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Are you looking for the best movies of the 90s?  Memorable films are still the best choice for movie buffs. The pioneer 90s films are the trendsetters of current feature films. Relax and watch movies with your high school friends and make memories everlasting.

50 Best 90s Movies

Thrilling all-time great hit films by great directors of the decade. Have fun watching these 90s movies of all time.

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List of Top 10 90’s Movies:

  1. Fargo (1996)
  2. Kids (1995)
  3. Home Alone (1990)
  4. The Usual Suspects (1995)
  5. The Lion King
  6. The Shawshank Redemption (1994)
  7. The Matrix (1999)
  8. Clueless (1995)
  9. Groundhog Day (1993)
  10. Magnolia (1999)

Let’s dive into the list of the best 90’s movies:

1. Fargo (1996)


We have Jerry Lundgaard played by William H.C Macey. A comedy crime thriller wherein he is a car salesperson working for his father-in-law and falls into debt. Desperate for money, he tries to figure out different ways of earning it. He plans on kidnapping his wife and receiving the ransom to pay off his debts.

2. Kids (1995)


Larry Clark’s indie kids are adrenaline-fueled teenage odyssey, brimming with drugs, sex, and foul language. This 1995 ethnography of disaffected youth follows a group of ragtag teenagers as they navigate the urban jungles of New York. It is a depiction of urban teenage existence that every teenager can relate to in modern times.

3. Home Alone (1990)

Home Alone - Best 90s Movies

A must watch every Christmas. A movie teemed with action and a means of entertainment for all ages. Enjoy the pranks, ingenious ideas Kevin left at home for the vacations unknowingly. Macaulay Culkin does a superb job of catching burglars with his wit.

4. The Usual Suspects (1995)

The Usual Suspects

The Usual Suspects is an Oscar-winning film directed by Bryan Singer. A chilling performance was given by the actor Kevin Spacey. San Pedro California is a stage for the aftermath of a fire mystery aboard a docked ship. Twenty-seven bodies are found at the site and 91 million dollars of drug money attract the FBI and US customs. The only survivors in the accident are a burnt Hungarian and the con-man Roger Verbal. Verbal tells the story of him and four other felons put into a lineup six weeks ago in New York for a trumped-up charge about stone’s gun parts. The customs officer wants to investigate the story. Watch this gripping movie.

5. The Lion King (1994)

The Lion King

In the list of best 90s movies how we forget Lion King. Roger Allers directed the lion king in 1994. Enjoy the beautiful soundtracks of Elton John. A classic Disney movie that narrates the story of Simba, the lion king, banished from the jungle by his uncle, Scar. An animated movie that leaves one craving for more of its kind. A musical film that discovers complex emotions of revenge, politics, and devious methods of becoming king.

6. The Shawshank Redemption (1994)

The Shawshank Redemption - Best 90s Movies

The warden, an embodiment of evil, played marvelously by Bob Gunton. Morgan Freeman, a con who is tired out in Shawshank requesting parole. The violence within the prison portrays the punishment criminals go through in prison. The solitary confinement narrates the horror prisoners undergo. The movie stars Morgan Freeman, Tim Robbins, and Bob Gunton.

7. The Matrix (1999)

The Matrix

In the list of best 90s movies how we forget The Matrix. A very cool and intriguing movie incredibly mind-blowing. The special effects of the kung-fu fight sequences are interesting. It describes the film Matrix as a computer artificially based system. The actor Keanu Reeves flying, flipping, jumping in slow motion, dodging bullets, and everything. The smartest and tech-savvy movie of the 90s.

8. Clueless (1995)


A teen comedy Clueless, starring Alicia Silverstone Brittany Murphy. The film is written and directed by Amy Heckerling. It is a satire of modern American youth culture. Cher and Josh were so adorable together and hilarious.

9. Groundhog Day (1993)

Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day is a movie about life. Phil, the character who is living an artificial life. He experiences nothing but exists. He is interested in himself only. He selfishly wants to improve his life. The weather reporter, Phil, is interested in himself and uncaring of others around him.

