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Are you looking for the best action movies to watch this weekend? Yes, we give you the list of the best action movies ever made. Everybody loves movies and action is a genre that almost every personality finds amusing. So here are some of the movies from my top and unique collection to take you on a ride in the rollercoaster of ups and downs of life through movies.

List of Best Action Movies

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Read further and you’ll find a list of the Best Action Movies available. So let’s dive deep into the list…

List of Best Action Movies : All-Time Hits

1. Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone

The Harry Potter saga is known to the world and there’s no mystery why it is famous. From a child to a grown adult everyone loves to watch it. It has been known throughout the globe for its sensational hit. This film revolves around a born child Harry who is left at the door by Hagrid. Harry finds the truth about the death of his parents and finally learns all the secrets about his parent’s life and Hogwarts on his birthday.

Harry Potter and The Sorcerer

Harry starts the journey to Hogwarts with Hagrid to know more about the magical world and is keenly drawn to it. J.K. Rowling is a phenomenal writer to bring up such an adventure movie so many years ago. It has powerful visuals and a great storyline with plot twists which engages the audience to stay on their toes throughout the movie. Harry learns the truth about Lord Voldemort and finds ways to grow stronger at Hogwarts. The cinematography is executed brilliantly and the background music is outstanding. Overall you can watch this movie with family and friends. It’s available on Amazon Prime and Apple TV.

2. Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets

This is the second part of the series and the storyline is about an elf named Dobby who warns Harry to not go back to Hogwarts as mysterious dark creatures are lurking around the corner waiting for Harry to come to Hogwarts and people are starting to notice his identity which may lead to Lord Voldemort. But Harry doesn’t care about anything and goes back to Hogwarts, where he faces different problems as he learns about the history of Voldemort.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets -Best Action Movies

The cinematic arts are good with special effects, background music is excellent as well and the strong acting skills are bound to surprise you. This movie is action-packed with adventure where you’ll enjoy it to your utmost wits. You can watch this movie with friends and family. It’s available on Amazon Prime.

3. Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban

This is the third part of the series. Harry returns to Hogwarts as he learns about Sirius Black escaping the prison and is lurking around the corners of Hogwarts to kill Harry but later Harry learns the truth about the real reason why Sirius escaped the prison and met Harry. This action movie depicts the epic role of strong and memorable characters which makes the audience re-watch it again for the special visual effects and phenomenon character development with a great skill-set of actors.

Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban

This is a must-watch to whoever is interested in watching action-packed adventure-filled fantasy and magical worlds. You should watch it with friends and family. It’s available on Amazon Prime.

4. Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire

This is the fourth part of the series. Harry is chosen as one of the participants for the Triwizard Tournament where Cedric Diggory will be murdered as Lord Voldemort takes a new form of life. The discovery leaves everyone surprised and mysterious events take place in the tournament with dark creatures.

Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire -Best Action Movies

This is surely one of the best action movies which are packed with adventures and action-filled surprises, special effects and visuals are outstanding and cinematography depiction is excellent with great ideas, and the execution of the movie is brilliant with excellent background music. You can watch this movie with family and friends on weekends or when you are free. It’s available on Amazon Prime.

5. Harry Potter and The Order of Phoenix

This is the fifth part of the series. Harry warns Dumbledore – The Headmaster of Hogwarts about the return of Lord Voldemort. He then speaks with authorities of the ministry of magic who discredit Harry. Harry along with his friends finds a way to defeat Voldemort as they form an army that practices magic without anyone’s knowledge and suspicions have been raised by one of the professors. This action movie takes you on a rollercoaster ride that makes you gasp for movements you have not yet been anticipated.

Harry Potter and The Order of Phoenix

Is a journey of magic, action, adventure, and fantasy. An outstanding balance of both characters and acting. Cinematography has always been top-notch and it has special visual effects with amazing background music. This movie is known for its visuals to its perfection. The actors did a fantastic job with their skills and the graphic design team did a brilliant job as well. Overall it’s a fun-packed movie with lots of plot twists, adventure, action, and mystery. It’s highly recommended to watch with friends and family. It’s available on Amazon Prime.

6. Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince

This is the sixth part of the series. Harry discovers a book called ‘The Half-Blood Prince.’ It’s a book filled with potions of intense magic where Harry learns about Voldemort’s past and Horcruxes. Later on, Snape casts a killing curse on Dumbledore and announces he is the ‘Half-Blood Prince. This movie is definitely worth watching.

Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince

The action movie is packed with adventure, action, and fantasy. Cinematography skills are extraordinarily great, background music is incredible, acting skills are outstanding and character synchronization is epic. Overall it portrays an excellent movie with great enthusiasm. It’s a must-watch and it’s highly recommended to watch it with family and friends. It’s also available on Amazon Prime.

7. Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part-1

This is the seventh part of the series. After the death of Dumbledore, Snape joins Voldemort as he takes control over the ministry of magic. Harry and his friends Ron and Hermione are forced into hiding and they secretly start on a journey to destroy all Horcruxes to defeat Voldemort. As the journey goes by, it is filled with great action and adventure.

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part-1 -Best Action Movies

The action movie consists of dark creatures where escape wouldn’t be easy for Harry but achieves to destroy Horcruxes. You cannot miss this movie. The character development of this movie is strong, background music is great, acting is phenomenal and cinematography skills are brilliantly executed. You can watch this movie with family and friends. It’s available on Amazon Prime.

8. Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part-2

This is the last action movie in the series Harry Potter. Harry finds a way to destroy all the Horcruxes with the help of his friends who unite together to fight against the Dark Lord and protect the castle – Hogwarts. This movie takes you on an emotional journey where friendships are tested and sacrifices are made. Harry defeats Lord Voldemort.

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part-2

This is the end of the epic saga of the Harry Potter series. It’s a treat to watch all the movies in a row. Cinematography is outstanding, acting skills are excellent, background music is great, costumes are perfect and character development is top-notch and brilliantly executed. Overall, it’s a perfect movie that you can watch on weekends. You can watch it with friends and family. It’s available on Amazon Prime.

9. Inception

Inception is one of the finest creations of Christopher Nolan. This movie has a great concept close to reality where you learn a lot of things in your subconscious mind. Leonardo DiCaprio plays the role of a thief who has criminal charges on him. To remove the charge he is assigned to do the work in exchange for payment of his charges where he needs to implant his target’s subconscious with false ideas.

Inception -Best Action Movies

This movie takes you on a rollercoaster ride. The audio and video effects are incredibly outstanding. Cinematography levels are at their peak and acting skills are brilliantly executed with intelligent and memorable characters.

10. The Dark Knight

Again Christopher Nolan is known for his sensational movies. The Dark Knight depicts the story from Batman to Joker and saving the lives of Gotham City. This story revolves around Gotham, Dent, and Batman who assault the organized criminals where a mob of people hires Joker a.k.a Heath Ledger to destroy Gotham city and bring the people to its mercy.

The Dark Knight

This action movie is a reality check for everyone around the world. It was a much-needed movie that is close to reality. Acting skills are top-notch, character development is highly vigilant, background music is great and special effects are brilliantly executed with powerful visuals.

11. Dunkirk

Dunkirk is a creation of Christopher Nolan who has written the plot, directed the movie, and produced it as well. This movie is a direct depiction of the scenario from World War 2 released in 2017 – The Dunkirk Evacuation. Starring in the movie, we find actors such as Cillian Murphy, Tom Hardy, and even the famous British singer and artist, Harry Styles. The story revolves around the time of World War two when the evacuation of British and French allied soldiers was taking place. I observed that the movie has different dynamics as it tells four different stories from four different angles.

Dunkirk -Best Action Movies

The evacuation that is portrayed in the movie is from three different locations – Land, Sea, and Air. On the one hand, Commander Bolton is worried about the soldiers left on the French coast as he knows that they are in extreme danger from the incoming enemy aircraft. On top of this, their military resources are also limited which makes it difficult for them to put any of those soldiers at risk. However, for the same reason of limited military resources, the evacuation seems difficult. Mr. Dawson and his son are in a civilian watercraft where they abide by their duty to save the soldiers who are getting martyred in the war.

