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Let’s spice up your weekend vibes with these best British Tv shows this time. No matter how many theatrical dramas you’ve watched till now, if you haven’t watched these British Tv shows, then you haven’t felt the true buffs of watching Tv shows.

Best British TV Shows

From Call the Midwife to The Crown, and Peaky Blinders, there’s a lot of drama and entertainment that touches every ground. So, here I’ve compiled up the list of 25 top British TV shows to watch right now on your favourite streaming services.

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So, let’s soothe your eyes with fun, thrill, and high-voltage drama in 2021.

List of 25 Best British Tv Shows to Watch in 2021:

So here is a list of the 25 best British TV Shows. Let’s dive in:

1. The Great British Baking Show

There is no reality show available right now, like The Great British Baking Shows. Here, you get to watch some of the slapdash contestants who are giving tough competition to each other in baking.

The Great British Baking Show

From cracking lame jokes to baking with perfection and Sue and Mel’s cheeky humor to Mary Berry, you get a full dose of entertainment that cuts you off from the outer world. This reality show might be a competition show but packed with more than that. It gives you delighting comfort whenever you watch it on Netflix.

2. Peaky Blinders

Available On  Netflix 

Peaky Blinders is one of the best British Tv shows set in 1919 Britain. This British Tv show is based on the story of two soldiers who are returning home after the end of World War I.

Peaky Blinders

Peaky Blinders shows the year of wars where both of them lead by Thomas Shelby, the war hero, finding himself juggling to profit from his business while leading the criminal life. The show will be available to watch on Netflix right now.

3. Broadchurch

Available On Netflix

David Tennant is well known for his marvelous role as the tenth doctor. But in this British Tv show, he was cast as the DI Alec Hardy co-star of Olivia Colman. This show follows the story of Miller and Hardy, who argue with her.


The story revolves around the 11-year-old boy and both of them trying to solve the case. The body of the boy splashed up on the beach shore within a Dorset Community. This big drama show you get to watch on Netflix.

4. The Bodyguard

Available On Netflix

This is one of the best political thrillers shows available on Netflix and BBC One. It is starred by Richard Madden, who is also known as Robb Stark in Game of Thrones. He plays the role of the Titular bodyguard who dispensed to protect the British Politician of high-profile.

The Bodyguard

This popular show also follows a duo pattern trying to navigate the political landscape, which is highly complicated. Now, the show is also available to stream on other channels including Netflix, and Stateside.

5. The Crown

Available On  Netflix

The Crown is the one show that tells the story of the life of Queen Elizabeth II, 1940 onward after her early reign. Olivia Colman will replace Claire Foy in season three as England’s monarch. Along with this, the entire cast of the serial turns over.

The Crown

Until it arrives, seasons 1 and 2 show the Crown will be a perfect blend of drama and scenic view to watch right now on Netflix.

6. Outlander

Available On  Amazon and Starz

Outlander is one of the epic sweltering dramas and British Tv shows, which is based on the book series written by Diana Gabaldon. The show was slightly modified, but the name was the same. The show is based on the nurse named Claire Randall of World War II. How she unpredictably travels in the past when she reaches 18th century Scotland.


Season 4 of the show is on air now, so you get to watch a lot of drama. This show is available to watch on Amazon and Starz.

7. Downton Abbey

Available On  Amazon Video

Downton Abbey is also amongst the top television series that is available on Amazon Video to watch now. The creator is also preparing to make some Movie modifications to Downton Abbey. Perhaps, the whole cast will set you back to remind Lady, Edith, Lady Mary, and other members of the Downton staff to completely escape from the place. If you never get to see family dramas before, then this is for you.

Downton Abbey

the members of their downstairs staff left off. Or, if you say that you never watched the show, then enjoy all Crawley family drama for the very first time.

8. Sherlock

Available On Netflix

Sherlock is one of the iconic British television shows which is on detective agency. Benedict Cumberbatch plays the role of iconic Sir Arthur Conan in Sherlock. The viewers are all set to the journey of the brilliant detective in each episode of the series.


