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All the smartphones are inbuilt with a camera app which has some basic features included as standard. However, there are times when the default camera apps may not have the full set of features you have been looking for and that can be a turn off for many smartphone photographers. Thankfully, there are many camera apps for your smartphone which you can use to make your photos even better.

Best Camera Apps

To help you look for a better camera app, here are some of the best camera apps available for Android and iPhone users that are going to bring out the best in your smartphone photographs with some cool features.

List Of Best Camera Apps for Android & iPhone:

1. Open Camera

There are a lot of open source apps on Android for those users who don’t want to purchase paid apps and let you tell you that Open Camera is one of them. As it is one of the open source apps, so this app has no in-app purchases or any ads, and it is totally free to use.

Open Camera

The app comes with GPS tagging, gesture controls, and auto-stabilization. There are even few advanced features, like manual focusing, HDR enhancements, and dynamic range optimization. The app will also allow you to take photos in the RAW format.

It is not only for photos, as the app even supports both standards as well as time-lapse video creation. It also supports external mics and even video resolutions up to full HD.

  • Download: Open Camera for Android is free

2. Cymera

Cymera is aimed at casual users who just want to improve their photos a little, with around 100 selfie filters, different shooting modes, as well as auto retouching tools. You will have to choose from seven different lens options, and also some of the most basic editings features like red eye removal.


This is a great app for beginners or casual photographers as you won’t be getting confused with a lot of features. You will even get the sharing feature which is already built-in to help you to quickly upload your photos to social media networks, so it can be a good choice for social media lovers.

  • Download: Cymera for IOS and Android is free with in-app purchases available

3. Camera+ 2

Camera+ has been iOS camera replacement apps for since long, though now it has been completely rebuilt and has been relaunched as Camera+ 2. You can take control with manual settings for exposure, focus, and shutter speed or you can leave the things on automatic.

Camera 2

You will even be able to save your photos in the RAW file format which gives you great quality for photo editing. Camera+ 2 has so many features that you can use. The users won’t have to worry, as you have so many features to work with, and the basic editing tools like cropping and image filters are quite easy to access.

  • Download: Camera+2 for IOS is around $2.99

4. Manual

If you have been looking for a camera app that has pro level features then you should download Manual. It is an app that is specifically designed for customization.


All the users can manually adjust the settings that aren’t accessible in most of the camera apps such as focus, shutter speed, and exposure. This app will allow you to save your photos in RAW format to help you give the best photo quality.

  • Download: Manual for iOS is around $3.99

5. Camera FV-5

Camera FV-5 is a great app for Android for photographers. You can download it for free or you can even get the paid app. With the paid version, it gives you access to higher camera resolutions as well as support for RAW. With this app, the photographers have DSLR like controls at their fingertips. You can adjust any photographic setting in Camera FV-5 which even includes ISO, exposure, light metering, shutter speed, white balance, and also the program mode.

Camera FV 5

When you have been planning to take some amazing nightlife shots, you can find a long exposure mode in Camera FV-5 that makes it even greater. All photos that have been taken with Camera FV-5 can be saved as JPG, lossless PNG formats, or true 16-bit RAW DNG.

  • Download: You can download the lite version for free. The paid version will give you access to the premium one on Android.

6. Camera MX

Camera MX has a clean interface and because of that, you can easily use the settings. This is proof that you don’t always have to pay to find a good camera app on Android. You will be able to take photos and videos, and also create Live Shots which is the same like the Live Photos feature on iOS devices which helps to combine photos with a small video to create movement.

Camera MX

The Shoot-the-Past burst mode will allow you to check out the captured shots that took place even before you have pressed the shutter button. You will be able to pause the video recordings to apply some real time cuts, and you can even preview effects on any photos as you shoot. You will also be able to edit in the app itself.

  • Download: Camera MX is available for Android for free, there is an in app purchase available too.

7. Halide Camera

Halide Camera is functional and powerful as we have been expecting from an app that is developed by ex-Apple and Twitter developers and designers. Halide focuses more on gesture control to make it easy for users to take their photos. If you want to change exposure and switch to manual focusing, you just need to swipe with your hand.

Halide Camera

You can even find a fully automatic shooting mode, but you can even manually change the ISO, shutter speed, and white balance. The Halide interface has been built keeping iPhone X in mind which gives you Portrait Mode shots as well as one handed controls.

  • Download: Halide Camera for IOS is around $5.99

8. ProCam 6

You might have been looking for an app that can help you take high quality videos too, that’s the reason we are going to recommend you to download ProCam 6. This app includes everything you have been looking for when you are photo shooting, such as burst modes and night modes, Portrait mode, slow shutter tools, and even 3D photos.

ProCam 6

You will even get a full set of video creation as well as editing features, with up to 4K ultra HD at 60fps video resolution, video stabilization, and an on screen audio meter that can check your mic levels. You won’t even require a separate photo editing app when you get ProCam 6, as it has all the photo editing features.

  • Download: ProCam 6 for IOS for around $5.99


VSCO is one such popular all-in-one camera apps for IOS and Android. It comes with a fairly minimalist camera mode, but it is even packed with powerful features underneath. All the smartphone photographers will be able to shoot in RAW mode. You will even be able to manually adjust ISO, exposure, and white balance.


A yearly subscription of about $19.99 lets you access hundreds of enhancement presets (currently, only 10 are available for the people to use for free). You will also be able to get more advanced editing tools that will be available to you if you subscribe which includes more detailed color adjustments.

The app even has its photo community, where you will be able to share tips, share your photos, and even you will be able to take part in photo challenges. It is the ideal app for those who are photography lovers and who want to share their content with others.

  • Download: Available for IOS & Android, it is free and a subscription is also available.

10. ProShot

ProShot is a camera app for Android and iOS that can turn your smartphone into a DSLR camera for a very low cost. ProShot provides its users with many configuration modes which include manual and automatic just like a real DSLR. It even provides many programmable modes for specialist shoots.


You will only need to control the focus and exposure, as well as the shutter speed, white balance, and ISO settings. You also get a few settings that help you to replicate the DSLR experience. You will even be able to record videos up to 4K resolution. Time lapse mode and Burst mode can help you to capture the moments quickly. ProShot mostly captures in RAW format.

  • Download: ProShot for IOS is around $4.99 | For Android around $3.99


The default camera app on your smartphone might be good, but, being honest, you can easily change the quality of your photography by installing any of the camera apps that we have mentioned above. Keep in your mind that when you use these camera apps, it will provide you with some amazing tools and total control. But, you still have to learn a few tips and tricks that will help you to take better photos.

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