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The stunning Raw Crystal Jewelry never goes out of style and looks elegant every time you wear it. Vibrant and alluring crystals are not just captivating, along with it have their unique healing qualities. Crystal ornaments get associated with class, elegance, and style.

As a result, the raw gem trinkets are now rising in popularity for fashion shows, exhibitions, and runways. Color of crystals range from vibrant yellow to deep blue to popping pink, and they all are combined in glistening and modern designs to create contemporary looks. Right from Royal families and celebrities can’t resist wearing timeless and gorgeous crystal ornaments.

One can confidently pair the charming, colorful gemstone ornaments at any event, wedding functions, casual gatherings, and cocktail party with any outfit. If you are a lover of a gemstone, then probably you will be thrilled to know that the oldest gem ever found is 4.4 billion years old.

If you are a lover of a gemstone, then probably you will be thrilled to know that the oldest gem ever found is 4.4 billion years old. 

Crystals have been since the time of early humans. So it’s not surprising that everyone gets attracted to the beauty of tiny little things. It would be damn interesting to read about some of the insights and crucial information you may not know about the graceful ‘rocks’ everyone adores so much. Recent jewelry trends have seen an expansion of the high-end crystals engagement rings. 

Historical Facts About The Raw Crystal Ornaments 

The word ‘crystal’ got coined from the Greek term ‘Krystallos.’ Crystal indicates a mythical ice palace where the Olympian Gods lived. Not even the sun could melt the wonderful creation like raw crystal. Due to this reason, people connect crystals with being so valuable. 

As long as humans have existed, they have sought to wear and utilize crystal ornaments. For example, architects discovered beads carved out of mammoth ivory. It was 60,000 years old in graves located in Sungir, Russia. Undoubtedly, the love for crystal jewelry has expanded across the globe over the millenniums. 

Old-age Sumerians believed crystals enchanted magical healing powers. Colorful gems also got heavily referenced in all major religions and were considered to have healing attributes during the Renaissance period of Europe in the 11th century.

In the year 1980, the crystals reemerged in the form of crystal therapy. 

Superb Facts You Didn’t Know About Your Favorite Raw Crystal Jewelry

All crystals and gemstones have an engaging backstory. Therefore, it is not astonishing to consider how ancient most of the crystals and some of them are as follows : 

  • The Libyan Desert Glass is a tempting crystal known as the ‘Golden Tektite.’ People adore the Golden Tektite gem as it naturally evolved due to the presence of inclusions on it. Libyan Desert Glass is a highly protective crystal that empowers willpower. The psychic protection crystal does not permit anyone to steal your energy. They were warm in color and the gemstone pairs with almost all kinds of ensembles. Henceforth the Libyan Desert Glass earrings are gaining popularity among jewelry lovers. 

  • Moonstone is a June birthstone. Most people believe Moonstone has the energy of the moon and healing attributes that encourage balance and intuition. You can buy the enticing Moonstone jewelry in many colors like- milky white, blues, greys, pinks, and green. 

  • Aquamarine belongs to the Beryl family and has a pale blue, bluish-green, and transparent color. The Aquamarine crystal is known to have unique properties that calm fear and phobias. To date, the largest Aquamarine stone was discovered in Brazil in 1910 at 244 pounds. 

  • Agate crystal hails from the variety of Chalcedony and comes in a wide variety of colors. People believe that Agate helps balance and calm the spirit, mind, and body as a healing stone. 

Tip to Take Care of Raw Crystal Ornament

The crystals should be clean gently and regularly to prevent the accumulation of dust and grime. Let cold tap water or mineral water run over crystals and dry them with a soft and lint-free cloth.