travel guide to Kerala from Mumbai

Kerala is a state on tropical Malabar coast of India. It has around 600 kms of Arabian sea shoreline. Kerala is known for its palm lined beaches and backwaters. Many firms provide tour package Kerala from Mumbai at a reasonable price. In the other hand, these packages are very comfortable in services. Planning with travel guide to Kerala from Mumbai will make your trip easier. You will also not be managing or planning things on your own. Moreover, these packages will be included with every required services like, food, hotel and sightseeing.

Alleppey, a hub of backwaters

Alleppey is known as the Venice of the East. This charming place is the hub of Backwaters. Therefore, it is the best tourist place of Kerala. Alleppey is a home to a huge network of backwaters and thousands of houseboats. These houseboats are equipped with all services like, modern toilets, cozy rooms and air conditions. You will also find a kitchen and a balcony for angling. You must read the travel guide to Kerala from Mumbai to know about the places. Moreover, you will enjoy the backwater fringed with coconut trees from the houseboat.

Wayanad, a beautiful place

Wayanad is the most ultimate place to escape from the scorching sun. It is known for its soothing climate all around the year. Therefore, this place offers cool atmosphere all the time. You will also find woods, misty mountains, and long spread plants. Wayanad is also known for its production of spices like Cardamon, pepper, fenugreek and more. The green orchards of spices gives this place a different fragrance. Moreover, you can do Trekking, Hiking, Camping and many sports in Wayanad.

Munnar, a serene hill station

Munnar is quaint town and hill station located in the western ghats of Kerala. It is situated at an altitude of around 6000 feet. It was used to be the summer resort of the British rulers. It is famous for its lush green forests and unending tea plantation. Munnar is also a home to endangered species of animal like Nilgiri Langur. Munnar is on the top list of travel guide to Kerala from Mumbai for beauty. Moreover, you will find the beauty of valleys, mountains and varieties of flora and fauna.

Cochin, explore the beauty of Kerala

Cochin is on the southwest coast of India in the Kerala state. It is also known as Kochin, an ideal place to explore the assortment of India. It has been rated among the top three tourist sights of the world. Therefore, you will get many places to visit in Cochin withi this travel guide to Kerala from Mumbai. You can see the backwaters of Kerala which flows across Cochin in streams and lagoons. Cochin is also known for its religious houses mainly British era Churches and forts. Moreover, the water body and the hills provide a pleasant climate for the tourists. Kochi city is also on the top list of travel guide to Kerala from Mumbai.

Kumarakom, land of islands

Kumarakom is a cluster of splendid small islands of the Vembanad lake. This lake is also the largest lake of Kerala state. This lake offers a scenic view of green backwaters of Kerala. It is one the most loved tourist place due to its pristine beauty. This pretty place is the perfect for those who are seeking relief and recharge. You can go for cruise on houseboats and watch the birds in the sky. Moreover, you will find refreshing Ayurvedic spas and spiritual escapes with pilgrimage centers.

Kovalam, a beach town

Kovalam is a beach town located by the dazzling Arabian sea. It is resided within the boundary of a city of Kerala. There are many beauties that lies in this city. It is one of the most famous tourist sight of India because of its beaches. There is also a great ancient background of this town. You will also find many beach resorts in this city. You can also enjoy tasty food items of the famous Vizhinjam sea port. Moreover, you can visit many ancient Hindu temples, big churches and beautiful mosques here.

Kollam, a town with culture

Kollam is one of the oldest port in the Arabian sea. It is a local with a rich history and unique culture. Kollam is located on the southwest coast of Kerala bordering the Arabian sea. There are still many hidden gems in Kollam that are yet to be found. The port of Kollam has been carrying its actions since the rule of ancient Rome. You will witness the beauty of Kollam in its calm seashore, coconut palms and plantation. Moreover, you can visit waterfalls, lakes and wildlife sanctuary in Kollam.

Kozhikode, gorgeous tourist place

Kozhikode is known for its history and the most charming tourist place of Kerala. This was the place where Vasco da Gama first landed in India. Moreover, the base of the famous spice route were mapped in Kozhikode. It is also famous for its filmic beaches. You will certainly enjoy the most elegant sunsets and great seafood. There are also some famous places like Dolphins point, lighthouse and the lions park.

There are many places to visit in Kerala state in any season. Best time to travel this God’s Land is rainy season. These above voiced places are the top most dearest sights of the state. These places are full of streams, valleys and scenic sights. We hope, you will certainly enjoy the beauty of nature in travel guide to Kerala from Mumbai.