Age of empires 2 cheats

Are you looking for Age Of Empires 2 Cheats? Then you’ve come to the right place. This is your one-stop for all the cheat codes that Age of Empires II has.

Age Of Empires 2 Cheats

We are bringing you the ones from older versions to the latest Definitive Edition. So, let’s get started here.

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Age Of Empires 2 Cheats (Ultimate List)

So here’s the ultimate list of Age of Empires 2 cheats. To create the list, we have done our research to come up with the best Age of Empires 2 cheats available. So let’s dive in.

1. Age Of Empire 2 Cheats For Units

Age Of Empire 2 Units

These are the cheats that you can use to spawn a specific unit. Age Of Empires 2 is known for having some of the funniest and overpowered units that can make the game a piece of cake for you.  Almost all of them are available in Scenario Editor, while cheats are the best way to access them anywhere.

  • Shelby Cobra: How Do You Turn This On?

This cheat will bring you a Shelby Cobra car that remains a signature. It was first introduced in the Age Of Kings. The Definitive version also has an upgraded version that remains fast to travel and easily takes down opponents.

  • Saboteur: To Smithereens

A saboteur is a hero unit that cannot be converted by the enemies. It is quite a powerful unit that travels faster and explodes upon contacting anyone or anything. Overall, it is the more effective version of the Petard unit.

  • VMDL: I love the monkey head

You will get access to Villager Male Dave Lewis, a mob named after Ensemble Studio Employee. It allows you to explore the map but doesn’t let you attack, gather resources, or build. You can lay the foundation for building, though. Alternatively, apart from spying and using it for exploration, you can use it to stack up buildings (garrison them) to increase their stats.

  • Furious The Monkey Boy: furious the monkey boy

The unit first appeared in The Conqueror edition. It allows you to attack buildings to take them down quickly. However, the unit is quite slow and doesn’t have much defense or health. It will die down fast.

  • Penguin Units: I don’t exist

You will get an ‘infantry-type’ penguin unit. They have high defense and damage output. These are just some funny but overpowered units in the entire game.

  • Alfred The Alpaca: alpaca simulator

It seems that Age of Empires II developers love the animals. Here you can summon Alfred The Alpaca. It is a strong unit against melee that is nigh-invincible that nothing works in melee against them. However, it is weaker against ranged units.

  • Sharkatzor: catzor

This is one of the most powerful units that the latest ‘Definitive edition’ brings to the table. Here you have a cat that is riding a shark, and the shark has jet packs. This unit can move anywhere across the map. It is quite fast and attacks by using lasers. It is believed to be a siege unit as villagers can repair it.

  • Photon Man: Photon Man

Photon Man has existed since Age Of Empires 1. You can bring this unit, but it is prone to conversion. It is also one of the strongest units in the game, with 150 damage per second.

2. Age Of Empire 2 Cheats To Get Resources

Age Of Empire 2 Cheats To Get Resources

Resources are the core of the Age Of Empires game. Everything in the game will cost resources, from creating units to constructing buildings and expanding over time. Resources often make things a piece of cake for everyone:

  • 10,000 Food: cheese steak jimmy’s

You will get 10,000 food resources. It works on versions before The Forgotten and in Definitive Edition.

  • 10,000 Wood: lumberjack

It grants you 10,000 woods to use.

  • 10,000 Gold: robin hood

You get 10,000 gold to spend.

  • 10,000 Stone: rock on

You have 10,000 stones to use.

  • 100,000 Of Every Resource: ninjaconnor, ninjalui, or rowshep

Use any one of the given cheats, and you will receive 100,000 of every resource like Wood, Gold, Stone, and Food. However, it works for The Forgotten version and anything after that. It won’t work in the definitive edition.

3. Age Of Empire 2 Cheats For Map

Age Of Empire 2 Cheats For Map

These are the cheats that will allow you to do specific stuff on the map:

  • Reveal Map: marco

Although you have an option to start with the map revealed, marco will allow you to reveal it inside the game, as well if you forgot to turn the option on. In some games, you won’t have that option, so it is a good alternative.  You can turn it back off.

