Add music to facebook
Add music to facebook

Do you want to add Music to your Facebook story? Then you’ve come to the right place! After all, Stories are one of the best features available to share anything you like quickly.  You can choose a wide array of stickers, music, songs, texts, posts, and much more.

Therefore, we bring you a comprehensive guide with different ways to share or add music to your stories. Let’s begin!

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Creating A Story To Share Music on Facebook:

There is a feature in Facebook Story that allows you to share the song with lyrics. You don’t need to rely on any third-party app for it, either. All you have to do is follow these steps, and you will have a way to do it efficiently:

  • Open the Facebook App (Or Visit the website).
  • On the news feed, you will find the ‘Create Story‘ option or ‘New Story.’
  • It will show you an option to share the kind of story. You can select Music from there.
  • Now you can search for the songs available on Facebook.
  • Next, you can customize how the lyrics will appear or if you want an icon to pop.
  • You can also decide on the background color and even add text or stickers.
  • Once done, you can tap Share to the story.

Remember. This option mostly works with just music and background. You can’t add different pictures or videos with the music. It is just a music-sharing option for people to see what you’re listening to. That’s all!

Add Music To A Photo On Facebook Story:

Don’t you worry! There is an option available for you to immediately add a part of the song to the picture you’re sharing in the story. All you have to do is follow these steps, and you’re good to go:

  • Follow the same option and open the Facebook app again.
  • You can either use the camera icon on the bottom to take a picture or upload pre-existing ones from your camera roll.
  • After that, go to the ‘Stickers’ section on the right side of the options.
  • There, find Music Sticker. It works similarly to adding music.
  • You can search and find the music you like and then add it.
  • Once you know what you want (After customization), just tap Share to story

Remember. You can add music to your Facebook that is in the Facebook Story’s database. It doesn’t utilize third-party apps, and if you want to share music that is not available in the database, you would have to follow another method mentioned below.

Add Music To A Video:

Like photos, you can add music to your Facebook story regardless of whether it’s a photo or video. Follow the same steps:

  • Follow the similar option by going to the Facebook app and creating a new story.
  • Instead of photos, add videos from the camera roll and find the sticker option, and there you will find ‘Music Sticker.’

Alternatively, for some phones, another option exists. For the video, some iOS or Android devices have a built-in option to select Music and add to the story as it gets recorded:

  • You can click on the Camera, and before you start recording video from your camera, you will see ‘Music’ or an icon resembling music in the right at the bottom of the screen.
  • You can click on it and select the music, then start recording. It will enable you to save a feed.

However, this option is limited and might not work with most phones.

Sharing The Music On Story Using Other Apps:

Sharing music from third-party apps to the story would depend on the built-in option the app provides. Most of the time, they have a ‘Share’ option with an assortment of Social Media platforms in the option. You can use those.

Let’s Take Spotify For Example:

  • On the song that you like, find an option to Share.
  • As you do, it will show you Facebook. Click on it
  • Then you will have an option to Make a Post or Add to a story.
  • Of course, add to the story using the option.
  • That’s all! Tap has done once you have what you need.

It will share the song name and link to the song. However, the person would need to have that third party app (Spotify, in this example) to visit the link and play it on their device. There won’t be any audible music for anyone to listen to.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can You Share A Complete Song With The Lyrics To The Story?

No. There isn’t any option to do that. You would still have to select a part of the song using a slider (or scroller) that you would like. After that, you can tap done. There’s no option for people to add a full song, as it would kind of be too long and almost spam. A story is not that long either.

However, you can add multiple story posts to share the song’s lyrics in a consistent flow on your story without any problem.

Can You Add Music To Your Facebook Story By Using Instagram?

Yes. If you sync your story posts on Instagram social media with Facebook, you can share any photo or video on both of these platforms at once. Mostly, the options you select on Instagram will be shared on Facebook, as well. You can learn how to share stories with music on Instagram. The process is similar.

Do You Have To Use a Sticker Icon To Add Music To Story?

If you want to add specific music to the post, then yes, you would have to use the Sticker icon. Alternatively, you can play the music in the background while recording the video. You can also use video editors or photo editors that will allow you to add music. However, Facebook’s option is just a quick method for those who don’t have too much time.


That’s everything to know about sharing music or songs to your Facebook Stories. We hope that this guide helped you find the best method to share songs on your android or iOS. Yes, these methods work for every operating system. So, go ahead and share all the songs and post a story to your heart’s content! Enjoy this remarkable feature.

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