Apex Legends Season 8 – Release Date and Latest Updates

Legend updates for season 8

Apex Legends Season 8 brings you an array of updates, a new weapon, a new legend (character), and tweaks to the map. It is about to get explosive! Of course, we will get the same old resetting of the ranks and the rank battle. There will be a Gold Battle Pass as always. That’s nothing new! But there are some significant tweaks and upgrades.  Let’s find out everything we’re going to get with the latest season.

Blast Things To Bits With New Legend: Fuse!

Apex Legends Season 8

We are going to get a new character in Apex Legends Season 8. Here we have a character who was once a mercenary but now a cage fighter. He knows how to get things blasting with his extra grenade pockets with proficiency for them. For all those out there who love a good boom, he is the one to choose with airburst explosives. He is even coming with a robotic-ally, Wally, to help with the deployment.

  • Knuckle Cluster is the new tactical addition that will bring a cluster of bombs with airburst explosives.
  • The Motherload is worth noticing that it will cover an area with bombardment and then a ring of fire.

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Destroy The Competition With New Weapon 30-30 Repeater:

The all-new weapon 30-30 repeater is quite a treat that can go as high as 200 paces with hard-hitting rounds. It lands highly stable shots that can withstand sandstorms and instabilities Apex is known for. You will get one-shot per load in the chamber, but it can be quite powerful. After all, you can keep the trigger held to charge the shot. Thus, you can increase each shot’s damage, making it powerful, almost like a sniper. Even mastiff lacks these features.

Weapon 30-30 Repeater

However, it is quite obvious that the gun isn’t for close-ranged combat. It could still be powerful, but it is more for mid to long-ranged battles where you can either stay hidden or deliver power-packed shots with heavy ammo.

Gold-Tier Magazines:

You’re going to get all new gold magazines that will increase the convenience for the players. It has the same capacity as the purple magazine. However, it will reload automatically after a specific delay. Similarly, you can use it with almost any gun, from light to heavy, sniper, and energy-based weapons.

Gold-Tier Magazines

The Expansive Map Changes Of Apex Legends:

Kings Canyon is going to receive some action once again. You are going to have a ship crash-site on the map. You can explore further than Artillery. Instead of slums, now you have spotted lakes. There’s the new addition of observation towers for the snipers or simple recon. Overall, you’re going to get quite a boom with the new slum lakes and other additions.

apex legends season 8 map

The Quality Of Life Additions & Updates:

Apart from the map, here are some notable additions to the new Season of Apex Legends:

  • A damage counter for the HUD. It was one of the highly requested features to help keep track of goals for badges and challenges.
  • You can not ping ammo in your inventory to display the current count and added Player Wants Ammo for Quick Chat.
  • Colorblind features now work for healing and reviving, as well.
  • The new edition of ‘blurb’ for skins essential for a specific Legend and its backstory.

Significant Legend Updates For Season 8:

Legend Updates For Season 8

1. Wraith

Wraith was proving to be quite a formidable choice. There has been a tweak with a larger hitbox. She is still small and low-profile, but the hitbox increases it to make her more balanced.

2. Horizon

This is another favorite for the players with high win rates. It’s either Wraith or Horizon. Therefore, to balance power, it received a higher Gravity Lift cooldown. 15 seconds cooldown starts after gravity lift disappears.

3. Rampart

  • Sheila angle increased from 120 degrees to 180-degrees. During building, walls are 45 hp instead of 1. Sniper shells can still penetrate the walls.
  • Rampart can’t place Sheila on jump-pads.
  • Passive bug fixed for the firing range.

4. Octane

Since the release of the double-jump feature, Octane’s high jump became significantly irrelevant. Now, it is back with better arcs and more elongated jumps.

5. Crypto

Players can’t stick arc stars to friendly drones anymore.

6. Loba

  • Eye of quality now shows the loot of an unopened care package. You can also access it through Black Market Boutique.
  • Loba can’t exploit areas in Kings Canyon to reach through her bracelet anymore.

7. Caustic

  • Gas disappears immediately after Caustic’s team annihilation,
  • Sonar abilities won’t prevent the highlight vision.

8. Mirage

The decoys now create footstep sounds.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Where Can You Play Apex Legends Season 8?

Apex Legends Season 8 is available for players across every gaming console. You can play it for free on PC through Origin or Stream. It is also available for Playstation 4 and 5. You can also play it on Xbox One and the New Xbox Series X/S. There’s no restriction there.


Are There Some Bug Fixes With New Apex Legends Season 8?

Yes. Havoc doesn’t offer 100% accuracy anymore through Rampart. You can’t abuse POV and ADS through Peacekeeper anymore. The clubs also received a significant update regarding the false ‘kicks’ in Season 7. Many other issues were also fixed, like damage through Olympus walls and the crowd cheering.


At What Time Is Season 8 Releasing?

6 PM GMT and 10 AM PDT on 2nd February.



That’s almost everything related to the patch notes for Apex Legends Season 8 and what you can expect from it.  Apex Legends Season 8 was released on 2 February 2021. You can still buy the battle pass. You can check out the launch trailer and bring the boom to the all-time favorite battle royale. The fuse would be a worthwhile addition.  There were some tweaks to Weapons you can find on the patch notes here. So go ahead and start your journey in the new super awesome Apex Legends Season 8.

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