Are you looking for the best Apple Watch app? Well, we have got your back.  Nevertheless, of the model you own of the Apple watch series, this post includes a list of 15+ best Apple watch apps.

Best Apple Watch Apps

Get all the necessary apps on your wrist that will take care of you, from your fitness and workout to sleep tracking. These Apple watch apps collectively will make sure that no aspect of one’s daily routine is neglected.

So, let’s get started…

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List Of Best Apple Watch Apps:

Here is the list of the 15 best Apple Watch Apps. Let’s dive in:

1. Sleep ++

This sleep tracker is a companion app that does not require external control. SLEEP++ analyses your body movement and understands when your body is sleeping. The user is spared from the hassle of manually initiating the sleep mode. However, the app is flexible for users who prefer absolute accuracy and wish to track sleep manually. It is a free app with ads, which can be removed by in-app purchase.

Sleep ++

The app provides a lot of concluding graphs and complex derivations of the sleep cycle. But if you want an app for primary usage and understanding, Sleep ++ is the one.

2. Runtastic

Adidas Runtastic, along with the Runtastic Apple watch, is the ultimate workout app you need. The features of this app will escalate the role of your watch. This app is ideally created for distant running and workout sessions. It takes care of your music requirements as well.

Runtastic Apple Watch

The friends’ leadership filter helps you to stay fit and more importantly, inspired. The Pro version of this app costs ($4.99)

3. Headspace

This app is tailor-made to cater to your meditation and mental health needs. Headspace has a variety of new features that are customizable as per your choice. It provides guided as well as unguided meditation sessions.


There is no perfect route to a healthy mind, but self-awareness and mind exercises which the app provides are definitely worth their while. Headspace plus and the additional features will enhance your experience.

4. Calcbot 2

The time saved by using the Calcbot app is what makes it commendable. New features like scientific function and unit conversion of data quicken calculation.

Calcbot 2

This app reduces the number of times you reach out for your phone to determine figures. The initial cost for using the app is $2. The theme can be personalized with additional charges.

5. CNN

CNN’s Apple Watch extension, allows you to browse news in 12 different categories, all of which can be set to your choice. It conveys breaking news from all the cable news channels in a concise manner. The reporting is made with a time lag of less than a minute.


Hyperlinks are redirecting you to a detailed view of the news if you are interested. This app makes trending news available to you free of cost.

6. Uber

Booking a cab can be done from your wrist. You can use all the features of the app for free from your Apple watch app. This includes entering your destination, searching for available rides, book and track a cab.


The details of your driver and car number can also be accessible and readable from the Apple watch. Like the other versions of this app, this version also does not require any additional expenditure for the best experience.

7. Shazam

Isn’t it exciting to receive the name of an unfamiliar song that you like in your Apple Watch with just a click? This is what Shazam does. If you hear a song and don’t know its name, it is your go-to app. Identify an exclusive song by just making Shazam listen. It automatically prepares a list of all the previous songs.


Available in-app store, this is one of the best apps for music lovers. Do you know what makes this app everyone’s favorite? it’s free to use.

8. Evernote

Keep notes isn’t a part of the Apple watch currently. This is where Evernote comes in handy. The Watch app receives alerts and reminders, allows you to display and update notes.


You can also dictate new notes and look for specific parts of the existing ones.  The platform enables users to create notes that could be text, diagrams, images, audio, or saved web content.

9. WeChat

WeChat as an app enhances social connect. This application can be used for text messaging, voice messaging through hold-to-talk, one-to-many broadcast messaging, location sharing, video games, photo and video sharing, and video conferencing.


It also facilitates your wrist watches’ full-screen experience. Online payments will be possible with a click of this Apple Watch app.

10. Peak – Brain Training

Along with keeping you in shape physically, this Apple Watch app even helps you see your mental fitness. This app contains 40+ games specifically created for playing on the Apple Watch, optimized to improve memory and attention span. Peak enhances brain gym and cognitive brain workout.

Peak - Brain Training

11. Dark Sky Weather

Dark Sky is a weather app. As the name suggests, this app can be relied upon to give a week’s forecast and give predictions about rain, humidity, etc. Dark Sky can provide the exact time of the change in weather, e.g., when the rain starts or stops at a particular time or place.

Dark Sky

The information provided by the app can be trusted as it gives accurate temperatures. It is available exclusively for Apple users. The cost for the dark sky is $4.

12. Microsoft Powerpoint

Without touching your screen, your Apple Watch lets you access PowerPoint slides, which is phenomenal and incredibly user-friendly. Your watch will also let you know how much time has gone by and what slide you are on. The stakes to get any problem solved by your wristwatch in PowerPoint presentations are high.

Microsoft Powerpoint

Powerpoint is a simple tool that can be used to display data and information in the form of text, animated graphs, pictures, and transitional effects, etc. Concepts and topics can be explained and understood in a better manner by using Microsoft PowerPoint.

13. Citymapper

All the routes and paths of a particular area can be accessed from your Apple watch. Citymapper makes this possible. All travel-related information you may want is given by the Apple Watch, including updates for the next stop or adjustments to your schedule.


This watch app also gives step by step route and the expected time of arrival. It displays feasible travel options and possibilities for the convenience of its users.

14. Pro Camera

Impossible made possible! Now you can take pictures with the help of your Apple watch. High-quality pictures in low, ambient light, photos with timers, and videos can be captured with the best apps available for an Apple watch.

Pro camera

It has replaced the use of sticks used for group pictures as a convenient way of saving memories. The Pro Camera app costs $6.

15. Mytifi

If you own a Samsung smart TV, Mytifi is a necessary app. With a tap on the watch, the iPhone app converts the watch to the remote controller of a television. All the dimensions and functions of the television set can be operated with this smart app.


Be it increasing or decreasing the volume or changing the input information. This app can be used with Samsung devices also, enabling the user experience.

Frequently Asked Questions:


What are the best Apple Watch apps that students can use?

Applications like homework, Merriam-Webster Dictionary, SmartCards, and flashcards are a few of the applications students must have on their Apple watch. They help in homework completion, concentration building, dictionary for improvement in vocabulary, etc.


What are the social media apps available for iPhone watches?

Twitter and Wechat are the most popular and widely used social media applications on Apple watches. Snapchat and Facebook are not currently there for usage on Apple watches. However, Instagram can be used, but it is commonly called a lens in the Apple store for watches.


Which is the trending and latest Apple watch series?

Apple Watch Series 6 (approximately Rs. 43,900) is the latest Apple Watch series. However, Series 3 (approximately Rs. 20,900) was one of the best and trending among all the Apple watches. It might not be the latest version, but it surely is one of the most popular watches.


Which is the best app I can use on my iPhone for checking pulse, heartbeat rate, blood pressure, oxygen level, etc.?

Cardio, heart rate plus, etc., are two of the many apps that can be used on your Apple Watch. They are free apps that show a pulse, oxygen level, blood pressure, etc. It is an all-in-one app, providing all the health-related details.



With the right set of guidance and knowledge, your Apple watch can be carved to fulfill all your demands. Apps monitoring your mental health, physical fitness, organizing schedules, tracking sleep, navigation, etc., are all present. This ensures an easier lifestyle. We hope this list suits your purpose well and helped you find reliable apps for your Apple Watch.

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