The whole series revolves around the fights off with the criminals and investigation with his almighty John Watson’s help. The role was played by the famous star Martin Freeman. And both the stars truly nailed their role. This is available to watch on BBC One and Netflix.

9. Doctor Who

Available On Amazon Video

This year got something amazing to explore in the British television series “Doctor Who.” It’s a story of a woman who is following the travels of the Time Lord. Jodie Whittaker played this iconic role for the first time in her live activity.

Doctor Who

The journey of the period may sound a little surprising, but it works for the audience. A lot of drama and entertainment is waiting for you to explore. Right now, you can stream this series on Amazon Video.

10. Fleabag

Available On Amazon Video

If you love to watch the hilarious gigs of comedy and laughter, then see Fleabag right now. This is one of the best British Tv shows that follow the single woman’s comedy and heart-melting story. It is amazing to see how a woman alone spent her life in the big city.


The story of a young woman humorously highlights her daily lives activities. Right now, the Fleabag comedy serial is available on Amazon Video.

11. Sex Education

Available On Netflix

Sex Education will be back with season 3 coming year. The whole episode of sex education will focus on Maeve and Otis’s relationship, played by Asa Butterfield. Though, its official date of release hasn’t been announced yet. But you can watch the previous season of the series.

Sex Education

But as far as the talk of the coming season, it revolves around her love confession. Possibly you’ll get some happy ending moment in the end. The catch here is, Isaac, who has been crushing on Maeve for years, will delete the message before she could listen to it. I am sure you like to see this romantic entertainment dose.

12. Black Mirror

Available On Netflix

Are you finding the best dramatic and suspense series on Netflix? Then you may love to see the Black Mirror. This BBC drama is a collection of different episodes which is focused on the fiction techno-paranoia. This is the first show that sensibly evocated you in the universe of “The Twilight Zone.”

Black Mirror

If you are a die-hard fan of suspenseful dramas, you indeed love to see this epic Black mirror series.

13. A Teacher

Available On Hulu

This is the new BBC drama and Serial that shows the new teacher Claire at Westbrook High School. Within the first few episodes, this will look like the connection between the teacher and the student, Eric player by Nick Robinson. But over time, it turns into a true relationship.

A Teacher

However, there’s something more dramatic and damaging waiting in this Serial. You will love to see the romantic drama available on Hulu.

14. Call the Midwife

Available On Netflix

Call the Midwives is the high-voltage BBC serial, which focuses on the nurse-midwives’ group. They were working within the East end of London in 1950 and 1960.

Call the Midwife

Heidi Thomas was the creator of the series who shows the historical moments in the series. It focuses on the day-to-day activities of the midwives. Season 1 t0 9 is available on Netflix right now.

15. Killing Eve

Available On Hulu and Amazon

Sandra Oh received a Golden Globe award for her high-class performance in “ Killing Eve. The star cast Sandra Oh who played the role of the British intelligent agent Eve Polastri obsessed with the psychopathic female Villanelle while finding her.

Killing Eve

You will get so much drama and entertainment that you love to see the most. This is available on Hulu and Amazon Prime.

16. Vanity Fair

Available On  Amazon Prime

Vanity Fair is the Hollywood remake of the latest tale written by William Makepeace Thackeray. Once again, Olivia Cooke stars in this British Serial. This tells the story of an orphan, Becky Sharp, who wants to improve their lives and achieve all the necessary things at a young age.

Vanity Fair

You will get to see so much drama and get to explore the way he achieves that. Right now, this series is available on Amazon Prime.

17. A Very English Scandal

Available On Amazon Prime

Now there is something to watch in BBC documentary style that you may love to watch. This is about the scandal of Jeremy Thorpe, and Hugh Grant played this iconic role. Grant stars as the Politician in the series who get arrested on charges of colluded murder of Norman Scott, who was his lover during the widespread Homophobia in London, the United Kingdom, in the 1970s time.

