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The new iPhone 12, Mini, and Pro max are out now, and the fans are searching for amazing gadgets to compile with their new phone. The launch of the new iPhone 12, has made the users crazy and made it one of the most demanding phones of 2020. So let’s move towards the list of best iPhone 12 accessories. The new iPhone comes with 5G connectivity as well.

Best Accessories for iPhone 12, Mini, Pro & Pro Max

So in this guide, we will discover some amazing products to give your new iPhone a more sassy look. You will find A-Z products for your iPhone. So let us quickly start with some of the best products that you can match your iPhone with.

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Best Accessories for iPhone 12, Mini, Pro & Pro Max:

Here is the list of Accessories for iPhone 12, Mini, Pro & Pro Max:

  1. ESR Protective Tempered Glass Screen Guard
  2. Apple Airpods Pro
  3. Beats Solo3 Wireless Ear Headphones
  4. Apple Watch Series 6
  5. QHOHQ Camera Lens Protector
  6. MagSafe Charger
  7. Apple USB-C Power Adapter
  8. QI-EU Wireless Charger
  9. UUTO
  10. Mpow Selfie Stick Cum Tripod
  11. UGREEN
  12. Bulge Running Armband
  13. PopSockets PopGrip
  14. Hohem iSteady
  15. PhoneSoap Wireless
  16. Apple Case cover

Pair them up with gadgets of your interest and make your iPhone more stylish. So let’s have a quick tour.

1. ESR Protective Tempered Glass Screen Guard

ESR protective tempered glass screen protectors are the most secure guards to apply on your screen. They are scratch-resistant, shatterproof, and free from bubbly installation. The installation frame makes it easier to align with the mobile properly. It is something that you need to give serious attention to.

ESR Protective Tempered Glass Screen Guard

ESR assures that it can behold at least 5K pressure, preventing the mobile screen from scratches and damage. It is quite affordable to buy. Gives better touch quality and high-clarity.

Features –

  • 5X Strong.
  • Bubble Free Installation
  • Durable
  • Last longer

2. Apple Airpods Pro

Apple Airpods Pro is one of the most sold-out products. They are convenient and worth every penny. There could be many other good AirPods,, but nothing can match the quality of Apple AirPods pro. So, if you are a music-holic, then Apple AirPods are good to match with your iPhone 12 pro-Max.

Apple Airpods Pro -Best Accessories for iPhone 12, Mini, Pro & Pro Max

Its ergonomic design and ultra-compact make it comfortably fit in the ears. The earbuds provide active noise cancellation which gives a better listening music experience. A product you can’t ignore.

Features –

  • Noise Cancellation
  • Transparency Mode
  • Water and sweat-resistant
  • Set up easily with Apple devices
  • Instant response to Siri.
  • Comfortable to ears

3. Beats Solo3 Wireless Ear Headphones

If Apple AirPods are not your thing, then jumping on Beats Solo3 wireless headphones is the right choice. It easily gets connected with Bluetooth and gives you a better music listening experience. It comes in a variety of colours and gives a stylish look. The proper padding on the ears makes it more comfortable to wear.

Beats Solo3 Wireless Ear Headphones

It comes with a battery life of up to 40 hours which is quite impressive. Cheers, musicholic or gamers, this could be the perfect headphone you have been looking for. Also, the price of the headphone is quite affordable in comparison with other headphones in bulk.

Features –

  • Great Sound quality
  • Streamlined and easy to go around
  • Responsive to Siri
  • 40 hours battery Life
  • Get charged very quickly
  • Great Bluetooth connectivity

4. Apple Watch Series 6

Wear something that gives you pleasure. Apple Watches is one of them. Comfortable to wear, compatible with your iPhone 12, and looks great on your hands. Now, you don’t need to check your mobile every time for your important messages and calls.

Apple Watch Series 6

The newer addition also calculates your blood oxygen level. It tracks your sleep time and notifies you about important information. Thus, a product that is worth buying.