On the French Coast, the soldiers are constantly in a dilemma to establish a plan to leave the coast. However, due to the possibility of a high number of enemies surrounding the coast and the danger involved from enemy aircraft, they find it difficult to even make it to the destroyer safely. The whole movie runs on the concept of suspense and eerie silence combined to give the perfect effect of the conditions involved in WW2. Nolan has inclined the movie more towards its action-packed scenes rather than its dialogues, which makes it even more apt for the theme.

12. Incredibles

The Incredible, directed by Brad Bird is a SuperHero movie that has been a hit amongst not just children, but also young adults. The movie was released in  204 but set in the theme of the 1960s. If you have seen the movie, you will recognize the voices of actors such as Craige T. Nelson, Holly Hunter, and Spencer Fox.

Incredible movie poster

The plot is set around the theme of a secret life which is lived by the Parrs, a family living in the urban city. For the outside world, they are just four people, a father working in the insurance company, a housewife with a baby, a brother, and a sister studying like normal kids. However, if you look closely, you’ll see Mr. Incredible, Elasticgirl, Violet, and Dashiell. All of them have different powers to use. From being incredibly strong to being incredibly flexible, the ability to become invisible, and the power of speed, they have it all.

The father of the house also has his pal – Frozone. The action movie starts by showing how all the superheroes are shunned and put to dust. However, a child now an adult with the desperate wish to become a superhero kidnaps Mr. Incredible and his family to make it look like he is the ultimate superhero, the savior of them all. However, in the end, it backfires on him and the superheroes are once again introduced to the world which leaves them with no need to hide anymore.

13. Incredible 2

The People’s Choice Award for Favorite Family Movie of The Year, Incredible 2 has done justice to the first movie, also a creation of Brad Bird. This time around, the Incredibles have made it to the top, but it is Elasticgirl’s time to shine. Mr. Incredible takes the role of a house dad and handles everything back home, which makes him lose sleep and question his sanity. However, little do they know that the reason behind putting Elasticgirl under the spotlight again is to bring all the Superheroes down as a form of vengeance which is taken place by Evelyn Deever.

Incredible -Best Action Movies

Her brother has no idea that his sister, also the head of DevTech, is out to take revenge for the death of their parents who left their lives in the hands of superheroes, and the latter only failed to save them. The movie once again ends upbringing the family together, working together and this time around we also have little Jack-Jack with his shapeshifting powers to be the star of the fight. The ending does justice to the whole series where all the superheroes are signed to legally exist again and live a life for which the world is grateful.

14. Baby Driver

Debuted in the year 2017, Edgar Wright has used the potential of Ansel Elgort and has done justice to his character in the movie. Ansel plays the role of Baby who is a driver for an underground mafia. He has been working for them since he remembers to drive. He is the best that they have got until Bats arrives. He seems to be the chaos in their peaceful robberies that ends up breaking all their rules and changes the whole dynamics of the movie.

Baby Driver

A baby also falls for a diner girl named Debora who treats him with softness. This reminds him of his mother and makes him realize that this isn’t what he wants. He starts dreaming of a simple life with the love of his life, but it gets difficult for him to just leave his job. The ending gets very messy as he tries to escape without the police catching them but ultimately he is arrested. However, at the very end, he is shown to be reuniting with his love Debora after serving his time in jail and they are shown drifting off into the road on their Mustang.

15. Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol

The fourth in the series of Mission Impossible, Ghost Protocol is directed by Brad Bird to perfection. This movie was personally my favorite as the action-packed scenes were so well directed. Each moment in the movie added up to reveal the final climax. Ethan Hunt is on a new mission to gain Russian Launch codes and do so without them getting in the hands of a man who is only known as Cobalt. He along with the help of Jane Carter and Benji Dunn execute a well-planned mission which ends up with them in Dubai.

Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol

They are on the 119th floor, with a mass of digital and secret spy equipment to give them an identity that will help them steal those codes from enemy lines. However, the plan ends up getting a little chaotic. This is the scene that captured my eye, where Cruise hovers over the hotel windows by a line. The stunts executed added up to give the action movie the perfect essence. In the end, they gained the Russian Launch Codes which was a secret mission since the President had ordered the disengaging of the IMF. The ending was open to a lot of plots which help make sense of previous movies and their storylines.

