Photo by riciardus

Photo by riciardus

Photo by riciardus

With feelings of isolation and the overwhelming amount of work, most people yearn for a quick break. Ever since the pandemic hit and put a halt to many leisure activities, many individuals confessed to feeling sad about neglecting their chances to go on vacations without restrictions or fear of contracting the dreaded coronavirus.

Taking breaks, according to studies by the World Health Organization, is good for people, especially helping them from getting heart disease and stroke. But with the pandemic still around and travel restrictions still up, how can people make sure that they get their dose of breaks and fun?

Staycations and Why You Need Them

The term staycation originated from the United States and is a contraction of the words “stay” and “vacation”. It basically means taking a vacation at home or within your vicinity instead of travelling to another place.

Staycations are an alternative form of tourism fully in line with the slow tourism trend. It pertains to living in the present moment, inviting people to take time, reconnect with the outdoors, and discover landscapes nearby.

Reasons to Book Your Dream Staycation

Several states in Canada have slowly opened up to various activities so it is a perfect time to plan your much-deserved staycation. Why go far when you can just book a bus charter to tour Toronto and enjoy yourself with the rest of the family? Here are the top reasons why your dream staycation is not far: 

  • It eases the mental stress associated with travel planning.

Planning for a trip, especially overseas, can cause you a lot of stress. You need to plan down to the last detail working around your budget and the timeframe of your travel. For this, experts have coined the term “travel stress” referring to the body’s natural response to the pressures, anxieties, and challenges of travelling.

The symptoms of travel stress vary from person to person. Some of the things that you may experience are:

  • Difficulty to think clearly
  • Fatigue
  • Irritability
  • Dizziness
  • Rapid heart rate
  • Shortness of breath

On the other hand, planning for a staycation allows you to indulge in the pleasures of travel but without the worries of missing flights, lost luggage, or overbooked hotels. You can instead enjoy time on a recreational vehicle and stay at a state park, camp on a nearby mountain, or visit a family member. The options are suited for travellers who want time off from their daily routine but don’t want to stress themselves out. 

  • You can have a good time for less.

Unlike interstate or international travel that requires a huge budget to be realized, staycation involves very little cost. You are not required to book a flight, in some cases, you can also skip booking hotels and other similar accommodations. Your goal is to simply enjoy some time away from your desk and off the grid to refresh and recharge. The shorter travel and less expensive trip costs mean you can enjoy your time outside without breaking the bank.

  • Staycations are more practical during a pandemic.

Is it safe to go on a staycation during the pandemic? With many Canadian provinces opening up to tourism activities, you can surely enjoy a much-needed vacation. Since you are not travelling very far, or perhaps you are not going to step out of the house at all, your chances of exposure to the virus are low. To best enjoy your time and avoid the anxieties of contracting the virus just follow the health protocols. 

  • Staycations don’t always mean stepping out.

Photo by toa heftiba

Photo by Toa Heftiba

Vacations do not always mean seeing new spots, doing different activities, and meeting new people. To some people, vacations mean recharging from all activities that drain the energy out of them. You can take a vacation even if you are just inside the house. Here are some suggestions:

  • Turn off the internet and hide all your gadgets.
  • Enjoy a good book in silence.
  • Avail of a home-service spa.
  • Sleep for as long as you want for a day or two.
  • Have pajama parties or sleepovers with family members or friends (while still observing minimum health protocols).
  • Staycations allow you to discover new things about your community.

The irony is, that many people go far and wide to discover sights and scenes that other countries offer but they are alien to the tourism sites of their own places. Staycations offer the perfect time for you to get acquainted with the different museums, geographical parks, emerging districts, food avenues, and other places that you have probably ignored or paid little attention to. 

  • It is easier to settle accident disputes.

Even if you like it or not, there is still a chance of meeting an accident during a vacation. It is difficult to settle things or seek medical treatment if you are in an unfamiliar country. However, if you are within the Canadian territory, especially in your own province, it is easier to move. Should you meet a vehicular accident, for example, you can hire a car accident lawyer in Whitby to help you make or seek settlements. The proceedings will be less excruciating for you and the other parties involved should accidents transpire.

With the pandemic still dragging on, many people’s mental health is suffering. Taking a break from the busy but confined life at this age is the easiest resolve if one sets out for a staycation. Without going too far you can still enjoy the pause, peace, and quiet that you deserve without risking yourself or breaking the bank.