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Are you looking for vibrant Apple Watch alternatives? If you own an iPhone, it might be one of the best choices available. However, the problem arises when you want a variety. If you’re a fashion enthusiast or someone looking for a little change in appearance for casual wearing, you might want some range.

Best Apple Watch Alternatives

In this list, we bring you some of the best apple watch alternatives that can fit various requirements you might have. From budget-friendly alternatives to purpose-specific, this is the only list you’ll ever need. So, let’s begin:

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Top 12 Best Apple Watch Alternatives:

So here is the list of the 12 best Apple Watch alternatives. Let’s dive in:

1. Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

Samsung is probably the first company that comes to mind when you think about ‘Apple Smart Watch Alternatives.’ After all, that’s the point of Samsung. It does everything that Apple does, but for Android users, and we admire them for it.  It is available in 41mm and 45mm options.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

This watch is the best one with a great-looking design and customization, making it look like almost any watch. It has precise activity tracking and even more power-packed performance. Tizen OS 5.5 certainly brings a lot of performance to the table that surpasses many others on the list.

2. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

If you want a little cheaper option than Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, then Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 would be a perfect alternative. It brings you everything that Galaxy Watch 3 will bring, just with a little smaller design.  You get 768 MB of performance with 4GB built-in memory. This one is more for sports enthusiasts or those who live an active lifestyle.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

Of course, it comes with wireless charging and magnetic charging if that’s what you require. Overall, it is quite a compelling choice as an Apple Watch Alternative or an alternative to Samsung Galaxy Watch 3.  This one is a little smaller, with a 40mm and 44mm choice.

3. Fitbit Versa 2

Fitbit Versa comes with Amazon Alexa built-in and a wide range of smartwatch features that make it stand out from other choices. You can control everything through the voice. It allows you to monitor oxygen levels and provides long battery life. Significantly, its fitness features are not as many. Therefore, if you want a smartwatch that gets the job done, this is the one.

Fitbit Versa 2

However, it still has a heart rate monitor, sleep monitoring, and other essential features. Finally, it works with various apps, including Spotify and whatnot. IT can track your heart rate and has around 6 days of battery life.

4. Amazfit Bip U Pro

Amazfit Bip U Pro stands out as a brilliant choice that comes in different displays. There is a 1.43 inch or a sleeker version available. You get around 90day battery life and several health metrics for fitness tracking features. It is another best smartwatch on the list that comes in two sizes and has everything like water resistance, sleep tracking, and ultra-light design with fantastic performance.

Amazfit Bip U Pro

That’s not all, there are fantastic features for women, as well. For example, it can track their cycle for periods and much more. This is what makes this one stand out and makes it a fantastic choice.

5. Fossil Gen 5 Smartwatch

Fossil has entered the Smartwatches’ race a while back, and this one is the best choice you have. It comes with around 24 hours of battery life that you can change to multiple days. It has a magnetic charger with a USB, and within an hour, you can charge it up to 80%.

Fossil Gen 5 Smartwatch

It comes with Google Fit and built-in GPS and has a 3ATM swim-proof design. It has sleep tracking, heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen monitoring, and other essential features that make it fantastic. With Google’s wear OS, you are getting all the smartwatch functions and the Qualcomm snapdragon wear 3100 ensures the highest level of performance.

6. Fitbit Ionic Watch

With 4+ day battery life, water resistance, heart rate sensor, sleep monitor, and much more, Fitbit Ionic stands as one of the best smartwatches on the list that can replace the Apple watch anywhere, anytime. You get everything from sports mode to casual working more.

Fitbit Ionic Watch

It is slightly different in design, so if you want something to stand out, this will be it. You can set goals, use the built-in coach for performance, and much more. Its active fitness tracking features are quite brilliant and a more budget-friendly alternative on the list.

7. Ticwatch Pro 4G Smartwatch

Ticwatch is known for bringing you a unique collection of smartwatches. It is premium and still more feasible than an Apple Watch. With this new addition, you are getting a stainless-steel bezel. There are 3 anti-fingerprint glass and water-resistant speakers. It has a US-military grade build with 810G certification.

Ticwatch Pro 4G Smartwatch

Even the most powerful mode will provide 2-day battery life while it can last anywhere up to 5 days. This watch is for those who want a more durable and robust design as an Apple Smart Watch alternative.

