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Over a period of more than one year, Apple Arcade has managed to give unlimited access to a massive library of engrossing games, including those no longer available on the app store. If you have an Apple device, you will have numerous options for games at just $5 a month.

Best Apple Arcade Games

Whether you have a subscription from the start or a beginner, you must be wondering which are the best Apple Arcade games to get started with?

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In this article, we have hand-picked the best Apple Arcade games to play on any of your iOS devices. With that, let us dive straight into our list below.

Best Apple Arcade Games 2021 – Our Picks

Here is the list of best Apple arcade games 2021. Let’s dive in:

1. Butter Royal

Butter Royal

Butter royal is a decidedly non-violent game. Though it’s a shooter game, and your only goal is to stay the last player alive, it comes with a little twist. It is less of a battlefield and more of a food fight. It has weapons shooting popcorns, ketchup shooting, and baguette blasting. It is a pretty fun game without any harm.

2. Grindstone


One would wonder that Grindstone is overrated, having bejeweled and candy crush saga in the app store. But Grindstone is a matching puzzle game with many grueling risks and reward decisions and a hinge of brutal fantasy action.

It has also proved that its updates are not disappointing, including dozens of levels to tackle and upgrades to check out. Without any surprise, Grindstone has consistently been one of the best Arcade’s launch.

3. Manifold Garden

Manifold Garden

Manifold Garden is gravity and physics-defying game, much of a craziness where you have to drop boxes on switches to open the doors. However, it comes with a fascinating twist, where you get twisted and turned upside down to pick the boxes from the floor. The Manifold Garden makes the player’s brain teaser in the recent memory. It not only makes you excited, but it also pushes you to visualize more.

4. What the Golf?

What the Golf?

If you think Golf is a boring game, then this game is about to blow your mind. What the Golf is partly a silly game with a lot of exciting turns getting even more interesting without losing its momentum. It starts with only knocking the ball in the hole to whole another thematic world. It has a huge fan base, which made them to add 20 new levels by July 2020. This game also won an award for “the best mobile game” in 2020.

5. Sayonara Wild Hearts

Sayonara Wild Hearts

Sayonara wild hearts is a game about a heartbroken woman trying to save the day, fighting enemies, collecting hearts while matching your moves with the music. The levels, emotions, activities, and reflexes are blended in perfect sync. Though this game is not very difficult, it will surely make you repeat all its levels, giving you a very thrilling experience. This game is a perfect mix for anyone who loves video games.

6. Bleak Sword

Bleak Sword

Bleak Sword gives you a taste of retro but isn’t entirely about it. In Bleak Sword, you are fighting zombies and various other monsters with your mighty Sword. It gives you a very hot-blooded experience while dodging, attacking, and counter-attacking. Bleak Sword brings out perfection at its best. Additionally, the design and the personality this game throw make it very unique.

7. Skate City

Skate City

Skate city has been one of the best launched mobile games in this sport. It gives the players a significantly intensified experience of exploring the neighborhood. It also remains very particular with its updates, adding new cities like Miami over time. Each city brings its style, music, and obstacles making the player more excited.

8. Speed Demons

Speed Demons

There haven’t been any burnout thrill-based games since 2015, but Speed Demons’ launch changed the era. It gives us the excitement of running through traffic with endless variations in runners. Music is what outshines the most in this game, you’ll feel the hype in every race. It gives you the feel of an old arcade game. It is a complete package of 20hours of gameplay.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Is Apple Arcade good?

The collection of Arcade is varied and very surprising without the distraction of pesky ads and microtransactions. The variations in the themes of games keep the players engaged and happy.


Are all games on Apple Arcade free?

Yes. All the games on Arcades are free. Other than the subscription amount, there are no microtransactions included.


Do we need a controller for Apple Arcade?

Yes and No. It is not necessary to have a controller to play games on Arcade. You can use Mac input devices, iOS touchscreens, and the Apple TV Siri Remote.



Arcades have a massive collection of games and have relatively low subscription fees, making it easily accessible for anyone to start playing. Whether you own an iPad, iPhone, or Mac, getting started with Apple Arcade is challenging. Pick the game that looks fascinating to you from the above list and give it a try right away! We hope our article helped you find the best Apple Arcade games. So, which game are you going to give a try first? Let us know in the comments section below.

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