10. Magnolia (1999)


An epic mosaic of many interrelated characters looking for forgiveness and meaning of life. Magnolia the film directed by Paul Thomas Anderson. Magnolia is a masterpiece script. It is not lost all in war and peace. A film clarified that it’s a feel about coincidences. The film is well connected and describes the prime points and the sad moments very well.

11. Beau Travail (1999)

Beau Travail

Dennis retelling the story of Billy Budd among a troop of foreign legions. The film is shot at the Gulf of Djibouti. It is one of Claire’s finest films, portraying longing and frustration. The skilled camera shows detailed bare-bodied young men training to the commands of Benjamin Britten.

12. Toy Story (1995)

Toy Story - Best 90s Movies

Pixar’s masterpiece is The Toy story. A perfect film, an all-time favorite of many people. It portrays the emotions of toys who want love and care because of modern toys in the market. Woody fears his owner will not love him anymore. A friendly message for children who forget and neglect old toys when new ones are received.

13. Festen (The Celebration 1998)


Festen The Celebration is directed by Thomas Vinterberg and stars Alric Thompson as Christian Thomas, Burleson as Mikkel, and paprika steam as Helene’s devastating family secrets are revealed. They celebrate their father’s 60th birthday in a famous restaurant. Christian is a mischievous child. He plays a restrained character. The family is plagued by illnesses of the mind.

14. Rushmore (1998)

Rushmore - Best 90s Movies

Rushmore, directed by Wes Anderson. His second feature-length film.  The film stars Jason Schwartzman and Bill Murray. The strong asset of this movie is Bill Murray. Wes Anderson can bring out the best performances from his characters. His best movie, Bill Murray, does justice to his role. He is funny, mean, and sad all at one time. A fantastic movie to look forward to.

15. GoodFellas (1990)


A 1990 Film directed by Martin Scorsese. It is arguably the best of the peak of his career. It is one of the last great gangster’s movies and is considered a classic by many. It is a movie about the glamour of being a gangster and promotes the star lifestyle of being a good fella.

16. Point Break (1991)

Point Break - Best 90s Movies

Point Break is directed by Kathrine Bigelow starring Patrick Swayze and Keanu Reeves. Johnny Utah played by Reeves is an upcoming FBI agent who assists veteran agent Pappas in hunting down a gang of bank robbers. Johnny goes undercover and infiltrates the Los Angeles surfing community to discover who the ex-presidents are.

17. Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991)

The Terminator

In the list of best 90s movies how we forget The Terminator. Terminator 2 special effects hold sway 30 yrs later. John Conner played by Edward Furlong is a rebellious 10-year-old kid living with his foster parents in Los Angeles. His mother, Sarah Connor, played by Linda Hamilton, is in a mental institution attempting to blow up Cyberdyne systems. The company that would create Skynet, the computer system which becomes self-aware launches all nuclear weapons leading to an all-out war between humans and machines.

18. Audition (1999)

Audition- Best 90s Movies

Directed by famed Japanese director, Takashi Miki. A film that brilliantly implants clues so subtly and meticulously that you don’t realize how it is affecting you until the big climax at the end. A completely shocking film that subverts genre conformity, and it subverts feminine submissiveness.

19. Jurassic Park (1993)

Jurassic Park

In the list of best 90s movies how we forget Jurassic Park. This movie roared into the big screen in 1993 and took the world by storm. The most successful film made ever. They spent a budget of 63million dollars to produce the movie. The movie hit the box office and generated 900 million dollars. The movie caused toy companies to cash in on their popularity and build toys of the T-Rex and Raptors portrayed in the film. A gripping story that will send shivers down your spine and make you want for more.

