7+ Best 4K TV For Gaming in 2021 (Buying Guide & Reviews)

Sony master series bravia oled

Are you looking for the best 4K TV for gaming? If you’re an avid gamer, then you’re in the right place. We have ensured a list of 4K TV for gaming that will remain future-proof for a long time to come.

8 Best 4k TV For Gaming

These will work with the next-gen consoles optimally.  You can attach them to your PS5 and Xbox Series X, Xbox One X, and much more. From optimum frame rate and resolution (4K, 120Hz) to best picture quality, let’s start the list of Best TVs for gaming:

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 List of Best 4K TV for Gaming:

  1. Sony Bravia 74 Inches 4K Ultra HD
  2. Samsung 32 Inch QLED 4K UHD TV
  3. LG 55 Inch NanoCell UHD Smart TV
  4. TCL Series 6 65 Inch UDH QLED Dolby Vision TV
  5. Hisense 100 Inch Class L 5 Series 4K UHD TV
  6. Vizio 75-Inch P-Series Quantum UHD TV
  7. Sony Master Series Bravia OLED
  8. Samsung 55-Inch Class Crystal UHD TU-8000 Series

So lets’ dive in.

1. Sony Bravia 74 Inches 4K Ultra HD

This Gaming TV from Sony Bravia is the best-in-class as you are getting Sony’s premium quality with optimum performance. It comes with 4K X-Reality PRO, which brings you realistic details and texture on display. Triluminos display brings you advanced color definition and gradation. Thus, you see exactly how the game was designed.

The X-tended Dynamic range ensures a proper balance of contrast and highlights for realistic scenes. Often, people need a separate soundbar, but this one comes with a 3.1 Channel Dolby Atmos soundbar that brings you an immersive experience. There are seven different sound modes to ensure you receive the performance according to the entertainment. Thus, you can use it for gaming, movies, and much more.

Sony Bravia 74 Inches 4K Ultra HD

The 4K HDR processor ensures proper tweaks for the graphic performance. It comes with a Game mode that will support your PlayStation or Xbox one optimally. Hence, you receive a highly responsible gaming experience. You get 120 FPS at 4K UHD, making it best for smooth motion. HDMI 2.1 ensures that you can get the most out of your PS5, or latest Xbox series X

Additionally, you get Smart Android TV’s assets with voice assistant and controls. Thus, you can optimally control the TV as well. It even supports Alexa to connect with your Smart Home infrastructure. Additionally, it is compatible with Apple and Siri devices.


What We Like

  • Compatible with all kinds of Video Game Consoles
  • Enjoy 4K UHD gaming at 120 FPS, which fulfills the requirement of modern games.
  • It comes with Dolby Soundbar
  • Available in various screen sizes and without the sound channel, as well.


What We Don’t Like

  • It is quiet on the high-end and one of the most costly choices on the list.

2. Samsung 32 Inch QLED 4K UHD TV

Samsung is the second-best option on the list. However, this TV specifically is for more budget-gamers who don’t want to compromise with visuals and performance. You would have to shrink down in size slightly, but you still get the 4K UHD processor. Thus, you can get the perfect resolution for the gaming experience.

You have 3 HDMI ports, 2 USB V 2.0 ports, 1 optical cable output, and 1 composite input for connectivity. There’s an ethernet port, as well. It is quite a lightweight TV, as well. If you talk about the performance, you are getting a smart TV with an on-screen guide. Quantum dots ensures vibrant color definition while you get 20W sound output.

Samsung 32 Inch QLED 4K UHD TV

However, the sound shouldn’t be your primary concern. TVs are all about display quality and visuals. In that aspect, you are getting quite a great choice. It is a QLED TV, so you are going to get the optimum definition and details.

However, it might not work as great as your primary screen. It is either a budget-choice or for those who want a side-screen or monitor to expand their gaming angle. That’s right! It is perfect for side screen compatibility to expand your gaming station. On that note, it also offers a 60Hz of fresh rate for standard gaming.


What We Like

  • A budget-friendly option that doesn’t compromise with the visual quality
  • You get a SMART-TV addition with Bixby voice support and much more.
  • A perfect choice for side or additional monitors.


What We Don’t Like

  • 60 fps is quite standard and won’t support the latest gaming that requires higher fps
  • It is something that gets the job done. You can’t expect too much from it.

