Apple TV Plus Review [2021] – Is It Worth The HYPE?

Apple tv on mobile

Apple TV Plus launched with a big bang and already gained a crowd from all over. So here we are going to do Apple TV Plus Review in detail. This video streaming service is inevitable. When already so many video streaming services are taking a head start to get into the picture, including Amazon Prime, Apple Tv Plus is going to do it by the side.

Apple TV+ buzz around with a lot of compelling content and serves the streaming services that have been hard to come. The line-up from blockbuster films to live TV shows, everything is ready to keep you entertained.

Apple TV Plus Review

Since it is already the most adeptly reliant on Apple’s movies and shows, it still offers so many premium features at such a low price. Well, this is going to be bingo with a whimper.

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Keep hanging on here, and read the Apple TV review that delves into how well it is designed and how it works, and how accessible it is. Let’s take a glimpse of reviews.

Apple TV Plus Review – In a Nutshell

Here are some features of Apple TV Plus listed below:

  1. Apple Tv Plus Design and Interface
  2. Apple TV Content Library
  3. Apple TV Plus Picture Quality
  4. Apple TV On Mobile

We’ve compiled up the reviews to take a deep dive and let you know what will serve you.

1. Apple Tv Plus Design and Interface

As we know that Apply TV plus is the extension of the previous Apple Tv app, so this means if you already access the previous one through your supported devices, you can access the Apple Tv Plus too. It certainly likes having a pride moment when it comes to its design and smooth interface. It is also functional as the subset with a rolling banner on the Watch Now Tab, What to Watch, and Up Next.

Landing Page - Apple Tv

More than that, you will also find some uneasy intermingling TV films and series, which is already on the app but on a case-by-case basis because sometimes you need to pay for this too. Keeping the repetition aside, the UI of the Apple TV+ is smooth and clean. Unlike the other streaming services strategy of funneling users where the content will be there with few limits, the Apple TV+ has so much to show you relevant information.

2. Apple TV Content Library

What about the Apple TV+ actual shows? Well, in our Apple TV+ reviews, we roundup here something more amazing regarding the content library. The Apple TV+ showcases a lot of original content from which you never keep your eyes off. The notable titles include Jason Momoa, The Morning Show, Sesame Street Spin-off Helpsters, Hailee Steinfeld’s Emily, NASA Drama, Dickinson Biopic, and so on. You will get enough to click every evening to keep you entertaining.


What’s bonus here is users also get a seven-day free trial subscription, which means you will have so much freedom. Truly said that Apple TV+ had focused on serving the breadth of content and nothing here feels like desperate failure. On comparing with other streaming services, that Apple TV+ content library is truly noticeable. And it’s going to be tough competition for other streaming services.

3. Apple TV Plus Picture Quality

Here’s good news for you that Apple TV+ is supporting the HDR and 4K streaming quality. So, you’re going to note down every keen detail on the screen. However, you need a natural HDR-ready or either 4k resolution Tv for a better interface.

Picture Quality

But we don’t find any issue even when we stream it on our regular Smart TV and our home Wi-Fi connection. The resolution and picture quality is truly seamless. No buffering, no blurring, and no longer reduced motion. Furthermore, there is a reduced motion option in the setting, which helps you shudder at the frame rate.

4. Apple TV On Mobile

Nowadays, we like those streaming most, which we can allow us to serve on mobile. So, Apple Tv+ is going to impress you here too. While reviewing, we tested this on iPhone X, which runs on iOS 13. The interface here is so clean and easily navigable. With all the set buttons, including a library, watch now, and search, everything is clean and up to the mark.

Apple TV on mobile

In this streaming app, the Apple originals live present in Watch now, and the library tabs present alongside the content. However, you cannot sort the favorite shows based on the network until or unless you are a subscriber. If you want to download any show to watch offline, tap over the standard cloud-plus down arrow icon present in an episode listing. It takes a few minutes if you have a large size file to store.

We also tried to watch the episodes of Apple’s original content, such as “The Morning Show” over the wi-fi network; it’s sharp and clear, just like watching it on any smart Tv.

Apple TV Plus: Pricing and Platforms

Whenever the name of Apple TV+ comes, we think it is as expensive as iOS devices. But here’s a surprise because Apple TV+ is quite affordable and available to you at just $4.99 per month. You can save so much by subscribing to the annual subscription, which is also affordable at $49.99 annually.

Plus, the Apple TV+ also offers a seven-day trial; however, you need to provide the monthly payment option to access the free trial service. Furthermore, you can also have the Apple TV through several subscription bundles. But its plans also include Apple TV+, Apple Music, Apple Arcade, 50GB of iCloud storage at just $14.95 per month.

Meanwhile, you can also get $19.95 per month family tier bundles, which include Apple TV+, Apple Music, Apple Arcade, and even 200GB of iCloud storage so that you can share a lot with your family. The subscription to the Apple TV+ is quite cheap enough, so it won’t bother you if you ever cancel it. And this could be one of the most affordable video streaming services that we reviewed yet.



  • No ads
  • Inexpensive
  • Good accessibility option
  • Offline downloads on iOS
  • Support HDR and 4K streams



  • No apps for android


Summing up the Apple TV review with so many things. We can say the Apple Tv+ is truly an amendable service to serve your favorite shows on iPad, iPhones, and Mac. What’s more, is you can also serve a lot of content via in your web browser. Moreover, it supports LG, Sony, and Samsung Smart TVs.

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