8. Willful Smartwatch

Willful Smart Watch seems to have become a primary choice for many users who don’t mind making a smart investment. It is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones. You can use various social media apps and receive all the notifications. The watch works with VeryFitPro, which makes it easier to use.

Willful Smartwatch

As it is also a fitness tracker, it is great for all-day activity records and to keep track of your workout regimes. It does monitor all of your vitals and other essentials in real-time.  Finally, you have IP68 waterproofing with 7 days of battery performance. It also supports various tools like alarm clocks, reminders, music controllers, and much more to remain a convenient choice.

9. YAMAY Smart Watch

YAMAY Smartwatch is a unique choice among everything else that is available on the list. It has a 3D curved touch screen and a metallic body. You get a comfortable band with a soft material to keep it stylish and fitting. Finally, you have the smart functions of any smartwatch, especially an Apple Watch.

YAMAY Smart Watch

It is highly compatible with the latest smartphones and offers complete access to a wide array of features and apps. It supports up to 13 exercise modes as a well-versed choice and comes with a heart rate monitor and sleep tracker. It has a 7-10 day battery life.

10. Ticwatch E2 Smart Watch

This is another fantastic option you have from Ticwatch. With Ticwatch e2 are getting a Google Fit to watch that is compatible with iPhone and Androids, both. You can utilize a wide array of apps, and it comes with a snapdragon processor. It has a built-in google assistant with a comfortable fit and lightweight design.

Ticwatch E2 Smart Watch

More importantly, it is a great choice for swimming and other water-based activities as it has 5ATM waterproofing. But of course, you get all the standard features like heart rate monitor, blood oxygen monitor, extensive battery life. It is one of the best Apple Watch Alternatives under budget.

11. AIKELA Smart Watch

AIKELA is another brilliant choice that comes with a 1.3 inch LCD touch screen and a different watch face for you. It is the one that would fit any sports or fitness enthusiast. After all, it has 5ATM swimming proof certification. A point to note is that it is a sporty-smartwatch that is unisex in design and comes in different color choices.

AIKELA Smart Watch

Much like others, you will monitor blood pressure, heart rate, and blood oxygen. There are nine different sports modes and notification settings. You get around 7-9 days of battery life. Another important point to note is that it requires Bluetooth for connectivity.

12. Letsfit Smart Watch

If you’re looking for a cheaper Apple watch alternative, this one might be a good choice. It has a similar appeal and design but comes with an IP68 rating to make it waterproof and dustproof. Comparatively, it is significantly cheaper and also comes in various color options.

Letsfit Smart Watch

It will keep track of your sleep, blood oxygen and provides other essential smartwatch features. Finally, you can connect it with your phone without any problem. It is completely customizable and supports extensive battery life of up to 30 days standby, making it worth using within 2 hours of charging.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Is Fitbit Versa 2 The Best Apple Watch Alternative?

Almost all of the above-given options are among the best alternatives. Many others like Amazfit GTS, Steel HR Sport, and so on also fall around the same league. However, this list has something for everyone.


Should You Consider Buying Apple Watch Series?

There’s no reason not to consider various Apple watch series choices available. However, this is a list of the alternatives. Therefore, if you don’t have the budget or seek a more durable option with more features without spending too much money, these will perfectly suit you.


Do Smartwatches Have Features Like Always On Display?

Yes. There are many countless features like Always-on display, swim tracking., sports tracking. You might even come with their signature contactless payments like Google Pay, Fitbit Pay, and much more. It all comes down to how much you can explore and invest in these watches.


What Are Watch Faces?

Watch faces come with a wear OS that can change the appearance of your watch. A proper watch face can give your watch a depth and appearance like any other watch. As most smartwatches have a touch-screen display, this illusion of 3D depth and much more makes them quite an appealing choice to use.



That wraps up the list of the Apple watch alternatives you can get according to the money. Many other lists will show you Withings Steel HR, Amazfit GTS, but we decided to hit every option to bring you a wide array of choices. Therefore, these 12 are among the top options available. They have everything from water-resistant design to google assistant and fitness tracking features.

All in all, we hope that you can find a perfect option for yourself from the list. After all, we strive to bring you the best information available. Remember, we may earn an affiliate commission if you decide to purchase from our links. That will contribute to us. So go ahead and buy one or multiple options as you like it!

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