16. Mission Impossible –Rogue Nation

Released in 2015, Rogue nation is the fifth in the Mission Impossible series. I feel that they have given the character of Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt more charm and style which does good justice to the plot of the movie. After the IMF is disarmed by the Senate committee of the CIA, Ethan Hunt is left disappointed but makes it his mission to prove the fact that Syndicate is a Rogue organization that conducts Terrorist acts. He realizes that this organization is against the old world order and they want to create nothing but chaos.

Mission Impossible –Rogue Nation- Best Action Movies

Months later, he is also reunited with Benji Dunn who sacrifices his position and works with Hunt for the sake of the time they worked together as a team. He knows that this may end up being an act of treason; however, he still sticks by Hunt to help him accomplish his mission. In the end, the success of their mission enables them to request the reinstating of the IMF to which the senate committee agrees. This time, we have Hunley as the chief secretary of the IMF.

17. Charlie’s Angels

Elizabeth Banks has done wonders by revolving the storyline around three powerful women. As someone who enjoys a women-empowered movie, Charlie’s Angels is the perfect movie for an action-loving person like me. This time, the Townsend Agency has made a new plot to uncover. The angels however are in suspicion of Rebekah who might be stealing the Calisto for her benefit. They start thinking about this suspicion and try tracing back to the events only to reveal that it has been their Boss John who has been planning for decades by networking his agency to gain power.

Charlie’s Angels

They take the help of their old Comrade Fathima to make it out of the situation by taking medical help from her. In the end, John takes Rebekah to a party where he reveals himself, but the angels once again take over the situation by showing that nothing can take them over. The perfect addition to this movie according to me was the part where they gave an official tattoo to Elena as a part of the Townsend Angels.

18. Jumanji

A classic released in the year 1995 by Joe Johnston, the movie is about two children who have lost their parents and now live with their aunt. They have recently moved to a new, bigger house which seems very old and scary with eerie basements and attics. However, they take this opportunity to look around for something unusual and interesting since they seem to be getting bored with the house. That’s when they come across the magical board of Jumanji which makes the game sayings come to real life.

Jumanji - Best Action Movies

They unintentionally bring back Alan, who used to live in the house earlier with his parents. He was sucked into the game years ago. Jumanji creates chaos in the town that no one expected. I feel that they did their best job with the part of the movie where they show the reunion of Alan and Judy, who used to be friends when they were young and almost fell in love.

Together, the two children, Alan and Judy make it their goal to stop the game of Jumanji and bring everything back to normal. Judy and Alan end up going back to their time, fall in love, and get married. Years later they meet the children once again, however, they don’t seem to remember Judy and Alan. Well, I guess that’s the perfect mystery end to the movie.

19. Jumanji – The Next Level

The next in the series is starring Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Jack Black, and many more talented stars. The movie was released in the year 2019. I feel that this version of Jumanji is more apt for modern times. The movie starts with the characters being sucked into a video game this time instead of a magical board. They end up falling into a Jungle where they feel confused as to what they have to do. Gradually, they realize that it is their goal to save the jungle and find the evil force which has dawned upon the Jungle.

Jumanji – The Next Level

They end up facing a lot of hurdles and riddles which they solve together by putting their mind to it and using their strengths and weaknesses. In the end, they save the jungle and come back to the real world. They all miss their characters as it made them look better than they are in real life. But they later realize that they have it in them despite losing the game characters and live their life more happily by becoming close friends together.

20. Fast and the Furious – Tokyo Drift

Starring Lucas Black, Sung Kang, and Nathalie Kelley, Tokyo Drift made it into the film industry with a bang. Sean is a child full of trouble who is sent to live with his father to avoid jail time. However, he ends up getting involved with the wrong people who are exactly the type of people that his father told him to stay away from. He ends up falling into a gang full of people who drift into the night and are involved with mafia gangs.

