Milkshakes, ah. The dessert is alcoholic. A chilly shake is the best way to stay cool on a hot summer day. However, if you’re becoming a bit tired of your typical milkshake regimen, it’s better to change things up with some of these milkshake ingredients that you may have missed but that you really ought to be included in your milkshake. Additionally, we’re not referring to your typical mix-ins. Yes, ice cream and cookies and candies go together like peanut butter and jelly. But by using components that will awaken your taste receptors, we aim to move beyond the fundamentals.

The 100th anniversary of the milkshake will be in 2022, so now is a good time to step up your milkshake game. Experts claim that Ivan Coulson, a worker at Walgreens, began adding scoops of vanilla ice cream to the chocolate malts in 1922, which is when the current milkshake was allegedly created. The drink became popular due to its stronger flavor and richer texture. Let’s explore and perfect this liquid treat for another 100 years, starting with all these intriguing milkshake ingredients. If you wish to have some delicious milkshakes, then try browsing the milkshake and ice cream shop near me.


Fans of smoothies won’t be surprised by this addition. Avocado smoothies have a fresh flavor and are velvety and creamy. According to an expert, avocado is the perfect component since it complements the other flavors without dominating them. It follows because it might also be the perfect complement to ice cream. One person suggests avocado as a wonderful summertime treat when combined with condensed milk or ice cream that has been sweetened with honey or sugar. In the Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, and certain other countries, avocado milkshakes are well-liked.

Condensed milk, avocado, plus sugar are the typical milkshake ingredients, but the Indonesian variation also swirls chocolate syrup into the glass before adding the milk. In those other places, it might be as straightforward as milk, sugar, and also avocado. But don’t be scared to change things up by including more fruit. Avocado pairs well with citrus fruits, including oranges, limes, strawberries, mango, papaya, peaches, and even blueberries, and these combinations could also result in a wonderful milkshake.


You might be hesitant to put applewood-smoked bacon in your beverage, but it is an excellent idea. The sweet elements are perfectly counterbalanced by the bacon’s salty flavor, which also adds a crunchy component. For pure Elvis vibes, get a milkshake with bacon, peanut butter, and bananas. If you enjoy the taste of salty and sweet together, bacon and salted caramel also seem very tasty.

It looked delicious in theory—made with soft serve, bacon, chocolate sauce, plus caramel. An organization added a bacon shake to its menu for a brief time after adapting the bacon shake concept. The milkshake ingredients included vanilla ice cream, bacon-flavored syrup, whipped cream, and a cherry on top. This shake only had syrup with a bacon flavor; this was a bit underwhelming.


Suppose this isn’t the craziest milkshake ingredient we’ve ever seen. Butter our biscuits! But if culinary experts think it’s better, we’ll believe them. Buttermilk biscuits are the secret ingredient in this strawberry smoothie. You would be mistaken if you believed that they were utilizing packaged cookies and cutting corners. They begin by making a batch of their renowned biscuits from scratch before making their milkshake. Even though it may appear to be a lot of work just for a milkshake, it’s worth the effort.

Since they prepare them so frequently, experts claim that they have the recipe memorized, proving that they must be tasty. Before removing the tops, the sweet biscuits are baked and then chilled. The strawberries are also on another level. Before frying them in a skillet with extra sugar and strawberry jam, experts cover them with sugar and let them set for a while. To make a 12-ounce shake, they advise using 11 ounces of ice cream. They top the shake with biscuit crumbs, sugar, and an additional scoop of cooked strawberries after blending the ice cream and strawberry sauce.


An expert claims that adding buttermilk will offer your milkshake a tangy cheesecake flavor. Additionally, since it is richer than conventional milk, it will aid in maintaining the consistency of your shake. Buttermilk is frequently used in shakes with peaches, berries, plus chocolate in the recipes we’ve discovered. Hey, it should work in shakes, too, if it succeeds in pies (like blackberry buttermilk pie).

In a manner, adding buttermilk can make your milkshake “healthier.” Although conventional buttermilk (raw milk) may contain probiotics, experts claim that cultured buttermilk does not. Gut health benefits from probiotics. However, only a tiny number of states permit the selling of raw milk. Make your buttermilk shake at home! Try it along with fruits like strawberries or peaches that have been grilled or roasted.