Hire a ghostwriter

Ghostwriting is too much popular nowadays. A professional writer gets paid to create the content for the clients is called ghostwriting. Many people get benefit from ghostwriting services. The writing projects include almost everything from blog posts, novels, eBooks, and website content to poetry, biographies, and much more.

People consider hiring ghostwriters because they don’t have time to create a masterpiece or lack writing expertise. But you can’t just hire someone because they are ghostwriters. There is much to consider when hiring a ghostwriter. You have to hire the one who can easily and skillfully craft the words.

So, before hiring a ghostwriter you must know the following things to get the best ghostwriter for your project.

The Expertise Of The Writer

The ghostwriter must have expertise in the genre you want to work on. Different writers have different expertise. For example, some can write fantastic fiction, some can write powerful biographies, some are experts in SEO writing, and some have expertise in poems and songs. So, choose your writer according to your genre of writing and their expertise.

It will be wrong if you choose the SEO writing expert to write a fiction novel. But it will turn out great if you find a fabulous fiction writer for your sci-fi novel.

Experience Of The Ghostwriter

The experience of the writer is as important as the area of expertise. Examine their portfolio and check their references thoroughly. If the writer is an expert in multiple genres of writing, then the portfolio must have to display all kinds of work. For example, if the ghostwriter can write eBooks in any genre, such as fiction, biographies, and others. Then the portfolio must have these works to verify the writer’s statement.

You should exactly check out those genres in which you want the ghostwriter to write. It will help you to get a knowhow about how your product will look like.

Style And Tone Of Writing

The style and tone of the writer are other important things. When you analyze their portfolio, make sure that you analyze their writing style and tone too. You must be comfortable with their writing styles. And if the portfolio doesn’t show any sign of your type of writing style, then you can ask them for samples. They can write a few samples according to your writing styles and tone.

Although the tone of your writing must be according to the genre, the writer must have expertise in different tones and styling so it will be easier for you to choose.


A contract is a must. Before starting the writing project, there should be a contract in place and signed by both parties – the client and the ghostwriter, because the writer can’t claim the authorship after submitting the work unless he is working as a co-author. To avoid any mishap, the parties must sign the contract stating the terms of service agreement along with abdication of rights.  The contract must cover all facets of the writing assignment. Signing the contract makes the parties aware of their rights and responsibilities and legal action upon the breach of the agreement.

The Requirements And Deadlines

The ghostwriter might work on more than one project at a time. They are cordially attached to more than one client. It is now your job to make the writer understand your requirements and deadlines to make sure that their schedule will allow them to meet your requirements, needs, and desires on time.

Discuss what you need and the deadline of your project. Put down your requirement and duration of the project before starting the project. You can choose how you are going to receive the work. For example, if you are availing service for book writing, then how would you like to receive it. It can be chapter by chapter, 5 or 10 chapters within the decided timeframe, or the whole book after completion. It is all up to you.

Working Relationship

You must choose a ghostwriter who is genial as well as professional. The personality traits of the ghostwriters and their work ethics are more important. Especially if you are hiring a writer for a long-term project, you can meet them face to face before starting the project. You will spend a lot of time with the writer, and he should have to be supportive of you throughout the journey. The thing is that if the writer is rude or not so expressive, there are chances of the rise of conflict. To avoid this, choose the writer whom you can understand and who can understand you.


These are some of the things to keep in mind before hiring a ghostwriter. If you don’t choose the writer accordingly and without research, you might face problems with him and the content he develops. Ensure to hire a writer that is on the same page as you to get the best service.