Fast and the Furious – Tokyo Drift -Best Action Movies

Sean challenges the best drifter in town and realizes that in terms of drifting, he is the worst. Thus, he becomes friends with Han Lue who teaches him to drift until the time he beats the best. But due to this, a controversy arises wherein Sean’s and Han’s lives are at risk. Han ends up getting killed in a dangerous car chase. In Toevent any more damages, they decide to settle it with a drift race and the one who loses has to leave town. Sean ends up winning the race despite the dirty tricks of the opponent and also wins the love of Neela.

21. Birds of Prey

It is a breakup movie from the very beginning itself. I can tell you this as per many instances that is firstly Harley Quinn becomes the psychiatrist who had feelings for the Joker. Later on, their relationship went in another direction. It’s about the things which are revolving from the computers to their psyches.

Birds of Prey

It’s showing about many characters but there are some only mainly the DC antiheroes that play a vital role here. The story twists when Harley teams up with 3 women to save herself and a young woman too. The people liked this thing.

22. Bloodshot

The casting and things can be made in such a nicer way that it won’t affect otherwise then. This action movie has many superheroes and things are just wonderful going. Some of my friends know things that focus on bloodshot and they enjoy watching it. There was a technological gay who just laughed with me as I did.


The actions made in this area on the new one, there are different things conveyed here like the chasing of cars, conflicts between characters, yet differently, is it able to convey? There are a few very unique places. There are disadvantages also mentioned here but here the man takes it as an advantage and does things accordingly which is best here.

23. Time to Hunt

Excellent action movie and I hope there is a sequel. The youngsters in the movie do robbery and do bad things in it. There was the deadliest man in Casino this all happened. There is an important character there who is a Minor spoiler and he is going to take revenge too.

Time to Hunt

I am left wondering at the end of the movie what happened to the main character’s last known surviving friend. Was he captured and killed by the gang they robbed after they found out his identity, or was he killed by the notorious hitman himself.

24. Extraction

Refreshing seeing Chris Hemsworth outside of a Marvel movie. This movie is a well-written, well-directed piece of art. Although the context of Tyler Rake is rather limited with his past from the beginning, it does a nice subtle way of letting us in and giving us all the information we the audience would need by the end of the film. The acting was excellently done by Chris Hemsworth and most of the children used in this film.


It well depicts action scenes with graphic injuries that not only look real, but Chris Hemsworth also acted well acting like he was genuinely hurt throughout the movie. The entire idea and concept of this movie to try and save this boy, even after being told not to, just shows even further that when a man has nothing to lose, pain means nothing. Although making a sequel may be hard, I think making a sequel with a similar idea to this movie would go appreciated, however, I understand how some movies are better left at one-hit wonders.

25. Mortal Kombat Legends

This is about adventure, action, and animation as well. The person Hanzo Hasashi loses various things like clan, family, and life also while having the attack with the ninja clan which was his rival and took his life. Also, there was a chance given to him if he wanted to save his loved ones.

Mortal Kombat Legends

There was an interdimensional tournament between them which was made. The people liked this movie as it was for Mortal Kombat fans and it was fun seeing it. The story is gripping yet having fight scenes that are bloody and brutal.

26. Secret Society of Second – Born Royals

It is all about fantasy, adventure, and having some violence also in it. There are various superpowers and they don’t make good use of them.  The group of teenagers is given specific training about the same. They do various things with it like throw anybody on the ground, shoot with lasers, fall the objects, etc.

Secret Society of Second - Born Royals

The world royalty goes anywhere as there is the criminal who moves the objects endlessly. The royal families aren’t saved by this. Go and watch the movie to find the suspense.

27. Mulan

Mulan is a movie that most of us usually think is a remake of the older one, ie, Mulan(1998). That’s not true. This movie is trying to introduce some kind of a new storyline into the character of Mulan. We all know that Mushu is replaced by phoenix and mostly, that doesn’t sound good, but, on the other hand, what makes us feel a little happier is that they have not forgotten to showcase Mulan’s bravery and her inner urge to seek her true self, while she safeguards her family and cultural norms.


Niki Caro has tried her best with Disney to renovate the movie with some contentment. So, let’s not be prejudiced about the whole thing and call it a blooper.

