Funding is required for a successful blockchain project. While you probably already have some strong marketing skills, there are blockchain-specific marketing techniques that can help you get the most out of your project. In this article, we will introduce eight of the most important and influential blockchain marketing techniques that will help you differentiate your blockchain project.

We have created this guide to provide you with the blockchain-specific marketing activities that we consider to be the most important for the successful promotion of your project.

1. Connect with the Blockchain Association

The Blockchain Association will continue to play an important role in the industry in 2022. There are local and global associations as well as those built around professional interests.

Some blockchain associations are like forums and are easy to join. Others must live in a particular business partnership or geographic location.

You may not be eligible to join all groups, but consider every contact you make as a valuable opportunity for promotion.

There are no hard and fast rules on how best to socialize, but the best approach is to reach out in the quickest way possible to connect.

Filling out web forms, signing up for forums, making phone calls, whatever you need to do to connect to the blockchain space.

2. Focus on the basics

Websites, social media channels, email newsletters, and blogs can seem like overly simplistic marketing strategies. Instead of thinking of these strategies as simple, think of them as basic:

Most companies can use them, but very few actually do well.

Here’s how to get started with basic marketing strategies.

  • Website: Make sure your website clearly represents the services your business offers. Make it easy for potential customers to contact you. If you’re on a tight budget, consider using a website-building tool like Wix, Divi, or WordPress.
  • Newsletter: The newsletter is another way to provide content to your audience. Unlike social networks and forums, mailing lists are yours. Submit your best blog posts and don’t spam. This will increase the value of your newsletter.
  • Blog: Many new start-ups cannot afford to spend time and money on content marketing to drive web traffic for established companies. However, blogs can share news about your project or provide social media content. The Blog also gives you the opportunity for interviews and guest posts from sort his leaders in your field. This increases the company’s credibility.
  • Social Media: Standard corporate social media channels (Twitter and LinkedIn) are a great way to post news, join conversations, and make connections. Having a presence on Facebook is also valuable.

3. Connect With Blockchain Visionaries and Experts

The blockchain world is usually very open and welcoming. Experts who have solved some of the biggest problems in this field are happy to chat with newbies online.

For example, Anthony Pompliano, co-founder and partner of Morgan Creek Digital, writes a weekly letter with detailed insights focused on investing in the blockchain space and frequently shares his thoughts.

4. Visit Blockchain and Industry Conferences

Start conversations with colleagues, competitors, and potential customers.

Many Blockchain Conferences are to explore the applicability of technology to a variety of business, government, and non-profit initiatives.

5. Partnering with Industry Leaders

Old technology giants such as IBM, Microsoft, and Apple are interested in potentially disruptive and profitable innovations. That means they are already looking for someone like you. Get influencers to find you and get in touch about partnerships that you think might be valuable.

6. Building Trust and Authority

The blockchain world is sometimes compared to the Old West. Blockchain has a reputation for being rife with crime and illicit business.

Given this attitude, establishing ourselves as a genuine and legitimate business is a priority.

If you also want to build the trust of your customers, you can check out our blockchain pr firm.

Building trust means taking care of the basics:

To reassure readers and potential customers that the money is going to the right place, you should clearly state what the money will be used for.


Your product is your best identification. If a product is not available or is in trouble, please clarify why and be transparent about token value, buyback plans, and all other aspects of project growth.

7. Value Proposition Description

Customers need to understand the value proposition.

Insider has many projects known as “Blockchain in Name Only,” or “BINO. These so-called “blockchain” projects offer little real innovation or value.

It is important to make it clear to prospective customers that your company provides a legitimate and valuable service. Explain why blockchain is an integral part of your business and why your business is gaining trust.

8. Build connections with blockchain-friendly institutions

Public and private institutions around the world provide an encouraging environment for blockchain-based business. It is worth establishing connections with these institutions.


Marketing a blockchain project presents special challenges. Misconceptions, mixed reputations in the blockchain space and lack of knowledge of your target audience must be overcome.

But blockchain projects also have their advantages.

A supportive community, institutional support, and the opportunity to go to market more agile and informally.

Use these opportunities to connect with the wider blockchain community and observe the success of blockchain projects.