Android vs iphone

Are you confused about which smartphone is better, Android or iPhone? You don’t have to worry about figuring out everything on your own. So, let us steal a sneak peek at Android vs iPhone. In this article, I have researched and used both devices which are android vs iPhone for you, and you will find out the comparison tool for which smartphone is better for you and how much you’ll be willing to spend on a smartphone.

Google develops android phones. The pixel-flavored version is one of its kind and lets the likes of Samsung, LG, Motorola, and others add their element on top of their Hardware. iOS is always in synchronization with Apple’s mobile OS for iPhone, iPad, and iPod. Apple is a brand of its own that has developed tandem Hardware where Apple doesn’t have to worry about making the code fit a hundred different devices from a dozen other manufacturers.

When I compare both phones, they are very similar to each other. They both allow you to make calls, take videos and click pictures, send messages and run hundreds of apps to watch movies, chat with your friends and follow up on updates and news, and so on. They have a lot in common now than anytime before: they have borrowed from each other down the years too, but it doesn’t matter as much as it used to before. There are still a few key differences. I’ll get into it soon.

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Android vs iPhone – Overview


Android has the most significant advantage compared to the iPhone because there is a lot of variety to choose from. The sleek models of smartphones vary from one to another, and you can pick anyone from them. If Android is your choice, they have got various manufacturers and design models to suit your prerequisites.

When it comes to iOS, the iPhone has a series of mobile phones where every year a new series is released, and every series has different models in it, and you can choose your preferred one from it. The iPhone is known for its traditional home button. There are expensive iPhones newly released with different models like iPhone XR, X, XS, or XS Max. You can check out the comparisons and get to know which one is the best out of all these models.


As I said before, both smartphones have a few critical differences between them. We cannot get into every tiny detail, but we can know the key differences that can be broadly explained. Android is easier to customize when compared to iOS. The task at hand can solve the issues with Android much better, and you can swap apps or launch apps on the home screen. You can get easy access to different apps.

Apple offers a secure experience and keeps the privacy of iPhone users as its topmost priority. They don’t have to suffer any slowdowns or security issues that matter whereas Android tends to face these types of problems. However, these glitches are not frequent so there is not much to worry about. You will get to know more about the advantages of Android and iOS further down. But if you ask me, both phones are doing a fine job of running smartphones.


Both phones get apps instantly, without any issues. They get instant updates for the app, which is already installed on the phone. But when it comes to games, the iPhone is the winner because you can instantly download the apps or update the games. But that’s not the case with Android. It tends to the lab when downloading updates of games.

Android apps

In terms of Apple or Google,  Apple users can only use apps that are available on their App Store. But that’s not the same with Android users. They can only download Apple’s music as well!

Iphone apps

Case Study

The Case for Android:

There’s always one question that is heard commonly, I.e., why would you choose Android? Well, I’d say Android has always been the King in the market. It was never defeated, and the progress graph of these smartphones is always on the rise over the years completed. Android phones are mostly bought because of their budget-friendly prices, as opposed to pricey Apple. It is customizable, and you also get a broader choice of devices too. You can get free access to call recorders which are absent in the case of  Apple. If you don’t like the default apps, you can swap them. Google’s cloud app is more robust than Apple’s; people would always choose Gmail over mail in iCloud. You can also switch to a lot of regular devices rather than devices made by Apple. Google Assistant is a better choice than Siri, but Apple is nowhere down. Yet Android offers many perks when you buy the phone tipping the scales in its favor.

The case for iOS:

Apple has always been the show stopper when it released its new iPhone series in the market. The phone has its own perks of being stylish, and stable, and the iPhone models’ updates are always increasing. It has an overall experience with all the interfaces of its menu and apps which tend to succeed compared to Android.

Apple’s software updates are much quicker than Android’s. Apple’s security is highly confidential; it doesn’t revolve around Android where the data is to target ads. Apple has control over the software and hardware. Privacy is always at its absolute best when it comes to having a secure connection and settings. It also stores personalized settings on locals rather than on the cloud.

Closed vs Open Systems:

Apple can be stated as a closed system and Android as an open system. Android can be both open source and closed source as well due to its open and alternative applications. Apple has never posted its applications to Android ever. Apple remains a closed system, which is fine too, but if you’re an iPhone user who wants to buy an Amazon e-book from the Amazon Kindle or watch a Google Play Movie, you’re out of luck. Most of the users don’t find any difference at all. It all depends on what you’d like to prefer: an open system or a closed system.

A.I vs Voice Assistants:

Android has Google Assistant, and iOS has Siri. If you ask me which one of them is the winner, then I’d say Android is the clear winner. Google Assistant has an excellent voice interface for Google search. If you use Google applications, like Google maps, calendar, and assistant, it makes life simpler.

Google Assistant assists when you tend to travel or when you are late for a meeting or when you are making an appointment to notify you beforehand.

Apple’s Siri may have been the first to get introduced in the market, but it is merely elementary. It helps in answering questions, but it’s not that much of an assistant.

