Cakes are the best food nowadays or forever! When it comes to celebrating things then there is nothing better than gifting and celebrating with cakes. A cake can be a good mood booster. There are different varieties of cakes available in our country. People have their choices over cakes. So now in this article, we are here to learn more about the cakes and we are going to tell you those famous six tastier cakes which you can eat anytime you want. So let’s get started to learn more about cakes:

Coffee cakes

As the name sounds, coffee. Yes, the cake contains coffee properties too. It can be very good for those people who love to have coffee in the morning. As it is fat-free which gives you the taste and feel of coffee, it can be healthy for you to have them in the morning. These are the sponge cakes that have butter in them and generally come in round shape. It is separated by doing a butter icing in between the walls. We have to always follow precautions before having them. We have to cover it with foil while refrigerating.

Banana cakes

Everyone loves to maintain their physique or we can say that everyone wants to be fit and good looking. In order to balance our diet and protein sources, then there is nothing better than bananas. It is having enough calcium and protein that is totally fat-free and helpful in gaining muscles. There are different ways and processes to prepare this tasty cake. Such as layer, muffins and cupcakes can be an easy process to do so. Steamed banana cakes are especially found in China and Indonesia or you can simply order cake online in Gurgaon to get them now.

Confetti cakes

Believe me, the cake you are reading now is the most loved cake for children, it is the best cake for children or for their special occasions. There are different types of looks available in the market but this cake’s color is coated into sprinkles of rainbow color. These can be chocolates or butter too. It can be found in white and yellow but it all depends on the color you want it to give. These can be juicier if we add mayonnaise in it, and we know that adding mayonnaise while something is sweet, can give our mouth a permanent bliss.

Black forest cakes

Okay, before further we do, I need you to raise your hand if you don’t like chocolates. Still, your hand inside your pocket? Bang, you are a chocolate lover. And as we know that chocolate cakes are also known as the black forest cake. The primary ingredient is liquid chocolates, and after that, we can go for some chocolate essentials. These consist of several layers which are very tasty. There is also a brother of this chocolate known as ‘White forest cake’ which is made of vanilla in the place of Chocolate.


Alright, we will hardly find any since every other individual is a huge fan of the delicious chocolate truffle cake. It is the favorite cake of the people due to the thick coating of chocolate glaze on it. This cake is a people’s favorite that is baked using rich chocolate cream and bread with chocolate chips topping. It is usually made from several layers of chocolate sponge cake, and each layer is loaded with cream. It is best to send cakes online and enjoy the chocolate truffle cake on birthdays, anniversaries, or any casual activity.

Vanilla cakes

Good for keeping your relationships! So you can make arrangements to surprise your sweetheart at different events and some of the time without having any unique event, would be a very moving gesture for her. Surprises are always fun-filled, correct? Plan an amazing surprise for your lady and let her smile till her cheeks hurt. She would recall these little motions for the rest of her life and will always appreciate you. These little things are sufficiently useful to pass on your sentiments and feelings to that one love of your life.

So these were all you need to know about those special cakes today. Thanks for staying with us and make your mouth blissful today with some special cakes mentioned above.