28. We can be Heroes

A movie by Robert Rodriguez, which is well fit into the target audience, the kids to be more specific. He has tried to portray the things which the upcoming generations should look forward to. Well expressed through the well-woven story.

We can be Heroes

The way the siblings made sense with all their sibling fights within, it was way too fun to watch. I learned that age doesn’t matter if I am held responsible for something. If I have to do it, I can and I must. I loved it wholeheartedly.

29. Coffee and Kareem

It’s a comedy movie one should surely watch and have action+comedy things in it. This movie is a little scary as it takes into account the 12-year child that Kareem calls someone to scare his mom’s boyfriend. But then the story revolves and the Police come up so Kareem is not able to do anything up.

Coffee and Kareem

The coffee is dating Kareem’s mom and Kareem was not liking that yet their conflicts arise between Coffee and Kareem. The scene revolves around a big shoot which is in the dark steel mill now.

30. Black Panther

 It was a comic before a movie was created on this, whose credit goes to Stan Lee and Jack Kirby that was out in the world of media in the 1960s. It was the first movie with a huge budget and was a superhero movie with the lead role being played by a black man at that time of differences between human races.

Black Panther 2

It all specifies about the wars of physical superiority and questioning that could war be only created because of the difference in human races and if it is so who gives us the right to do that? Therefore, I would say it is much more than movies, it’s an emotion, and strength in itself. The lead role was played by Chadwick Boseman.

31. Karate Kid

Personally, this is the movie that has helped and motivated me a lot and has always made me believe that hard times come to train the strongest players and if you are not going through hard times, maybe you will live life too ordinary. A perfect real-time illustration and example of how a mentor plays a role in a student’s life.

Karate Kid

It has always taught me that the choice lies with us, whether to get up or not after falling. The tough kung fu actions though carry physical strength as well as unseen lessons.

32. Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman

This story was about Diana, the princess of Amazon before becoming the wonder woman. She tried to save mankind from Ares, who was the God of War. It was the best movie that I ever saw that could just be imagined but was brought into a picturesque view.

33. Mad Max: Fury RoadMad Max: Fury Road

It is a thriller movie made of complete action. The thing I most liked about this movie was its cut to cut editing. All I can say is this movie is a perfect example of how creativity and action can be forecasted together and can be made out to turn it into a most amazing action movie. It was a unique movie but a masterpiece.

34. Avengers Endgame

You may not be specifically a fan of marvel, but this movie is going to make you one. Therefore It was the most hit blockbuster of all times whose lead role was performed by Tony Stark, none other than your Iron Man.

Avengers: Endgame -Best Action Movies

From my side, I would call it a movie that made me believe that superheroes exist though even for a while.

35. Avengers: Age Of Ultron

The Avengers, long story short, is the action-pack combo of Marvel’s best creations i.e, the world’s highest heroes- Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Bruce Banner, Thor, Natasha Romanoff, and Clint Barton. Before watching the Age of Ultron, I would suggest you make sure you watch Avengers 1.

Avengers: Age of Ultron

After the fight with Loki is the previous part, Tony Stark had a vision, a nightmare about world destruction, that shakes him to the bits. To make sure that the nightmare he had should never come true, Tony comes up with a Global Defense program ‘Ultron’. However, the Defense Program proves to be a massive threat to the world. To combat this menace, the Avengers assemble to battle and exterminate Ultron. However, Tony Stark has an ulterior plan to vanquish Ultron. This movie is a total banger, which would quench the thirst of Action seekers like me.

36. Iron Man

Honestly, Iron Man has been my all-time favorite Marvel character. Tony Stark, the successor of Stark Industries, one of the dominant firms in military arms and ammunition production visits a war-prone region to demonstrate his new missile, is attacked by a missile, apparently of his company’s own,  on his way back home and kidnapped by a terrorist group, ‘Ten Rings’ and prison them in a cave.

Iron Man

A captive doctor, Yinsen implants an electromagnet that prevents  The terrorists pressure Stark to create a missile. Instead, Stark creates an armor and breakout and later perfects his armor to fight back against terrorism. The Iron man series is the best arc according to me, as it shows the character evolution of Tony Stark, not only as a superhero but also as a human.