Integration with Desktop and other devices:

Android vs iPhone: Hardware integration

Android, and iOS both can connect to their PCs without any interference of the third party or without causing any disturbances. Apple’s features are always excellent and outstanding. Android phones can connect to windows 10, and iPhones can connect to Mac. It also includes calls. One convenient feature of Android, which is appreciated is – It enables SMS messaging via the web.

Apple’s ecosystem is not limited to phones and laptops. It has much more than that. iOS has modernized by preparing different models over the years such as Apple Watch, TV, smart speaker iPads, and the HomePod. It has evolved a lot over the years and has preceded with caution.

Android VS iPhone – Which One is Winner?


Android and iPhone, both phones are excellent when it comes to capturing moments. The Android operating system controls the connected camera of the device and captures excellent photographs of everything. The pictures’ quality differs from one phone to another phone in Android, but the fact that the moments captured in Android mobile phones are interesting enough to decide which model is perfect.

The camera clarity is better in the iPhone even after it’s been years since you purchased it. The iPhone has always been recognized for its camera quality. The leans and sensors of the iPhone are phenomenal and cannot be compared to any other phone. In Android, the best phone to capture images is Samsung Galaxy S20, and an iPhone all the series are excellent, but iPhone 11&12 is on the trend nowadays.

Both phones have a portrait mode and can blur the background to gain focus on the picture at hand to capture it. Both phones’ OS has excellent photo software to make it look better than the sensor and lenses are capable of by themselves. They also have slow-motion, Timelapse shooting, low light, and panorama to kick pictures or shoot videos to make them look attractive.

Winner: Android


The iPhone has always been in trend when it comes to gaming. The gaming industry has been growing vastly every year, making smartphone software for enhancement to access all the users who play on mobile phones. In Android when you play a game, the phone functions properly at the start, but as you play frequently the software starts to crash or lag, or bugs will be appearing and reduce the game time to play.

It chases a lot of disturbances when playing a game. The iPhone has always avoided viruses, bugs, and lags while playing games on the phone. The software and hardware integration is top-notch, where it allows you to play different games without causing any disturbances. The games which you play on the iPhone are as fast as some laptops. Android developers have developed enough games to play on mobile, but the iPhone has a clear advantage when compared.

Winner: Apple

Timely updates

The timely updates for both phones are different when compared. When the iPhone released an update, all the supported phones can directly update their phone, but that isn’t the case with Android. Google only supplies the basic OS and programs accordingly. It’s up to the smartphone manufacturers to deliver upgrades. The chances are you get all the patches, but all the chances of a security path are not assured. Once a version is released in the iPhone, and if you are connected to the Wi-Fi, the phone gets updated and covers all the timely updates that need to be updated. Still, with Android, you’ll have to look for updates to update in your phone which can be difficult at times since you might forget if this happens. Android has out-of-date software when compared to iOS.

Winner: Apple


The security for both Android and iPhone has its perks. It depends on what phone you are buying which confides in the security of that phone. However, in Android, the security is secured since all the apps are downloaded through the play store, but there are specific times when you download apps through Google links, which can be risky as the links will not be secured all the time. But you can only stay cautious when you download the links. There will be no security breach in the iPhone, and all the apps you downloaded from the App Store will be safe. The security is tight in iOS.

Winner: Apple


Android has different USB cables where you can connect to several gadgets and finish your work, but it’s not the same case when it comes to iOS, as you cannot connect USB cables or devices as you will need to connect with its Lightning port. You have a bigger advantage in Android when it comes to connecting the USB cables.

Winner: Android

Battery Life and Charging

Battery life and Charging in both phones vary. If you ask me to use Android phones, you don’t have to charge them as many times as you do with iPhones because iPhone has less battery performance and charging comparatively. An Android phone if charged for 100% of the battery power runs for a whole day. It’s not the same with iPhones, the battery performance is deficient, but now the new iPhones of Apple are giving better battery performance. The charging cables for Android are universal, but it’s not the same as the iPhone. Each iPhone series has different charging cables and cannot be used to different iPhone series, and the price of the charging cable is costly.

Winner: Android

Cloud Integration

Android’s cloud integration is user-friendly and work-friendly. You get all the updates from personal to work life. It creates a balance between both, and you can get access to news and get to know what is happening around the globe. Android phones are integrated with Google applications and services. Since Google is integrated into the home screen, you can get immediate access to many things you would like to do. In the iPhone, cloud integration can be problematic for users. The configuration of the integrated software can be difficult compared to Android. The storage of Android is unlimited, but the iPhone storage is enormous and no doubt it has the best iCloud Photo Library.

Winner: Android

Video Conferencing

There are different video calling apps on Android, but it can be confusing at times because Google doesn’t seem to make up its mind about its voice, video, and various applications. But on the iPhone, there’s only one video conferencing app which is FaceTime. You can talk to your family, friends, and colleagues about this but the only disadvantage is only iPhone users can get access to this and cannot reach other phone users.


