Apple AirTags – Release Date & Everything You Need to Know!

Apple airtags release date

Enormous rumors are going around about the release of AirTags, yet there has been no confirmation by Apple about the release. Last year there were various leaks about the product releasing in 2020. However, there was no official announcement for the same. According to multiple rumors, Apple is secretly working on a Tile rival product known as AirTags. Let’s dive into deep to know the release date of Apple AirTags.

Apple Airtags Release Date

Despite no official announcement, few signs were noticeable in the iOS 13 beta, hinting that the product would be out soon. Based on our research, there is some essential information on what we can expect from AirTags whenever they are announced.

In this article, we will cover everything we know about AirTags so far so that when the product is released officially, you will be ahead of time!

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What is Apple AirTags?

Like Tile, Apple AirTag is a small tracking device that will function with Bluetooth connectivity to find your lost or stolen items. According to various reports, the device may be called ‘Apple Tags’ or ‘AirTags.’

what is apple airtags

Although there are plenty of Bluetooth tracking devices available in the market, AirTags will focus positively on connectivity with Apple’s devices. Anything you attach to the tracker can be tracked by your iPhone, Macbook, or iPad quickly.

Apple has not yet confirmed anything regarding the connectivity of the AirTags, neither they have spoken about it in public. However, after assembling various rumors, it is safe to say that this accessory is something we can look forward to.

Apple Airtags: Release Date

As mentioned previously, Apple has not yet decided the product’s launch date or leaked any information about the product. However, there were some noticeable signs of Airtags in iOS 13 and iOS 14 previously.

apple airtags release date

AirTags were expected to be released last year along with the iPhone 12 series, but it didn’t happen for various reasons. Additionally, this accessory release is not far, and we can expect it to be launched in later 2021.

According to Leaker Jon Prosser, AirTags can be expected to launch by March 2021.

Apple AirTags: Design & look

In the iOS 13 beta, Apple hinted at the design and looked for AirTags. AirTags are expected to be a circular accessory with a metal chip on one side and the Apple logo on the front. This small circular device will be a little larger than a bottle cap and can be attached to your items such as keychains, keys, and more in multiple ways.

apple airtags design

Tile’s trackers come in square shape. Assuming AirTags are circular, Apple will set itself apart from its rival. Additionally, at the beginner of the year, AirTags were sold by some vendors. Although it is challenging to say whether they are official or not, the design of AirTags sold was similar to the rumors.

Apple AirTags: How Will it Work?

Apple AirTags is rumored to work with Find My app. After the launch, it will be visible in the ‘items’ tab. Since it will be seamlessly integrated with iOS, you can track and control the access from the Find My app from iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

how apple airtags work

With AirTags, you can find anything stolen or lost at one place through the Find My app. Like any other Apple device, AirTags will be visible on the Map along with their latest location and timing. The basic idea is that these AirTags will be attached to your items, and they will pair with your iCloud account, similar to AirPods. You will receive an alert on your Apple device as soon as the AirTag goes far from you.

Additional leaks reported that AirTags would have higher connection proximity and accuracy. Unlike Tile, it will track the device to the room for better tracking.

Apple AirTags: Features to expect

Here are some of the features that we can expect from AirTags:

  • Magnetic charging or removable battery: There have been speculations that Apple’s AirTag will come with a smaller battery and a removable battery. According to the information found in Find My app, you can remove the battery from the back of AirTag. Additionally, AirTag may come with magnetic charging similar to Apple Watch.
  • Waterproof: Another exceptional feature to expect is that AirTags will be completely waterproof, which will enable users to track their lost or stolen items even when it’s underwater.
  • Lost Mode: Possibly, you can put the tracker into lost mode from your iPhone. Once you do this, your contact information will be visible to other Apple users. Furthermore, when this happens, you will be sent an alert informing you that it has been found.
  • Compatibility with Find My App: This is not surprising that AirTags will work with Find My app. The app will connect the accessory, and you will trace the tracker through the app.
  • Setting boundaries: To avoid cluttering of notifications, you can set boundaries. You can set safe locations for the tracker from the Find My app. This way, you won’t receive notifications when the tracker is in a secure location.
  • Sound alert: AirTags will provide a sound alert when you are tracing the item. Find My app will play a sound when moving in the right direction, indicating that you follow the correct path and the tracker is nearby.

Remember, there are no official details we have from Apple yet. All we can do is wait for a long until we receive confirmation about the tracker.

Apple AirTags: Pricing

For the price of AirTags, there’s no official information either. However, if we check its rival, Tile, we can see that Tile’s cost starts from $20. Apple’s tracker can be expected to go a bit higher due to the brand’s features and goodwill.

Furthermore, Tile also offers premium subscriptions with additional features and annual battery changes. Apple can follow something similar to this or even come with surprising offers to attract their customers.

Frequently Asked Questions:


What is Apple AirTag used for?

Apple AirTags will be a small, circular tracker that will help you track your lost or stolen items directly from your iOs device. You will be able to locate lost or stolen items from your iPhone using Apple’s tracking device.


Will Apple release AirTags in 2021?

Although there’s n confirmation from the company on the device or the release date, rumors have revealed that the possibility of AirTags being released in March 2021 is higher.


How accurate will AirTags be?

AirTags are said to be more accurate than any other Bluetooth tracker in the market due to their higher technology. You will get higher accuracy for tracking lost items directly through your iPhone.



Apple has always been protective of safety and tracking. It makes sure that it delivers all the best features to find your lost devices. Whether it is iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, or AirPods, you can trace your devices’ location and find them.

Similarly, Apple has teased AirTags, a Bluetooth tracking device that is likely to be launched this year. However, there’s no official statement by the company. All we can do is wait till it announces the release date and more details about the product.

Meanwhile, we gathered all the leaks, rumors, and information about Apple AirTags from our research. We hope you found our article useful and could get a sneak-peak of the new release.

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