  • Remove The Fog Of War: polo

Marco will only reveal the map. If you want to see enemy units, buildings, and such, you would have to use polo. It will remove the fog of war and make everything clear on the map for you. You can turn it back off.

  • Control Nature: natural wonders

If you use this cheat, you will lose control of your empire and units. Instead, you can control all of the natural mobs, animals, and birds on the map. It is just something to have fun with. However, it is not reversible.

Age Of Empires II Miscellaneous Cheat Codes

  • Instant Progress: aegis

It will enable you to build anything instantly. The research won’t take time either. You can gather quickly, and the training happens even faster. However, it will also include the AI units, and they will progress at an equal pace. However, you can toggle it off by using it again.

  • Win The Game: i r winner

You will win the on-going game or campaign immediately.

  • Forfeit The Game: resign

If you want to lose the game, then type resign, and you will lose immediately.

  • Kill Everyone: black death

Everyone on the map, including allies, will die.

  • Defeat An Opponent: torpedo <1-8>

Select the number of opponents you want to defeat and type the number they have from 1-8. The cheat will immediately defeat them.

  • Commit Suicide: wimpywimpywimpy

It is a more fun way to die and lose the game instead of resigning.

  • Turn Birds Into Super Dogs: woof woof

If you use this cheat, every bird on the map will turn into Stormy dogs. It is a fancy unit that looks like a dog with a cape. However, it won’t change the gameplay at all.

  • Silence The Taunts: !mute

You will not hear the taunts anymore that are sent by the other players or AI.

  • Reactivate The Taunts: !nomute

If you’re missing the taunts, you can use this to reactivate them.

  • Age Of Empires 2 Cheats For Events

You may be able to use some of these cheats in previous versions. However, in the Definitive version, these cheats are only available during an event, campaign, or scenario. You can’t use them in any other way:

  • Research Same Technology 256 Times: Going Above And Beyond

This cheat is available for the ‘Greatest Medieval Technologies’ event and will enable you to research everything 256 times. Hence, you can stack the research and its effects consistently.

  • Free Technology: Tech Tech One Two Free

Another cheat available for the ‘Greatest Medieval Technologies’ event. It will make all the technologies free for you.

  • Genghis Khan Unit: Yes We Khan

This cheat can be used in the ‘Mongolian Civ’ event. It will turn all the Mangudai units into Genghis Khan.

Teutonic Knights: Put on your capes

  • It will turn all of your infantry into Elite Teutonic Knights. However, it is available for the ‘Teuton civ / Oktoberfest’ event only.

Frequently Asked Questions:


How To Activate The Cheat Codes?

Press enter and open the command bar in your Age Of Empires II game. Next up, you can enter the cheat codes there. Make sure that these are case-sensitive. Thankfully, there seems to be an option to consistently copy and paste them if that’s what you need. You would have to activate the command bar every time to use the cheat codes.


Does Definitive Edition Support All Cheats?

It seems to be highly likely that you can use almost every cheat except for event-exclusives. You can’t use the 100,000 resources either. Apart from that, everything else seems to work for Definitive Edition. You can try and explore all of these and see if they work or not.


Is It Legal To Use The Cheats?

Yes. It is legal to use the cheat codes in Age Of Empires. These are there for you to have fun. You can use them in the games against the AIs, in Scenarios or Campaigns, whatever you like. However, it might not work in a Multiplayer Online game. The code will likely disable in a multiplayer game.


Does Age Of Empires II Have Online Multiplayer?

Yes. It seems that the latest Definitive Edition comes with online multiplayer options for the players. You can easily play the game with other players and have fun with the redefined version.



That’s everything you need to know about the Age of Empires 2 and the cheat codes. From various resources to instant creation and research, there is a lot that the game offers. Some of these are exclusive to editions, but we find them working almost everywhere. So go ahead and enjoy the old-school empire building game with Age Of Empires 2 Definitive Edition today!

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