Who is Andy Jassy? The New CEO Of Amazon

Andy jassy

Jeff Bezos is stepping down from the position of the CEO of Amazon. He is ready to take the Executive Chairman’s role to focus on things that are important to him and follow his passion. Andy Jassy is set to replace the position and take the reigns of Amazon.

Andy Jassy - New CEO For Amazon

Who is this new person? According to Amazon, he has been known inside the company by almost everyone. He has been part of Amazon almost as long as Bezos. Let’s find out who he is in-depth.

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Andy Jassy – The Founder Of Amazon Web Service

For those who don’t know, Andy Jassy is the founder of Amazon Web Service. It is one of the expertise launched in 2006, a completely different Amazon branch focusing on web services.

Andy Jassy joined Amazon in 1997 as one of the first few people. When he joined, he didn’t have any idea about his role. What would he achieve? Would he stay around for long? It was all up for speculation. Within five years, Andy came up with the cloud computing division with 57 people. While AWS has been a pioneer, it didn’t receive any recognition until 2016, when Andy Jassy finally took the reins as the CEO of AWS.

Andy jassy - founder of amazon web service

Under his watch, we saw AWS expanding and turning into a tech-leader. When you think of cloud computing today, Amazon Web Services does pop up in your mind. It is a rival of Google, Microsoft, and Oracle. In 2016, after Andy Jassy took over, AWS developed a revenue of $10 billion, within the next two years, it had $10 billion addition, and now it stands at $46 billion revenue developer.

The Obsession Of Invention & Customer Convenience:

Andy shares one key quality with Jeff Bezos, and that’s the urge to invent or reinvent something. Regardless of what the project is, any idea focuses on the end-users, the customers. Therefore, the company will have a strong continuity with this quality.

andy jassy and jeff bezos

Andy Jassy takes pride in Amazon’s obsession with inventions. Amazon is the reason behind customer reviews, personalized recommendations, fast shipping services, Kindle, Alexa, and much more. The Amazon veteran has been a part of the company for over 22 years. Jeff Bezos strongly trusts Andy for the future of Amazon.

Amazon’s workforce, other heads, and chief have full confidence in Andy’s capabilities. While Jeff Bezos will become executive chairman, he will still be responsible for the direction and other essential decisions.

An Interesting Entrepreneurial Experience:

Andy Jassy joined Amazon on the first Monday of May 1997. He submitted his last exam at Harvard Business School for MBA, and the next thing he knew, he was in Amazon. According to him, nobody expected Amazon to grow as big as it is today. For it, it was an interesting opportunity and prospect. He wanted to explore and see where things will take him, and it has been quite an adventure for him.

Apart from being the CEO of AWS, Andy has worked under Jeff Bezos as chief of staff.

1. The S-Team

To those who don’t know, Andy Jassy has been part of Jeff’s S-Team (Senior team) as Amazon Founder’s most trusted personnel. He is one of the people responsible for meetings and business decisions.


As one of the earlier members, he is one of the people with a personal connection to Jeff.  He knows what to focus on, and Jess said that he believes Andy Jassy will be an outstanding leader. All of these point towards a remarkable connection the two have.

2. A Quick Glance At The Personal Life

Andy Jassy, the future CEO of Amazon, is happily married to Elana Rochelle Caplan. He has two children. Jassy claimed to be an avid sports lover and a music aficionado. His full name is Andrew R. Jassy, and he was born on January 13, 1968.

andy jassy

He has been an active participant in social issues like LGBTQ+ rights and black lives matter, among many other things. It wasn’t just for publicity, either. He has been ahead, for people.

Frequently Asked Question:


When Will Andy Jassy Become The New CEO?

According to the sources, Jeff Bezos will retire and become executive chairman in the third quarter. Therefore, Andy Jassy will take command around the same time.


What Is Amazon Web Service?

Amazon Web Service was founded by Andy Jassy and focused on helping businesses build up and find their foundations. It offers remarkable cloud computing possibilities. Apart from Google, Microsoft, and Oracle, Amazon Web Service has been a significant service provider by understanding how businesses build themselves.


What Will Jeff Bezos Do?

Jeff Bezos is stepping down as Amazon’s CEO but stays as the executive chairman. According to his statement, he is going to focus on various other Amazon initiatives. It includes Day 1 Fund, Bezos Earth Fund, Blue Origin, and The Washington Post. He is planning on following his passion. According to Bezos, these organizations have many potentials to make an impact, and that’s what he wants to explore.



Well, one thing is for sure, Amazon is most affirmatively going into the secure hands and a trustworthy person. We can expect Amazon to keep up with its track of reinventions and customer convenience throughout the upcoming years with Andy Jassy as the new CEO.

That’s everything relevant you need to know about the transition of the company’s well being. This year is going to be critical for Amazon’s growth and development. Let’s see what the new CEO will bring to the table in the third quarter.

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