Since I’m not an expert when it comes to the camera, I can only state the facts and make a precise statement by comparing both the phone’s camera quality. Since most users use Android due to its price, design, and variety of models, one can agree that the Androids camera quality is decent. Even though iPhone users are fewer than Android, it is a well-known fact that the iPhone’s camera quality is top-notch. It is quite remarkable if you ask me because the features are very innovative and advanced. However, the new Android phones have the same features on par, if you asked me quality-wise. It’s an iPhone, always.

Winner: Apple

Software Choice

The software choice in both Android and iPhone is a dead tie, as the apps in Google Play Store consist of 2.8 million apps, and Apple’s App Store, it consists of 2.2 million apps. If put together everything, there isn’t a simple answer. As stated earlier, both smartphone ecosystems have advantages and disadvantages. It all depends on the users and the phone’s cost, which seems worth buying. If you ask me for an answer, then I’d say Android, although iPhone is not less in terms of budget Android suits me the most.


The pricing plans for both phones vary a lot when compared with each other. iPhone users are fewer due to the price of each phone, which is a bit costly compared to Android. The new iPhone released series is the iPhone 12 Pro Max costs $1,100, and the cost the iPhone X costs $1,000. But if you want something more affordable, then, the iPhone 12 starts at $800 and the latest iPhone SE costs $400. Apple continues to expand its offering, but $400 is as cheap as it gets unless you delve into the secondhand market.

One good thing about Android is it comes with several customized models with different pricing models, designs, colors, and brands which can be budget-friendly for an Android user. You can buy or spend a lot on an Android phone if you want. The best one would be Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G which costs $2,000, but there’s also a vast selection of low-cost handsets from a wide variety of manufacturers. Android developers have optimized to run on low-end hardware with the introduction of the variant OS Android GO. One more reason to buy an Android phone is to download apps for free in the Play Store, unlike the App Store, where you need to purchase.

Android and Apple have always stayed in the market for years. There’s no doubt that there is always competition going on when Apple releases a new series. Android joins the race by introducing a new market model to not lose users because of Apple’s domination of the new iPhone series invention. Apple’s OS is exceptional; there’s no doubt that Android pricing brings a lot of attention to the users to buy the Android smartphone since it is a user-friendly and budget-friendly phone.

Android vs iPhone – Which One is the Best?

Does the question still arise of which one is the best? I’d say both Android and Apple got their recognition several years or precisely decades ago if you ask me. There’s always healthy competition between both, although the vast population chooses Android mainly because of the price, design, color, and models. Apple has always been known for its brand, which is top-notch and has never fallen off the ladder. It always stayed in the competition, or preferred iPhones are than Android, but Apple has always stayed evergreen. I agree that iPhones are costly and are not a friendly budget, but the software choice, security, and privacy are always safe. Its brand recognition of Apple has always been excellent.

Even after knowing both smartphones’ uniqueness, abilities, sustainability, and reliability, users vastly use both phones in general irrespective of their terms and conditions. If a person already has Google Chromecasts, Google Home speakers, and chrome books, they would naturally prefer an Android phone. If the user already has a MacBook and an iPad, they would eventually choose the iPhone because it makes it easier for the users to transfer files, data, and photos to Apple devices. So they would fund this a better choice.

There are differences between Android and iPhone. Android is easier to customize when compared to iPhone and iPhone is easier to use than Android. But the question is which one should. We use it far beyond the mobile operating system.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Which one is better: Android or iOS?

Both of them have significant features and are essential to users. It all depends on the buyer’s sustainability, reliability, and comfort to buy the phone depending on the cost, interface, version, color, model, and performance of the mobile phone’s battery and storage. It all depends on who is buying it in the first place. Each has its own perks of being recognized in that market because of its sleek design, models, and definitive versions.

Which one is affordable to buy?

The prices of the phones depend on which model you are considering buying. But when compared to Apple’s iPhone, Android devices are affordable and a bit cheaper. Even though Apple is costly, you will find the best features, OS, and few security breaches to secure your phone.

What type of mobile phone suits different user types?

Many of them are comfortable with Android phones because they are simple, affordable, and easy to use, and battery performance comes a long way. But the people who use iPhones know what they are in for. Apple’s iOS is vast, adaptable, and understandable. The mobile phone development is tremendous with safety precautions taken, and its iPhone’s capacity is far and wide.

Which smartphone has the best features?

Both of them have different features. They are equally good and perform and function accordingly. Some might find Android has the best features that fulfill their requirements, and some might find iOS has excellent features that function according to their needs. These both have unique features which depend on their own models and designs.

Which one offers better features?

Android has different models, designs, and colors, which define its price rate. iOS is known for its cost and design which could be beneficial to everyone. Comparatively Android can be more affordable than iOS, but both of them differ in versions, features, and models of smartphones. You can spend a few extra dollars to buy a good iPhone or ideally you could just buy an Android phone for the best rate.