Apple Watch Series 7 – Release Date, Rumors & Leaks [Updated]

Apple watch series 7 battery

Apple is back with a bang with its most anticipated watch series. Every year Apple launches its watch in September.  Therefore, with September not being so far now, Apple users are keen to know what’s in store for them this time. Don’t worry! We are going to reveal all rumors about Apple Watch Series 7.

And we are going to provide you with all the information, we have regarding the Apple Watch Series. So, without beating around the bush, let’s dive right into it.

Apple Watch Series 7 – Release Date & Rumors

Apple Watch Series 7

It’s not just any ordinary watch; it’s a smartwatch that is too presented by Apple, and if Apple is in the picture, you can expect only the best. Rumors are surfacing that this time Apple is bringing its smartwatch with some additional features such as better battery life, blood pressure monitoring, and a better screen, probably MicroLED.

Furthermore, it might also have a camera with face recognition software. It is understandable you are excited to know more about the watch. Therefore, we have collected some data on its design and additional features. Let’s have a brief look at them :

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apple watch series 7 design

According to the sources, the smartwatch design will remain somewhat like the Apple watch series 6 one. However, this time the users might get a lavish matte black color, which is definitely gonna look stunning. While the previously launched models had OLED screens, this one might come with a micro-LED screen.  So, hold on to your excitement a little longer.

Health Features:

apple watch series features

Nowadays, with limited time people often take their health for granted. However, if they will have a watch to monitor their health 24/7, health will not be a big issue. Apple Watch Series 7 might come in handy for such people as it is being said that the watch will have two major health features:

  • Blood Pressure Monitoring
  • Glucometer

Battery Life:

apple watch series 7 Battery

Though there is not much known about the watch’s battery life, rumor has it that Apple is looking for a way through which they can improve the battery life without increasing the size of the watch.  Moreover, in a patented design, the watch has some additional batteries attached to the watch’s straps. However, the final design is not confirmed, and it is not known whether Apple has decided to go along with it or not.


Apple Watch Camera

It is being said that the new model will come with a camera along with face recognition software. Furthermore, the watch might also have a Touch ID Scanner so that the users can unlock the watch without any problem. However, these are the expected features that will only be confirmed once the watch hits the market.

Headline Feature:

Every Apple smartwatch has a distinctive feature that makes the watch unique and appealing to buyers. Apple Watch Series 6 could perform blood oxygen tests, which was a headline feature during the launch of the watch. Therefore, the buyers can expect that they will get something different too with this model; otherwise, why would anyone want to buy the watch in the first place if it’s not any different from the previous model.

Release Date & Expected Price

If you look at the previous models’ launch history, the watches have always arrived in mid-September. Therefore, it would be safe to speculate that Apple Watch Series 7 might launch somewhere around September.

Speaking of the price of the watch, surprisingly, Apple has been consistent in regards to it. Let’s have a look at the prices of previously launched Apple Watches:

  • Series 6- $399(2020)
  • Series 5- $399(2019)
  • Series 4- $399(2018)

As you can see, the prices remained constant consecutively for 3 years. Thus, we see no reason for Apple to increase the price this time unless there’s a major change in the watch. However, the watch’s features are yet to be revealed, so it would be too soon to jump to the conclusion regarding the price.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Is there going to be an Apple Watch Series 7?

Yes, Apple is making progress in its smartwatch department as well, and you will soon see the launch of the Apple Watch Series 7. As already mentioned above, the watch is most likely to hit the markets by mid-September.


Is there a new Apple Watch coming out in 2021?

Yes, every year, Apple launches its flagship watch, the Apple Watch series. Last year the company launched Apple Watch Series 6 in September 2020. This year there will be one more addition to the series, Apple Watch Series 7.

Additionally, the users might also get the announcement on the new model of the Apple Watch SE, and most likely, the watch will be launched alongside Apple Watch Series 7 in September.


What will Apple Watch 7 have?

Apple Watch 7 will most probably have all the features of the Apple Watch 6 along with some additional and exciting features regarding health, display, battery, and camera. Detailed information regarding these features is already discussed above.


Should I buy Apple Watch 6 or wait for 7?

If you are thinking of buying Apple Watch 6, then you should probably wait a little more as Apple Watch 7 will not take long to launch. Moreover, in terms of price, it is expected that there will not be any major variation as previously released models have the same price. Thus, it would be wise to wait to get the brand new model within the same price range as Apple Watch 6. Furthermore, the additional features of the Apple Watch 7 is a plus point.



Just like last year, this year also it is expected that Apple will launch Apple Watch Series 7 with a new Apple Watch SE. Therefore, it would be interesting to see which watch is more preferred by the users. However, there is no comparison between the two as both the watches offer maximum customer satisfaction according to the prices. So, this is all we have got for you on your most awaited smartwatch model. Hopefully, you found this article helpful, and it helped ease your curiosity a bit.

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