Features –

  • Water-Resistant
  • Gives constant updates
  • Checks hearts beat and blood pressure.
  • Can answer your calls
  • Can Navigate google Maps
  • Checks blood oxygen level

5. QHOHQ Camera Lens Protector

This safeguard is compatible with both OLED displays as well as the triple camera. The pack comes with 3 sets of tempered glass that protects the screen. Along with this, it is also equipped with 2 sets of camera lens protectors.

QHOHQ Camera Lens Protector

It comes with the edge to edge protection. It uses an oleophobic coating which enhances the protection properties against fingerprints. The lens protector fits perfectly around the edges and thus does not intervene with the photograph.

Features –

  • Complete lens Protection
  • Lightweight material
  • UHD quality
  • Bubble Free
  • Durable
  • Lasts Longer

6. MagSafe Charger

This is counted as a safe charger. Safe in terms of boosting and fastening the charging at 15W after keeping all the safety measures. Astonished by the wireless charger? Most of you might wonder how it will work?

MagSafe Charger

So, a magnetic connector is aligned on the backside of the iPhone. In this way when it charges the iPhone. So, try something new by buying Apple Magsafe Charger. But you need to buy a silicone case with MagSafe to make your iPhone 12 MagSafe compatible.

Features –

  • Is safe
  • Wireless Charger

7. Apple USB-C Power Adapter

Apple USB-C Power Adapter

As the iPhone no longer comes with a free adapter and AirPods, you have to buy one for yourself. So why not now. This gives fast and efficient charging to boost up your iPhone. It assures to charge your device up to 50% in 30 mins. Capable of charging iPhones instantly.

Features –

  • Fast Charging
  • Durable
  • Compatible with a wide range
  • Long-lasting
  • Faster than any other charging technique

8. QI-EU Wireless Charger

It is also called a 4-in-1 Docking Station. If a wireless charger is something, you need then QI-EU wireless charger is perfect for you. It gives you a 4-in-1 feature. So, now you can keep your apple watch along with the iPhone, AirPods, and your Apple Pencil.

QI-EU Wireless Charger

It is well-built and is firm enough. It keeps your devices holding with stability. It protects your gadgets from threats like short circuits and overcharging.

Features –

  • Instant Wireless charging
  • Universal Compatible
  • Good Quality Product
  • Durable and lasts longer
  • Provides 4-in-1 features
  • Fast Charging speed


An amazing product if you are looking for a firm charging stand for your iphone. Not only for charging purposes, but you can also place your phone very firmly. It acts as a strong phone holder.


The auto clamp arms make it easier to install and remove. The charging speed is average to charge up your device. Also, keeps checking on overflowing current or overheating.

Features –

  • Easy to set up
  • Safe to use
  • It is stable when used
  • Decent charging speed

10. Mpow Selfie Stick Cum Tripod

So for the selfie manias, the Mpow selfie stick is perfectly designed for you guys. It is well built for mobile and go pro, and expandable up to 29.5 inches and becomes 6.5 inches when collapsed. It allows you 360-degree rotation so that you can place the iPhone on the desired track.

Mpow Selfie Stick Cum Tripod

You can even capture the last-minute shot via detachable remote control by which you can use this as a tripod and take the shot with the remote. Notably, a 55mAh battery. With the remote, you can capture approximately 50,000 shots once fully charged.

Features –

  • Ideal Tripod
  • Stable
  • Easy to adjust
  • Easy to set up


When the world is towards wireless headphones, something like a headphone jack doesn’t match the race. But if you are okay with buying it, then it is good to buy. It is certified by MFi and can support 48KHz  and 26-bit audio.


Aluminum alloy and nylon plaited cable make it more durable.

Features –

  • SD/TF cards can be read simultaneously
  • Compact size
  • Super speed data transfer

12. Bulge Running Armband

Those who carry their mobile and them even at the time of exercises and heavy workout should not give up on Bulge Running Armband. A band specially designed for fitness freakout.  It is a good quality armband. Comfortable and breathable to wear on your arms. It is pretty responsive and allows you to operate without any trouble.