37. Iron Man 2

Post the revelation of Tony Stark that he is Iron Man, the ghost from the past decade Anton Vanko who had been trying to build an arc reaction just like Tony’s appears. However, when he faces Stark, Iron Man completely demolishes him, though taking heavy damage. After the initial relief about the electromagnet saving his life, Stark realizes that the Palladium core is a double edge sword and is causing him slow death.

Iron Man 2 -Best Action Movies

This pulls his crazy trigger and he goes reckless, about this slow death. Being a genius, however, stark learns an important lesson about discoveries, this helps in saving his life and further fighting the enemies. This movie is an example of, no matter how much knowledge you have, lessons never stop. One way or the other, we learn, we adapt, we change, we accept the new and we evolve

38. Iron Man 3

After the alien invasion alongside Loki, the vision that Stark had seen, had petrified him to the core. This had resulted in Stark suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and frequent panic attacks. Thus, to cope up with his insomnia, Stark ends up building several Iron Man armors. While this phase had created friction between him and his girlfriend Ms. Potts. While several bombings happen and are claimed by a terrorist group called ‘The Mandarin’.

Iron Man 3

However, Tony realizes that the Mandarin is just a cover while the actual agenda behind the experiment of Extremis. After an intense battle alongside the enemies, Stark decides to go through surgery to remove the shrapnel near his heart, thus, no longer requiring the technology to keep him alive. However, he also reflects that, even without the suits, Tony Stark is and always will be The Iron Man

39. Captain America: First Avenger

World War 2 had been an intense time when an end number of soldiers were sacrificed. In this time, experiments to create something beyond the limits and expectations, a weapon that would exceed any human capabilities, were being designed. During military recruitment, a skinny-looking boy who was a friend of a soldier also got recruited.

captain america first avenger poster -Best Action Movies

Steve Rogers, who was further considered as a perfect test subject for the experiment was taken into the lab, and thus, the world’s 1st Super Soldier was born, Captain America. Even without being a super-soldier, Steve Rogers taught me how important dedication and passion are and how we can achieve anything with them.

40. Captain America: Civil War

After an accident which happened to save the teammate and the people around, it turns out that innocent people lost their lives after all. Though the avengers had been defending the world from the threats, somehow, they too were a threat as they were under no influence of superior power and acted on their own. Thus, the government of different countries collectively agrees to put on strict orders on the Avengers and that they will be compelled to be under the orders of the government.

captain america civil war poster

However, not everyone agrees to it, this results in a split into the Avengers. Further, the old pal of Steve Rogers, James Barnes ‘Bucky’ who was a super-soldier is accused of the bombings and several killings. Though, Captain knows that Bucky is innocent and decides to prove his innocence, even if he needs to go through his former partners. This movie gives a great insight into how friendship is important and how bonds work. How emotions take over us and what hatred could do.

41. Ant-Man and the Wasp

After the civil war incident, the Pym technology that Scott Lang wielded to become Ant-Man, caused great havoc and therefore, he is under house arrest. However, on the other hand, Hank Pym and his daughter Hope manage to open a tunnel to the quantum realm when Hank had lost his wife, Janet assuming she might be caught up in it. During the previous visit of Scott to the quantum realm, he had become quantum entangled with Janet without his knowledge and thus received a message from her in his dreams.

Ant-Man and the Wasp -Best Action Movies

Thus, Lang reaches out to Hope and Pym and the quest of bringing Janet back to the Earthly realm begins. However, the enemy who appears to be unstable physically and can pass through objects seems to need quantum energy extraction that could cure her. But in exchange, it would result in the death of Janet. Thus, the intense battle both emotionally and physically turns out to be a brawl. This movie is an absolute example of what love could do along with great action!

