travel guide to Shimla Manali
An insider travel guide to shimla manali volvo tour from delhi

Himachal Pradesh is a state where you can find various best places. In short, Shimla and Manali is the top famous place to explore. There are many beautiful things which you can enjoy during the tour. Because of the wonderful environment and amazing surroundings many tourist visit this place. A lot of wonderful things are there which you can enjoy during the tour. A travel guide to Shimla Manali Volvo tour from Delhi is pretty helpful. Enjoy your tour as you want by the best tour to Shimla Manali from Delhi.

Bookings and commutation travel guide to Shimla Manali

Shimla is really the best place to explore with the Shimla Manali Volvo tour from Delhi. In short, there are many buses that run between Delhi and Shimla. Moreover, there are two buses that are operated by the State government of Himachal Pradesh. There are many private bus operators also that offer good offers between the two locations. There are two buses in the evening for Shimla from Kashmiri Gate. It takes about 5 to 7 hours to reach Shimla. The tickets are also available online. In short, you can also go to the ticket counter as well.

Top hotels and accommodation bookings in Shimla

The hotel facilities of Shimla are amazing. It is replete with a number of good hotels. There you can find luxury 5-star to low-budget hotels. But, if you have travel plans during the new year then advance booking is preferable. Most of the hotels in Shimla are located on the side of Mall Road. Above all, most of the hotels offer a sightseeing package. On the other hand, people are often sweet to tourists and smile gently. The local areas of this destination are also amazing to explore with anyone.

Best eateries and restaurants guide in Shimla

The food of this destination is also fabulous. However, there are a couple of good restaurants that help you stay away from starting. On the other hand, you can also Chinese at Chinatown. But if you are confused about dishes in Shimla then try a multi-cuisine restaurant. In short, it is one of the best places to enjoy unique and delicious dishes. There are many types of hotels and restaurants where you can test delicious food. So, just make your tour with a luxurious stay and delish food. We suggest the best food option in our travel guide to Shimla Manali.

Famous attractions and activities in Shimla

Shimla is the top famous destination in the world. This place is blessed with a natural environment and the best places. There are various best places where you can explore and can enjoy some pretty moments. Jakhoo Hills, Green Valley, The Ridge, The Church and many famous places. On the other hand, you can enjoy the adventure as well during the tour. This place is suggested to all. In short, a travel guide to Shimla Manali is best to enjoy the Shimla Manali tour. Moreover, you can take some precious pictures during the tour.

Manali bookings and commutation travel guide

After Shimla, you can visit this best destination to enjoy some beautiful places. Moreover, this is situated at a distance of approximately 257 km from Shimla. The best way to go to Manali from Shimla is by cab. Although there are many buses as well. You can book online transport and most of them have fixed prices. The average fare of transport is about 500 rupees. It takes about 7 hours to reach Manali, so, it is best to leave early. The route is nice and beautiful. Manali is also the best place to enjoy with.

Top places and activities guide in Manali

This is the top tourist place to explore the best places. In short, there are many amazing places where you can enjoy your tour. The temple and Maa Sharavari Temple are best. Along with these, this is also famed for its Buddhist monasteries. On the other hand, Rohtang Pass, Solang Valley, and many more places are famous. You can enjoy the best tour with a travel guide to Shimla Manali. Moreover, the shopping and local areas of this location are perfect. This place is suggested to all nature lovers and photography lovers.

Best food and eating house in Manali

Manali is also famous for its delicious food. The hotels in the modern area are accompanied by a good alignment of eating houses. Most eating houses are fairly priced and offer decent food. However, Old Manali is a better place to look for some lip-smacking delights. The eating houses are fewer yet well formulated. There are many bars and eating houses where is best to eat some yummy food. There are many Tibetan eating houses in Manali that offer passable food. During the tour, also can enjoy delish snacks and food.

Best attractions and Activities guide around Manali

This is surrounded by a pretty and best environment. In short, this place is blessed with wonders of nature and the best beautiful places. This beautiful place is surrounded by snow-capped mountains. This pretty place is also best to enjoy snow adventure as skiing, snow skating, etc. On the other hand, It is also best to enjoy trekking, hiking and many more. Moreover, The Rohtang pass is also famous there to explore with. Manali is really best to explore with anyone. This place is really best to visit with a travel guide to Shimla Manali.

Conclusion of travel guide to Shimla Manali

The Shimla Manali tour is the best opportunity to explore unique and best places in Himachal. In short, Shimla and Manali are both the best places to explore and enjoy. There are a number of things which is really best in many ways. Therefore, just plan a wonderful tour of this fantastic destination of Himachal. In short, you will never forget all the amazing moments that you will spend there. If you are seeking the best destination then this place is recommendable. That is sure, you can enjoy your tour with our travel guide to Shimla Manali in a desirable way.