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Pregnancy is a journey which a woman can never forget in her life. It comes with happiness full of discomfort and uneasiness. While a woman’s body is undergoing so many changes, she has to take care of her eating habits, sleep pattern, and be careful while walking. Moreover, the clothes a pregnant lady wears are also significant as lightweight and airy clothes are required at least during summer. Some of the easy-breezy fabrics that an expecting female can wear are:

  1. COTTON: The summer staple as you know it. One of the most comfortable and coolest fabrics to beat the summer blues is cotton. The breathing process becomes difficult as the pregnancy progresses, that’s why wearing soothing cotton clothes is the ideal choice. Cotton fabrichas a lot of room for air circulation and the moisture absorption rate is high in this natural fiber. Fewer efforts are required for maintaining such a lightweight fabric. The soft and smooth texture of the fabric makes you feel more relaxed and relieved. Currently, people are moving towards buying organic cotton clothes. There are no chemicals used in the production of organic cotton which makes it even more perfect as each mother is concerned about the safety of the child. You can buy from any Indian fabric store and get it stitched or you can directly buy maternity dresses, t-shirts, lowers and so on.
  2. LINEN: Another wonderful fabric for maternity clothing. It is a textile made from the flax plant and is one of the coolest and lightest fabrics. It is a durable fabric with a high absorption rate. Although you will find it stiff if used brand new but after the wash, it becomes buttery soft.  Your skin will be protected against all types of infections, allergies and itchiness thanks to its antibacterial properties. Molecularly, linen cloth can absorb up to ⅕ of its weight before you get the feeling of wetness or dampness. Other than moisture, it also has anti-odour properties. A day in linen dress is the most comfortable one. Only if you are someone who can’t take on wrinkles, then linen can be a difficult choice because it curls up easily.
  3. CHAMBRAY: Made from either cotton or linen, a great alternative to denim in summers. In terms of pattern, it has a somewhat heathered appearance. The plain weave fabric has a coloured warp (usually blue) and a white weft. This fabric has a certain depth due to its white threads running over coloured threads while maintaining a lighter weight. It is an opaque fabric which is long-lasting and very comfortable for the summer months. Just like denim, it is not prone to pilings. The high-moisture wicking properties give room for easy breathing. The easy-to-maintain fabric can be washed at home and ironed a little before wearing it.  These days you will find a lot of outfits made from chambray like short dresses, maxi dresses, shirts, shorts, etc. Look stylish and gorgeous even during pregnancy.
  4. BAMBOO: Bamboo textiles include yarn, cloth and clothing which are derived from bamboo fibres. It is much softer and more durable than cotton because the bamboo fabric is made from the inner pith of the stem. Such a soft and soothing feeling is loved by all, especially expecting women. When compared with cotton, bamboo fabric has higher levels of absorption. In addition to moisture absorption, the fibres have minute holes and are very good for ventilation. The natural antibacterial properties are present in this organic fabric, making it very skin-friendly. Also, it protects you from harmful ultraviolet rays coming from the sun. Wearing clothes made of bamboo fibre allows your sweat to be absorbed and evaporated. Those who live in countries with extreme heat benefit from these dresses, as they are cool and comfortable. When looking for maternity clothing, the bamboo fabric should be on your list for sure.
  5. COTTON LYCRA: Made from 5% spandex and 95% cotton, it is a comfortable fabric for pregnant women. Although it is synthetic fibre it provides you great support with a growing belly. You can find this fabric more in loungewear and basic wear. The silky smooth fabric glides on the skin easily. The fabric doesn’t absorb as compared to cotton or linen but still, it doesn’t give you the feeling of dampness. The stretchiness of the fabric allows support for increasing weight. It facilitates your movement to the next level. There are so many designs, patterns, and prints available for making peppy and funky maternity wear.
  6. MODAL RAYON: The semi-synthetic fabric is commonly used in textile industries. The fabric is highly breathable with a moisture-wicking profile. The elastic fabric is usually used in making t-shirts, leggings, jeggings, etc. In your maternity wardrobe, you can easily include modal rayon fabric as it soothes the skin. Even luxurious bed covers or bedsheets made from model rayon can be used as it has a cooling effect and summer heat can be taken care of with ease. The thin and smooth fabric lasts for a longer time and has little comfort. Get a nice and soothing dress of modal rayon that you are going to use forever.

All the above-mentioned fabrics are available in each part of our country. Some of the famous Indian fabric stores and websites are offering so many varieties of each of these fabrics with so many quirky prints. The whole pregnancy process is very cumbersome but you can lay off the stress by giving some time to yourself. There is no need for an expecting mother to look dull and sick all the time. Shop at your convenient time like when you are feeling low or sleepless, it can act as a therapy.. Look ever-stylish and comfortable at the same time in soothing clothes from Also, you can use these even post-delivery. These days there are so many brands that manufacture efficient maternity clothing which can be used even after the birth of the child. Don’t overbuy but still spend a little bit on yourself as it is the last time you can think only about yourself.

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