Attached is a text of our Press Conference calling on Atiku Abubakar to consider South South region and Wike in Particular as his choice as PDP vice President for your consideration.
Thank you.
Being a text of Press Conference delivered By Arewa Youth Advocates For Peace and Unity Initiativ held in Bauchi On the 14th June, 2022.
Gentlemen of the Press,
Ladies and gentlemen.
We Welcome you here this morning to this historic Press Conference by this noble Organisation of young men and women. It was formed by likeminds from the North irrespective of tribes and religion to compliment Government Peace building efforts at all levels through stakeholders and community engagements. We will like to use this medium to commend His Excellency Senator Bala Abdulkadir Mohammed CON (Kauran Bauchi/ Jagaban Katagum) for making Peace building as a priority of his administration in Bauchi State. We are here today, because the state is peaceful and the atmosphere is conducive for gathering of this nature, a gesture that is not obtainable in other part of the country.
However, the need to sustain and secure the future of the Nigerian State is now. Consequently, this is possible only when credible and competent hands take good positions in the corridors of power, been the drivers of Peace and unity. We deem it fit to be partners of progress, Peace building Agents to ensure that Youths are fully and adequately sensitized through media Platforms, to further ensure that youths contributes positively to the development of our only country Nigeria, for peaceful Elections come 2023.  It is on this premise, that after an extensive consultations within different youths groups and relevant stakeholders in the North, and the conduct of opinion polls using different online platforms/ physical methods on Atiku/Wike Presidency 2023, the results proofed successful and the ticket will give PDP decisive victory.
Furthermore, As the Presidential Candidate and Former Vice President of Nigeria, Alhaji  Atiku Abubakar GCON (Wazirin Adamawa ) intensify searching for his running mate in the forthcoming Presidential Elections, He should put it at the back of his mind especially now that he is leading a unifying campaign that Nigeria is ethnically heterogeneous and culturally pluralistic. The Political practice has since 1979 is either a President from the North and Vice President from the South or otherwise. Atiku Abubakar, a Northerner will be considering different names as a choice of his running mate, though it is his sole responsibility, but demography and other factors should guide him to avoid mistakes of the past.
However, there are many eminently qualified Nigerians from the South to be nominated as Atiku’s running mate but as it stands,Rivers State Governor, Barrister Nyeson Wike stands as one among to many to compliment the PDP ticket to ensure victory. As a Governor of Rivers State,He has rewrites the history of the State, and today it is wearing a new look in his 7 years of  administration. His network, Passion and acceptability have placed him on the national radar, as the new face of hope for the deprived Nigerians, where Justice, equity And fairness seem to be far away from their lips.
He stood his ground against the #endSars conflicts entrepreneurs, who wanted to Use the opportunity to create a circle of confusion, between the Northern residents in Rivers State. His decision and open refusal to compromise Nigeria Unity as one indivisible nation are reasons of his acceptance by all and sundry cross religion and tribes.Media influencers tagged him as enemy, even when he sees them as best friends. Wike’s only crime today in Nigeria, is his dogmatic courage to speak for the downtrodden and the voiceless Nigerians, like us. He stood his ground and discharged his Primary responsibility of ensuring Peace reigns in Porthacourt and its environs.
The choice of Wike will calmed  frayed nerves, and act as the suitable balm of Gilead to whatsoever conspiracy or gang up theory that is being peddled by pundits. It is on record that,Gov. Nyesom Wike came second in the just concluded PDP presidential primaries, and he has keenly contested in the process. He has consistently showed his love for his party and never left the party since 1998.He ensured that the party remained relevant in the times of adversity for over Seven years. Wike’s developmental strides in Rivers State has earned him the name, “Mr Project” by the Vice President Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, is an eloquent testimony to his fitness for  the role.
The South Eastern part of Nigeria is not a good choice for PDP to have their running mate at the moment.They hardly speak with their votes during elections beyond the media. The results of both APC and PDP recently concluded Primaries has spoken their inability to speak loud with their PVCs. Evidently, Southwest marriage with the North leaves Atiku with no option than to get a new wife from the South South, whose voting pattern have not changed since 1999.  Be that as it May, the current power play, Political shenanigans, networks and connections, then Wike should automatically be the new PDP Bride, to further ensure that PDP get it right this time.
Our love and uncompromised passion for one Nigeria, where tribe, religion or region is not a question cannot be over emphasized.We are the first and the last Organisation in Northern Nigeria to openly Advocate and add our voice to Igbo Presidency by identifying the Governor of Ebonyi State, H.E Engr. David Umahi. I personally led a high powered delegation to South East part of the country, on a our mission to support the South East (Igbo) Presidency. We did With all sense of humility with evidence to proved our non partisanship in ensuring that Mr A and B get equal treatment.
There is  no region that deserves the  vice President other than the South South region with five Governors all from the PDP.  We call on the stakeholders in the South Southto to please keep their differences aside to support wike emergence as Atiku’s running mate. The permutations are clear ,coming down North, Wike has already make a name and his fighting spirit has rewarded him with more friends like us who see him as strong supporter and a great partner to the emergence of PDP Presidency in 2023.
We have by this Press Conference formally endorsed and call on Atiku Abubakar to consider South South regionand  His Excellency Barrister  Nyeson Ezonwo Wike in Particular as his PDP Vice Presidential Candidate. We are not against South East to produce the VP but already the demography will favours Peter Obi of labour party and will affects greatly the votes of the PDP.With South East poor results from the just concluded PDP and APC Presidential Primaries, And for the above mentioned reasons.This will bring about balance in the raising Political tensions padded around by conflict entrepreneurs.
Thank You.
Sani Danaudi Mohammed
National President