How to fix alexa not working

Smart devices are nothing new in this generation. Alexa is one of the biggest players in the market. Being a smart speaker Alexa can handle everything from smart lights to be just another speaker. But with all these advantages there still are some bugs and problems related to the device. Do not worry in this article we will be discussing how to solve the Alexa not working issue.

How to Fix Alexa Not Working?

In this section we will discuss how we can fix the issues, any one of them is guaranteed to work so do not worry all the aspects of the problem will be covered.

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1. Check Connectivity

Well first and foremost, getting the most obvious fix out of the way, do check whether your amazon Alexa and your phone are paired. You can check it through the app or see it in the Bluetooth options. Also, make sure your phone is connected to the internet. If you are out of range or due to some issue you aren’t able to access the device. Make sure you go to the app > devices > amazon Alexa and then select the device version. Then connect the devices and you are ready to go.

2. Device not Responding

If you see that you can not change the volume settings and also cannot mute and unmute your Alexa device then do check out this fix. You need to unplug your Alexa device then wait for 30 seconds and plug the cable right back in. Alexa will turn back on and you will be able to use it. However, you do have to wait for 30 seconds otherwise this fix will not work.

3. Misconfiguration of your Device

Make sure that your Amazon Alexa device is plugged in and the volume is turned down. Once you have lowered the volume you should press and hold the microphone mute and volume down buttons together. The device will start to rest and there will be an orange ring around the speaker. Once you see the ring you can remove your hands from it. Then you will see a  blue light that indicates that the reset was successfully done. After a wait here you will get a prompt that will say welcome to your new echo device. This is your cue you should now be able to use the echo device as before.

4. Update Pending

Many times due to the device not being updated to the latest version it stops working however to force the update follow the following steps. To force the update press the mute button and then leave it for 30 minutes and it should be able to update itself. Make sure to check for the red ring around the device.

Due to this, the device will not be listening to your instructions and this will force the device to update to its latest version. After the time is completed go to the Alexa app and check for software updates. If it does not prompt you then it has been successfully updated and is ready to use.

5. Power adapter

This is your last resort if your device is not working/responding to your commands. Take a new adapter and plug it in. This is only required if all the other methods fail to successfully start the device.

Extras: Some of the tips and tricks are included in this part these are the fixes that might work for you.  Make sure that your Alexa device is not placed in the corner as the sound gets reverberated and hampers the mics. In some devices a reset hole is present, get yourself a paper clip and rest the device. You will be able to reset it by putting the paper clip into the hole.


Well, these are all the fixes to bugs that we could find. All the fixtures are given here that would work for you and fix the issue. However, if nothing can revive your device then maybe resting the device would be the only option for you. Do let us know in the comments which fix was able to solve your issue.

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