3. LG 55 Inch NanoCell UHD Smart TV

Perhaps you’re more of an LG person. Here you have a 55 and 65-inch selection from LG that stands out with its 4K Nano Cell display. It means that you get over 8.3 million pixels that deliver precise colors and accuracy with balanced lighting. If you have to compare it, it is a perfect competitor of Sony Bravia mentioned above.

Local dimming features will calibrate the display and lighting to match your gaming screen and graphics. That’s not all. You get webOS with a remote that brings complete voice and motion control. Thus, you can also use it for other entertainment without any problem. It has a 2.1 channel soundbar that delivers up to 400 Watts of remarkable sound. DTS virtual sound is standard with quite a high definition sound without needing a soundbar.

Let’s just say that if you’re looking at the epitome of LED 4K HD TVs, this is where you can draw the line. It isn’t any marketing technology. LG has remained a pioneer in bringing you the best display possible. You get true color and brilliant lighting all in this TV for gaming.

LG 55 Inch NanoCell UHD Smart TV

If you want to get technical. First of all, a Nano Cell display means nano color, accuracy, dimming, and bezel. You get an A7 Generation 3 processor, which ensures AI integration for picture and sound. Thus, it will work best with next-gen consoles like PlayStation5 and Xbox Series X. You get Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos, and Cinema HDR.

Additionally, it has G sync, also known as Gaming FreeSync, to bring you varial refresh rates, ALLM, and HGiG. Hence, it redefines your gaming experience with a more immersive appeal.


What We Like

  • On par with Sony Bravia and other high-end TVs
  • It comes with G-sync technology for impeccable frame rates
  • It is perfect for next-gen gaming consoles.
  • It comes with a sound channel bar with high definition
  • Smooth controls and voice assistant support


What We Don’t Like

  • There aren’t many size options available.

4. TCL Series 6 65 Inch UDH QLED Dolby Vision TV

TCL Series 6 has ranked among the best gaming TVs of all time so far. It is like a Mid-ranged but with remarkable trust and credibility, similar to LG, Samsung, or Sony. You get a smart TV, as it has become a common choice. It brings you QLED color technology for optimum color definition, brightness, and black balance without any decline in performance. More importantly, you get a 4K Ultra HD display with the help of Dolby Vision. Thus, it remains quite dynamic for visual performance.

Furthermore, you get an edge-to-edge display, which is hard to find in most TVs of this price range. A built-in game mode ensures that you get an auto low latency mode to ensure an optimum gaming experience.

TCL Series 6 65 Inch UDH QLED Dolby Vision TV

You have around 4 HDMIs, 1 USB, TF, Headphone Jack, optical cable, and other essential connectivity options for input. In short, if you’re looking for a TV that focuses on Display and brings you proper gaming features, this is the one. It has a balanced performance. You won’t get extra-ordinary realism like Bravia or LG, but you won’t get low-end either. It remains true to the Qled technology and ultra 4K HD display.


What We Like

  • It has a remarkable QLED display, resolution, brightness, and contrast balance.
  • The color definition is ambitious, and it has an auto low latency mode.
  • You get the auto game mode to be compatible with the latest gaming consoles.


What We Don’t Like

  • It doesn’t offer the best interface.
  • The sound performance is passable but not great.

5. Hisense 100 Inch Class L 5 Series 4K UHD TV

If you truly want a larger than life gaming experience, then you should definitely consider this 100 inch of brilliance that falls under budget, as well. The 4K UHD resolution with DLP technology and X-fusion laser light sound brings you an over the top graphic performance and experience.

You get a 4K UHD Smart Laser TV with true-to-life colors and a 100-inch light-rejecting screen. It runs on Android TV os and works with the display just fine. More importantly, it doesn’t even feel like a laser TV. You won’t feel like you’re missing anything with the sharp details and High Dynamic Range 10 with HLG decoding. It maintains optimum contrast, color range with proper depth and sharpness.

Hisense 100 Inch Class L 5 Series 4K UHD TV

The DBX TV Audio also brings you immersive sound performance. Thus, you won’t have to worry about necessarily investing in a soundbar. Let’s try to put it in simple words. This isn’t just a TV. This is a complete theatre gaming experience for you.

It has a larger than life display with optimum clarity that will remain top of the class. You won’t have a lab with its low latency and high response with proper frame rates. It is delivering optimum resolution that fits its massive screen, and the laser technology is quite ambitious.