20. Independence Day (1996)

Independence Day (1996)

In the list of best 90s movies how we forget Independence Day. A movie directed by Roland Emmerich. An awesome movie of the 90s this movie put Emmerich on the map of success. The movie stars Will Smith, Jeff Goldblum. These guys deal with the alien apocalypse. Aliens are roaming all over the world in giant ships and evaporating cities. Jeff Goldblum, the smart guy, uses computers to figure out the aliens’ plans. Bill Pullman is the President of the US. A movie that increases the feeling of patriotism.  Enjoy this movie with your family

21. Being John Malkovich (1999)

Being John Malkovich

A John Cusack, Cameron Diaz Movie directed by Spike Jonze. A wonderful film full of fresh original images, very non-cliched images, and the film’s controlling central metaphor is the idea of the puppet. A sort of survival or a link back to the Italian puppetry and the comitia del art in the whole wonderful world of carnival culture. Malkovich within himself will become a sort of laboratory in which these characters will experiment.

22. Happy Gilmore (1996)

Happy Gilmore

In the 90s Adam Sandler’s funny movies were enjoyed in the heydays. Happy Gilmore is a story of a hockey enthusiast but pretty bad at it and realizes he is better at golf. His grandmother’s house gets repossessed and Gilmore enters a tournament to win the grand prize money and buy back his grandmother’s house. He needs to ward off the villain to be the hero of the movie. The movie is a delight.

23. Wayne’s World (1992)


Wayne played by Mike Myers and this was his first time on the big screen and Dana Carvey who plays ‘Garth’ does an outstanding performance. It is a Saturday night live sketch. A public live television show from their basement played by Mike himself. It is a roller coaster ride of fun and leaves you with a great feeling. An energy-filled playful movie of the 90s directed by Penelope Spheeris.

24.One False Move (1992)

One False Move

A crime story directed by Carl Franklin starring Bill Paxton. A drama of a drug heist gone awry. The sheriff investigates the criminal activity and the character Williams who is Billy Bob Thornton’s girlfriend. Psychopath acting played by Michael Beach. The script is flawless and keeps the audience thrilled.

25. The Last of the Mohicans (1992)

The Last of the Mohicans- Best 90s Movies

The Last of the Mohicans is really like a breath of fresh air. It focuses on the seven years of war called the French Indian war by the Americans.A film on James Cooper’s 1826 novel of the same name. This film captures the overall interest and feeling of the audience. Nathaniel “Hawkeye” Poe, his Mohican brother Uncas and his Mohican father Chingachgook and their quest to escort the daughters of British Colonel Munro to Fort William.

26. 10 Things I Hate About you (1999)

10 Things I Hate About you

A beloved teen movie released in the 90s. A modern-day version of the play Taming of the Shrew. 10 Things I hate about you is an absolute classic of the generation. Youngsters relate to Julia Stiles’s character and Heath Ledger, a charming actor who wins the hearts of the youth even today.

27. Robinson in Space (1997)

Robinson in Space

A film by Patrick Keiller, the architect-turned-filmmaker. He is the style of a documentary in a special travelogue of England. Well-planned shots describe familiar historical landmarks, industrial park factories,  and indiscriminate buildings that choke the landscape. It introduces a witty commentary while exploring the country with his friend Robins.

28. LaHaine (1995)

LaHaine - Best 90s Movies

Released in 1995 and directed by Mathieu Kassovitz and stars Vincent Cassel. Three friends who are wandering around Paris waiting for news of their friend seriously injured in riots against the police. A random French movie of the mid-90s. A fantastic that truly blows you away.

29. True Romance ( 1993)

True Romance

True Romance is written by Quentin Tarantino and directed by Tony Scott. The film stars Christian Slater and Patricia Arquette. The character at the comic workshop and is a big fan of kung-fu movies. Clarence falls in love with Alabama,  a prostitute. They are involved in killing and escaping with cocaine and end up being chased by the mob.

30. Boyz N the Hood (1991)

Boyz N the Hood

A story of three young boys living in a ghetto of Los Angeles. They are faced with violent questions of racism and the prospects of young men. The film is directed by John Singleton starring Cuba Gooding, Ice Cube, and Regina King.

31. Raining Stones (1993)

Raining Stones

In North England, a dedicated, loving father unemployed(Bruce Jones)finds it difficult to gather money to purchase the first communion dress for his daughter. His van is stolen and his difficulties increase. The film written by Jim Allen stars Julie Brown and Ricky Tomlinson.

