Spigen rugged armor case for airpods pro

Thinking of buying a waterproof case for your AirPods charging case? Is it necessary to have a case for the case? To start with, the original charging case of AirPods or Airpod pro is very costly to replace and you might not want to make that big hole in your pocket. So take a look at the best AirPods 2 & AirPod Pro Cases.

Best AirPods 2 & AirPods Pro Cases

To keep your AirPods pro/ AirPods 2 in perfect condition, you will have to invest in a case to protect them against any scratches, drops, or fall in the water. The charging case does protect the precious in-ear buds. But you also need to protect the charging case.

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List Of Best AirPods 2 and Airpod Pro Cases:

Here are our best five waterproof cases for your AirPods 2 & AirPods Pro.

1. Twelve South AirSnap

Twelve South AirSnap

This case is compatible with AirPods/AirPods second-generation (AirPods 2). This AirPods case offers a snap or pop closure top. You can choose your favorite from eight available color options of the case. An easy and convenient cut-out is provided at the bottom for quick charging & you will not have to remove the case for charging. The leather case incorporates a clip so that you can easily attach it to the belt, keychain, bag, or backpack. The secured snap closure extra protection.


What We Like

  • Classy and elegant leather look
  • Extra grip for the case
  • Offers significant protection
  • Very sturdy
  • Case design permits to see the charging light


What We Dislike

  • The case may add some extra weight to the AirPods while carrying in the pocket

2. Catalyst Waterproof AirPods Pro Case

This catalyst case for AirPods Pro is the ideal and perfect choice to protect your charging case. It is extremely lightweight, small in size, and very durable. This case is drop-resistant & waterproof to provide extra security. This case is available in 3 vibrant colors (dark blue, red, and black).

Catalyst Waterproof AirPods Pro Case

Also, it comes with a warranty period of 12-months. Features like wireless charging & own carabiner make it an even more desirable case at a cost under 30$. The weight of the case is approximately 27 grams or 0.952 ounces.


What We Like

  • Waterproof up to a height of 3.3 feet
  • Drop-resistant
  • Available in 3 colors
  • Easy to open flap
  • Includes Carabiner keychain


What We Dislike

  • Somewhat expensive than other cases

3. Spigen Rugged Armor Case for AirPods Pro

This case from Rugged Armor offers an all-in-one feature. It provides heavy-duty protection to your AirPods pro. The carbon fiber & elegant style of the case is tough and durable.

Spigen Rugged Armor Case for AirPods Pro

The material used for manufacturing the case is shock-resistant. This wireless charging case features its own carabiner for easier portability. It is available in 3 colors: military green, black, and grey.


What We Like

  • Adhesive tape installed to keep the top attached to the AirPods case
  • Incorporates a carabiner so it is easy to attach


What We Dislike

  • The Lightning port of the case is not protected

5. Catalyst AirPods Case

This AirPods/ AirPods 2 case is made of silicon providing a slit at its top part. This protective case from Catalyst is thick and drop-resistant if you accidentally drop your AirPods. This case offers both wired and wireless charging. The cut-out at the bottom of the case is very convenient for easy wired charging.

Catalyst AirPods Case

The snap closure keeps your AirPods very secure. It incorporates a clip so you can attach the case to your backpack, belt, etc. You don’t have to worry about dropping the top part as it comes in a single silicon piece.


What We Like

  • Protective design & water-resistant
  • Innovative one-piece construction
  • Bottom cut-out for quick charging
  • Available in different colors.


What We Dislike

  • Expensive than some alternatives.

6. Twelve South Case for AirSnap Pro

This Airpod Pro Case is made of full-grain soft leather. The snap closure is solid and offers added security. The microfiber material inside the case helps to protect against scratches.

Twelve South Case for AirSnap Pro

Also, it supports wireless charging without having to remove the case. You can choose from a brown, blue, or black color. It includes a built-in key ring, wrist strap, and carabiner.


What We Like

  • Microfiber interior is helpful in protecting the charging case from any scratches
  • Compatible with the wireless and wired charging
  • Classy & elegant


What We Dislike

  • Expensive compared to the other case choices
  • Lightning port not protected

Frequently Asked Questions:


Is it true that AirPods Pro Case gets Scratch Easily?

Yes, the glossy spectacular white material of the AirPods Pro has a downside. After using it for a few weeks, you can easily see scratches & scuffs, and dirt & grime on the case. And in case you accidentally drop it on any concrete or other hard surface then the case will surely mar its look.


What is the benefit of the AirPods Pro Case?

A case is specifically designed to protect your costly charging case & the wireless earbuds from any damage just like a phone cover for your mobile phone etc. There are a lot of options that contain a built-in carabiner making it very easy and convenient to be attached to a belt or a purse while on the go. A case also shows a sense of style.


Which one is better for AirPods Pro is a Silicone case or a Hard Case?

There are 2 primary materials that are used to manufacture AirPods Pro cases- silicone and other is a harder plastic. There is nothing ideal or perfect material. The choice of the case depends on your requirements and exactly what you are searching for in a case. Silicone cases are lightweight and offer soft touch.

You can pick a silicone case for a pocket-friendly option, it provides medium protection. On the other hand, a hard case can bear more abuse & damage than a silicone case. But the hard cases are more expensive and prone to scratches & scuffs. The weight of a hard case is more than a silicone option.



The main use of the cases of any AirPods (AirPods 2 or AirPods Pro) is to protect the charging case from any scratches, wear & tear, dirt, etc. these cases add extra security while on the go. Some of the cases come with a water-resistant feature. These cases offer additional security along with a style factor.

Buying a case for your AirPods is the best idea, but before buying an AirPod case, you will have to think about your needs whether you need a water-resistant case, a hard case, or a silicon case. You can also choose from our best five reviewed AirPod/AirPod 2/AirPod Pro cases.

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