42. Thor: Ragnarok

With the urge to save his home from absolute extinction, ‘Ragnarok’ Thor: God of Thunder, decides to fight the Surtur and manages to defeat it. Although he later realizes, the end is just about to begin as after his father’s death he and his brother Loki suddenly encounter their elder sister, ‘Hela: Goddess of death’ who destroys Mjolnir, terrifying Thor.  The mythological movie is surely not only about mythology but a lot more. After this defeat, Thors falls off to an unknown place which seems to be a doorway to every realm. Here, he meets a former Valkyrie who seems to be working for the ruler of the place called the Grandmaster.

Thor: Ragnarok - Best Action Movies

Thor has been put up into a fight where he faces Hulk, which is the best fight scene ever requested by the fans. Two of the strongest avengers facing off each other, what else one could ask for! However, the real battle is all about the family conflicts which seemed to be resolved only by vanquishing help. This movie is although such that would sparkle up your eyes, but also touches a deep factor, i.e, Self Discovery. The Journey of Thor’s self-discovery is something that I would say is remarkable and clearly states that self-discovery can lead to not only making us powerful but gives an insight into our vulnerabilities too.

43. Doctor Strange

Not to forget, the Master of Mystic Arts. You say action and magic can’t co-exist, think again. As always Marvel’s studios brought us an awestruck moment with this movie. The one thing I like the most about Marvel is the way they plot the story. Stan Lee’s work is beyond excellence. Now, if I said that Iron Man is my all-time favorite, but then so is Dr. Strange. A prodigy neurosurgeon who comes across to be an atheist when it comes to the supernatural stuff turns out to be the greatest Master Of Mystic Arts.

Doctor Strange

Kudos to the excellent character development part. This movie is about finding a path for treatment of his hands to this journey of magic, to wielding one of the most powerful sources of energy, “The Time Stone.” Apart from the action and the wisdom poured into it. What I liked about it is the essence of knowledge and understanding about the purpose of life and embracing death. No one’s ever ready to die, we hate death, yet, death embraces us with love.

44. Avengers: Infinity War

The war between the mad titan and the earth’s slightest heroes is undoubtedly a treat to action fans! Thanos, intends to turn half of the livings into dust, with the help of the 6 infinity stones, while the Avengers struggle to prevent this from happening. While the action is unimaginable, this movie also gives an insight into how important teamwork is.

Avengers: Infinity War -Best Action Movies

Tackling the same problem from different battlefields is never a good option unless you are in sync. Besides, what I loved the most was, the two badass characters bad-mouthing each other while holding each other’s back! Though this movie would break several hearts if you are a die-hard Marvel fan, it’s worth a watch!

45. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon movie released in 2000 and has been a sensational hit then. The language used by them in Mandarin. It’s a PG-13 movie and action-filled movie which engages the audience with adventure-packed movies with powerful visuals, captivating to watch. It has strong acting where the audience keeps engaging with the movie. There are a lot of plot-twists which makes it all the more exciting to watch the movie.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

The movie even won several awards for its acting, fights, and cinematography. The martial arts which are done in the movie are originally performed by the characters who were playing the role of it and it dedicates their passion for acting. It’s one of Chow Yun-Fat’s finest performances. It is one of those films which you have to see.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Which were the most hit blockbuster and the most loved film by the audience currently?

Avengers Endgame is the most hit one in the movies. One should surely watch this.


Which movie is in the top 21 list?

Mad Max: Fury Road is on the top list among the 21 movies.


Which awards did the movie Karate Kid receive?

It received Kid’s choice movie award in 2011.


Which award did karate kid child actors receive?

He was nominated for an oscar. The karate kid actor received the oscar.


Which is my personal favorite from the top list of action movies?

Black Panther is the most favorite one of mine on the list.



I can say that every movie had a different lesson and was characterized by some real-life as well as imaginary moments and happenings. The reason why these movies amazed me was due to their brilliant filmmaking, editing, the concepts, the lessons, the characters, and overall how they turned out to be a unique story.

From Endgame to Fury Road, From Wonder woman to Karate Kid, I experienced the life lessons that motivated me when I was knocked down by life, the lessons and interrogations that questioned my existence as a human, emotions that connected me to the movies somewhere picturing and imagining ourselves fighting with different demons on different levels of life as the superheroes, the movies that made me believe that superheroes do come to save mankind.

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