32. A Room for Romeo Brass (1999)

A Room for Romeo Brass - Best 90s Movies

A brilliant film and performance by Paddy Considine. Partly filmed in good old Calverton, a village in Nottingham. An excellent film with skilled actors doing a fine job.

33. Princess Mononoke (1997)

Princess Mononoke

A film directed by Hayao Miyazaki and currently celebrating its silver anniversary in theaters. The film follows a young prince who in the brilliant riveting opening scene is attacked by a boar a demon possesses it. After this altercation, he is left with a strange rash on his arm. The rash helps him possess powers that cause him to be banished from his home. He is forced to move out into the world and experience strange happenings.

34. Starship Troopers (1997)

Starship Troopers

Directed by Paul Verhoeven an aggressive message to the audience of monsters vs humans. It starts with a recruitment video with the mobile unit. The future version of the army. The bug meteor attacks ensure the safety of our solar system.

35. Show Me Love(1998) (One of the Best High School Movie)

Show Me Love

A Swedish film was written and directed by Lucas Moody starring Rebecca Lynchburg. It’s a tale about two teenage girls falling in love in a dead in the end. This is one of the best high school movies much loved by teens.

36. Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me (1992)

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me - Best 90s Movies

The movie made after the demise of the series is being released with FBI director Gordon Coal played by David Lynch summoning Special Agent Chester. Bizarre coded instructions are given to investigate the death of Teresa Banks in a small town in Washington state.

37. The Silence of the Lambs (1991)

The Silence of the Lambs

A psychopath movie starring Anthony Hopkins. A unique film which won the best picture history. An engrossing and stunning horror thriller. An FBI trainee struggles in the elements of her ph training. But excels in criminal psychology.

38. Dazed and Confused (1993)

Dazed and Confused

The film takes place nearly 40 yrs ago on May 28, 1976, on the last day of school in a suburb of Austin, Texas because it takes place in the 1970s it has a great soundtrack and has a great overall atmosphere. The movie Encapsulates what it is like to be that age from 14 to 23. The actors are around the right age to play those characters.

39. A Taste of Cherry (1997)

A Taste of Cherry - Best 90s Movies

The first Iranian to win the Palme d’Or. A complex drama by Abbas Kiarostami. The middle-aged Mr.Badii drives around the outskirts of Tehran looking for a suitable person who will dispose of his body after commits suicide. A realistic story shot in Iran.

40. The Blair Witch Project (1999)

The Blair Witch Project

The massive success of 1993 is the motion picture ‘The Blair Witch Project.’ A film on everyone’s lips, that is how popular the film got. A realistic and horrifying film that sends scary shivers down the spine. Enjoy the creepy, incredible movie at home this year.

41. Dead Man (1995)

Dead Man - Best 90s Movies

A  western, Johnny Depp movie of the 90s.Blake is heading westward into a world populated by characters from the old western. A star-studded cast that will win the hearts of many western movie lovers. William Blake is played by Johnny Depp.

42. William Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet (1996)

William Shakespeare

In the list of best 90s movies how we forget Romeo And Juliet. This movie is A visually captivating experience. An adaptation of the ancient 400-year-old play is well-directed and an educational gift to everyone. William Shakespeare’s plays are relived in films but every time the works are a masterpiece. The audience never tires of it but loves it.

43. The Big Lubowski (1998)

The Big Lubowski

An original film. A star cast Jeff Bridges, John Goodman, Steve Buscemi. The story is about the dude. How his carpet gets destroyed and peed. He tries to get a new carpet.  The experiences he faces, the crazy stuff that happens to him while he is on this mission. The comedian John Goodman is hilarious. His performance in the movie is great.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Which blockbuster movie of the 90s is a must-watch for Johnny Depp’s fans?

Deal Man is a must-watch.


Which is a captivating Swedish movie of the 90s?

Show Me Love is an interesting movie for Swedish movie fans.


What is the movie One False Move 1992 all about?

The movie is all about a series of criminal activities.



There is no dearth of exciting and intriguing movies in the 90s. Hopefully, this list will surely turn out to be of great help in selecting one.

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