What We Like

  • Remarkable laser technology brings you 100 inches of the display at an affordable price.
  • True color, brightness, and impeccable display (4K UHD)
  • One of the best option to get an immersive gaming screen
  • Multiple connectivity ports


What We Don’t Like

  • There isn’t any specific mode for gaming.
  • It isn’t like conventional TVs

6. Vizio 75-Inch P-Series Quantum UHD TV

Talking about over the top and ‘beast’ gaming TVs, how can we forget about Vizio? It is an underrated jewel that is available in the market. Not many people know about it, but pro-gamers love this UHD TV. Vizio comes with quantum color to bring you the best colors and higher intensity that surpasses standard TVs by at least 120%.

The ultrabright 1200 nits display means getting the best brightness even for the depth of darkness for a rich experience. 240 local dimming zones and backlight work together to bring you the best contrast as well. Let’s just say this is the TV you need to experience authentic graphics.

Vizio 75-Inch P-Series Quantum UHD TV

It has an IQ UltraTM Processor that is best-in-class with robust 4K performance and HDMI 2.1 connectivity. Of course, you also get a SmartCast mobile app that ensures you can stream your favorite apps conveniently. It is a beast when it comes to 4K 120 Hz gaming with the lowest input lag possible. You get a ProGaming Engine ™ and AMD FreeSync Premium to ensure top-notch graphic performance with low input lag.

Thus, you get peak performance with a tear-free display. Of course, it comes with voice assistant support, and a 75-inch display is just perfect for entertainment requirements.


What We Like

  • 120Hz with 4K UHD gaming means you get a future-proof selection
  • Over 1GHz of processing power with a top-notch power
  • The great color pallet, high brightness, contrast, and crystal visuals


What We Don’t Like

  • It is cumbersome compared to other choices
  • It is quite expensive, as well.

7. Sony Master Series Bravia OLED

As we are in the top gaming league with so many high-end TV sets, Sony is here to tell you that it is a monster in its own right! Therefore, you get the Sony Master Series that delivers 77 inches of display. With the TV, you get a 3.1 channel soundbar system and wireless subwoofers. Hence, you are getting a complete collection for your game station.

It is a smart android TV that works with Google voice assistant. You get Alexa and Siri compatibility, as well. If you want a perfect companion for your Sony Playstation or Xbox, you have a compelling choice. It has 4K HDR sound that has 7 different modes. The picture processor X1 ultimate brings you peak performance for the content you’re streaming.

Sony Master Series Bravia OLED

That’s not all. It has an OLED + Pixel contract booster to ensure over the top resolution quality. You have a game mode to turn it into 4K UHD and smooth gaming for high-response. It also has the signature Triluminos display. In short, you are getting everything that the previous addition on the list had, but more amplified and over the top.


What We Like

  • Sony’s signature and best-in-class display, features, and qualities all in a single Bravia Master
  • Game mode ensures you get future gaming console compatibility.
  • Comes with a 3.1 channel soundbar and wireless subwoofer for sound performance, as well.
  • High value for money if you compare to other TVs of similar size and range
  • Dolby and IMAX experience


What We Don’t Like

  • It Will take some time to set up and calibrate according to your preference.

8. Samsung 55-Inch Class Crystal UHD TU-8000 Series

How can Samsung stay behind in the race of 4K TV for gaming? Here you have a perfect companion for your Xbox or Playstation gaming console. Samsung Class Crystal comes with multiple voice controls (Alexa and Bixby). It has Crystal Processor 4K to ensure you get a top-notch and crisp display. For OS, it uses Tizen, which brings you high user interactivity.

If you have proper sound gear, DTX virtual sound gear will deliver immersive sound. The acoustic beam technology is admirable to refine the display further. Q-symphony works with QLED to deliver the signature Samsung experience. The HDR performance ensures a vibrant and stunning 4K with a smooth display for gaming.

Samsung 55-Inch Class Crystal UHD TU-8000 Series

The design is also quite sleek and remains quite admirable. However, the most outstanding aspect of the series is the different screen sizes. You can get the same features and remarkable performance from a 45 inch to an 85 inch TV. There won’t be any distortion for bigger size or slack in performance for smaller. Hence, you can select the one that fits your budget. There is also a soundbar option similar to what LG and Sony offered above.


