine and believe that the Halal food industry is the next big opportunity. The halal industry is becoming a global business because it has an estimated growth rate of 20 percent. This is a big boom. Out of the total food market in the world, Halal food is already made upto 19 percent of the global food market. If we talk about food for health and everything that comes in between, this is now not just limited to Muslims. Approx 2 billion Muslims are following and practicing Islam, which means the Halal industry has 2 billion consumers straight.

Another reason for such a growth in the Halal market is that non-Muslims are now also consumers of Halal food. Undoubtedly, it is healthier and hygienic food compared to many of the well-known food of British, American, Chinese and other foods we like daily. In this article, we will explore some of the factors why and how the Halal industry is booming in the UK and all over the globe. Before that, let’s take a moment to understand what halal food is?

Understanding Halal food:

The word Halal comes from the Arabic that means “Permissible.” it means the food that is allowed to eat and has that food in a permissible way. Halal food must meet the following things:

  • Do not include any blood in it
  • Do not include any alcohol
  • If it is meat, it should be slaughtered in a properly described way in Islam and in the name of Allah.
  • Food should not include any kind of prohibited animal like pigs, other controversial animals and birds of prey.
  • Must be stored and processed in a clean and Halal way
  • It should not contain any intoxicants or harmful ingredients, poisons and unsanitary elements

Some of the Reasons for the Boom in the Halal Industry Are Mentioned Below:

1. Halal Restaurants:

Across the UK, you can find many halal restaurants offering delicious foods that are literally just mind-blowing. Luckily a few days ago, I was searching for a halal buffet restaurants in Manchester on my mobile, and a halal food restaurant was available at that time of night. I have already tried them many times, and they never disappointed me with their delicious taste of burgers.

2. Increased Tourism:

Nowadays, the world is considered a global village. You can travel and learn about the whole world anytime. Muslims recently, after a successful hosting Fifa World Cup 2022, emerged on the globe. Many non-Muslims interacted with Muslims for the first time and came to know about halal foods and traditions. Now they come back to their country and go to Halal restaurants for the food they enjoyed in Qatar.

Especially in Manchester, London and Birmingham, there are huge Muslim communities, and they have many non-Muslim friends and links. They both enjoy many Halal foods in their meetups and meetings. This is one of the main reasons that the local Muslim communities always open their doors for everyone to have a meal with them and to know them.

3. Muslim population:

The Muslim population is incredibly increasing in the UK. According to ten years census, the Muslim population has increased to approx 4 million, which is approx 6.5 percent of the UK population in 2021. Previously it was 4.9 percent of the population. The Muslim population is increasing in the UK, and the increased population means more demand for halal food. According to research carried out by Pew Research Centre, the Muslim population in the UK will triple in 2050, with an approx Muslim population of 13 Million. That is a huge halal consumer market.

4. Muslims Traditions and Events:

Muslims have many religious and traditional festivals that include a big meal like Eid Ul Fitr, Eid Ul Adha, Melad, and many others. On such occasions there are a lot of family gatherings and a lot of meal is required for the food refreshment. This is how the halal industry is booming in the UK.

5. Halal Events in the UK

Much of the fashion industry is moving towards “Modest Fashion.” due to the growing number of Halal consumers in the UK, companies have launched halal-based events, and these are gone a big success. In 2017, the UK hosted its first Modest Fashion festival, which was also a success.

In 2020, London Muslim Fashion Festival returned for its 5th year, and it attracted a lot of Muslims to fashion, food, and shopping. It was Europe’s biggest Halal food event as well at that time. This attracted many Muslims and non-Muslims towards halal food.