Bulge Running Armband

The armband ensures that the tap and touch gestures are working effectively or not using true touch sensitivity. It also comes with a zipper pocket where storing credit cards and keys is easy.

Features –

  • Good shield for your phone
  • Space for valuables
  • Comfortable
  • Skin-friendly
  • The perfect accessory for the fitness freak

13. PopSockets PopGrip

PopSockets PopGrip

Popsockets are very trendy these days. So if you need one, you can look for some fantastic cute, cool, and fashionable pop sockets for yourself. Add to your collection whichever you find suits your profile. They are good and look pretty cool on your phone.

Features –

  • Gives good hold
  • Easy to install

14. Hohem iSteady

You can shoot video or cinematic clips, but or that you need to upgrade the device. And for that, Hohem iSteady is the best for you. Worth buying and comes within your budget. It can be held comfortably because of a 3 axis stabilizer featuring the ergonomic design for the grip.

Hohem iSteady

Now you can shoot your videos very adequately. Notably, it gives you 180/360 wide-angle coverage for amazing shots. It also has 600-degree pan rotation and supports fast scene shooting.

Features –

  • Better videography
  • Quite stable

15. PhoneSoap Wireless

Big Goodbye to that traditional and tangles cables, and it’s time to bring a phone soap home. It is a wireless charger that comes with Qi inductive technology. PhoneSoap eliminates the use of cables for charging your device.

PhoneSoap Wireless

Its 4 powerful UV-C rays reflect in the inner surface and surround your mobile’s surface and kill the unwelcomed fellows. It sanitizes your mobile completely up to 99.9% in just 10 minutes.  A blue indicator mounted on the top indicates the sanitization process is completed.

Features –

  • Cleanse whatever fits
  • Wide Compatibility
  • Sanitize your phone in 10 min
  • It kills almost 99.9% of germs
  • Wireless charging

16. Apple Case cover

A case cover not only protects your phone from scratch but also adds more life to your mobile phone. As you can find, many kinds of case covers are available in the market.

Apple Case cover

Some are decent, while some are stylish, so pick one for you that you feel good for you. Let us check what kinds of cases are available.

  • Silicon Magsafe Case
  • Slimmest Case
  • PopSocket Case
  • Nimble Disc Case
  • Absolute Protection Case
  • In Pattern.
  • Wooden Case
  • Cork Case
  • Chrome Case
  • Glittery Case
  • Leather Case
  • Strappy Case
  • Sustainable Case

You can check them out easily. The prices may vary according to the type of case cover you choose.  But you must include them in your iPhone accessories.

Features –

  • Protects your mobile
  • Keeps free from scratch
  • Perfect fit

Other Accessories

Some other best iPhone 12 accessories are Car Vent Mount Pro, Leather Wallet with Magsafe, Mophie powerstation plus XL battery pack, other Magsafe Accessories, 3-in-1 Wireless charging Pad, Wall Adapter, and Wallet Case.

Frequently Asked Questions


What accessories do I need for iPhone 12?

With the new iPhone 12, you will need a power brick to charge the phone other than you don’t need any accessory but you can try out a few accessories like AirPods, Magsafe Charger, Tempered Glass Screen protector, Apple Watch, and many more.


Which charger is best for iPhone 12?

You can use a type-c power brick, Magsafe Charger, Phonesoap wireless, and QI-EU wireless charger to charge your iPhone 12.


Can iPhone 12 use any wireless charger?

Yes, it can use wireless chargers like Magsafe Charger and Phonesoap Wireless Charger. With the release of iPhone 12, Apple also launched magnetic wireless chargers.


Does the iPhone 12 come with AirPods?

No, the iPhone 12 does not come with AirPods, Headphones and even power brick.



So, which one do you find to be the next accessories for your iPhone 12, Mini, Pro & Max? Well, these are some of the accessories you might involve in your collection. Find which is more suitable and fits your bills. Get your iPhone gadget today!

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