What We Like

  • Signature resilience, performance, and quality of Samsung
  • Multiple screen size options
  • Voice control and QLED with 3D Sound output
  • Lag-less compatibility with gaming consoles


What We Don’t Like

  • Due to high demands, it is not easily available

Best 4k TV For Gaming: Comparison Table:

Product NameScreen SizeFrame RatesGame ModeG-Sync SupportVoice AssistantSony Bravia55-85 Inch120 FPSYesNoYesSamsung QLED32 Inch60 FPSNoNoAlexa, BixbyLG NanoCell UHD55-65 InchVRR (120 Hz)NoFreeSyncYesTCL Series 655-65 InchAuto Low Latency (120 Hz)YesNoAlexa and googleHisense 100 Inch Laser100 Inch60 HzNoNoVoice Remote GoogleVizio P-Series Quantum65-75 Inch120 FPS Variable Refresh RateYesAMD FreeSync PremiumYes, All.Sony Master Series Bravia55-77 InchMotion FlowXR – 120 HzYesNoGoogle, Alexa, AirPlaySamsung Class Crystal43 – 85 Inch120HzYesNoAlexa And Bixby

Buyer’s Guide – Things Need to Consider

The budget should be your first consideration for 4K Gaming TV. Then you should consider the screen size according to the space you have. As we are looking for 4K gaming, that is the minimum resolution you need. More importantly, the connectivity option to work with PS5 and Xbox Series X, or at least Xbox One X and PS  4, should be there. In short, make sure it is compatible with your console. Other than that, here are some tips and guidelines to ensure you get the best available:

1. 4K Gaming Support

4K Gaming TVs need to provide a high resolution or 4K setting but work with it for extensive hours. Any gaming session would require you to invest a lot. So, if you want to get one of the best TVs for gaming, then obviously, you need a 4K resolution. Dolby’s vision, low dimming, and many other features will ensure that.  You might want to consider QLED TV or OLED TV as well. You will learn about that below.

2. HDMI 2.1

HDMI 2.1 ensures you can connect with multiple TVs optimally without any problem. It is one of the best features as people often want expansive viewing angles in the game. If you plan on attacking more than a single screen, it will become pivotal. HDMI 2.1 also offers a high response time that works with a proper and lag-less gaming experience.

3. 120Hz Refresh Rate

60Hz is fine for watching TV, but if you’re looking for the best 4K TV for gaming that works with Xbox One X, PS4 Pro, and other variations, you might want to look for at least a 120Hz refresh rate. It is quite an industry standard and something for HD gaming. If you get HDMI 2.1, Dolby Vision, even Nvidia G-sync, then you can ensure proper refresh rate optimization.

4. G-Sync

Nvidia G Sync remains top of the class for 4K and HDR gaming that you might be looking for. However, it also enhances response time properly. If you want something that works for PS4 and Xbox Series X, this would be an indispensable requirement. G-sync support in a TV would smoothen out the graphics for impeccable picture quality. Therefore, you need to consider this, especially on a high-end TV.

5. Future Console Compatibility

Almost all of the above-given aspects would ensure a future 4K gaming tv for you. However, you can also look for a full array of local dimming, which would ensure top-notch performance. It would help with various viewing angles as it is becoming a norm for future gaming consoles.

Frequently Asked Questions:


What Should Be The Minimal Requirement For The Best Gaming TV?

To be honest, you can have the same experience even at 1080P TV. However, if you’re looking for the best gaming TV, then given that we have the next-gen consoles, you would need at least 4K TV. That’s how you will have the best TV for gaming. Forget about sound, ease of use, and features. A gaming TV should have proper display quality.


Is There A Difference Between QLED And OLED TVs for Gaming?

QLED TV has individual pixel lights that can shut off. Hence, you get more depth and pitch blackness. So, if you’re one for proper color definition and more, you should get it. OLED TVs deliver more brightness with efficiency. That’s the only difference between the two.


Is There A Difference Between Gaming Monitors And Gaming TVs?

Yes. Gaming Monitors primarily work with PC consoles. However, TVs are to work with PlayStation, Xbox, and other gaming consoles. That’s the primary difference between the two. Furthermore, Monitors have a size limit while there isn’t a size limit for Gaming TVs.



That concludes the list of the best gaming TVs. If you use the links from our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. However, our objective was to bring you the best gaming TVs over anything else. Hence, we ensure variable refresh rate (VRR), proper screen size, low input lag, 120hz refresh rate to be next-gen console compatible for the best resolution 4K gaming TVs. These are available for best pricing, as well. From budget-friendly to high-end options, you have everything on this list.

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