A Very English Scandal

A Very English Scandal is filled with a lot of drama, thrill, and action that you like to view.

18. Victoria

Available On Amazon Prime

Victoria is one of the best royal periods BBC live series that you love to grasp. The storyline is revolving around Queen Victoria’s life years when she was young. Season 3 of the Victoria, released in 2019, focused on the European revolution and Queen Victoria’s relationship with the parliament.


The life of Prince Albert and Queen changed after she gave birth to the girl child. Season 1,2,3 is available on Amazon Prime. You may love to see the queen’s history and her life years changes.

19. Trust Me

Available On Hulu

Trust Me may look like Jodie Whittaker’s play, but this is something on a medical professional. In this Serial, you will see how she was forced to resign from the job when she started the new part of her life.

Trust Me

By the time she starts living in Edinburgh and assumes her identity as a doctor. This is amongst the best BBC series that is available on Hulu.

20. The IT Crowd

Available On Netflix

The IT Crowd is the first Serial of the young generation that you may also like to see. The storyline of the IT Crowd is one of the lives of the three students of IT technicians who all have conflicting personalities.

The IT Crowd

IT Crowd will take the viewers to the journey of the group’s calamities who work together in the industries of Fictional Reynholm. This is also available on Netflix so that you can stream live.

21. The Miniaturist

Available On Amazon Prime

The Miniaturist is the best novel by Jessie Burton that was modified into the serial. It depicts the bidding war within the publishers in the world. However, this is the story of the mysterious Petronella Oortman.

The Miniaturist

She modified her dollhouse bin into three different parts and made it miniseries. The creator of this Serial put effort into giving a realistic view of the novel. This is also available on Amazon.

22. My Mad Fat Diary

Available On  Hulu

Let’s set back to the mid-90s and get some throwback on the My Mad Fat Diary. This is relatable to the young generation and seems to be funny also. The creator genuinely showed the real-life issues and mental health issues associated with the young age group today.

My Mad Fat Diary

It probably also focuses on the eating disorders that make you fat. You will like to see this because all can relate to it easily.

23. Misfits

Available On  Hulu

Whenever the thunderstorm hits in the mind of the people of the juvenile phase, there’s something that always came out sparkling and shining. You will like to see the five young offenders with different personalities who later develop some superpowers in them.


They all bring together as they realize their developed abilities. The creator of Serial focuses once again on the superpowers that everybody loves to see.

24. The Hour

Available On  Amazon Prime Video

This is a spy thriller action serial that keeps you hold till the end. Once again, it beholds the 1950s television storyline that you may like to see. The serial revolves around the anchor, producer/creator, and journalist who all trap in the love triangle.

The Hour

This is probably a murder mystery, full of suspense and action that will surely win your heart. This is too available on Amazon Video.

25. Luther

Available On Netflix

Last but not least on the list is Luther. This is the self-destructive detective BBC One tv serial that you may like to view now. The story of a man Luther is very weak emotionally when trying to solve the mysterious case. The iconic portrayal of Idris Elba creates a lot of suspense, thrill, and action.


This will be the true dose of entertainment that will spice your weekend with a lot of suspense. This is also available on Netflix.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Which British Tv Serials are coming in 2021?

Finding Alice, it’s a Sin, Sex Education Season 3, and The Bay Season 2 are coming in 2021.


Which British Television serial is best to see right now?

Outlander, The Crown, Victoria, and A Very English Scandal are some of the best British serials to see now.


Is there any British comedy serial available?

Fleabag is the best British comedy serial to view now.



British TV serial lists lots of hilarious, thriller, action, and romantic stuff that never leaves you bored even for a while. Here, I’ve provided some of the best serials that you like to view in 2021. However, the list is never-ending; you still get many more contents of the British’s classic serials. So, keep on exploring your favorite streaming sites.

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