Leader chrachteristic

There are many scholarly debates revolving around the characteristics of a leader. This article primarily focuses on the qualities of the leader. Let’s discuss one by one.

Honesty and Integrity

Whether you are a captain of a football team or you lead a team of individuals at your workplace, honesty means a lot. How can you trust your team if you are not honest with them? This question addresses all the aspects of honesty and integrity related to a leader. A good leader sets an example with its strong character and honesty is the first virtue that should essentially present in a leader.


Being confident makes you an effective leader. It is easy to persuade someone or let your followers know that you are the right person to follow. Your team is not going to follow commands if you are not sure about your decisions. A good leader is not overconfident but he knows where to reflect confidence on the followers.

Inspiring Personality

It is not an easy task to make others follow your commands or getting inspired by you. The quality of the leader to have a positive mindset make the team think positively too. Also, it keeps the team motivated and they are ready to work. If you successfully inspire your followers, you can handle any challenging situation that comes in your way.

Commitment to Work and Innate Passion

It is one of the most important characteristics of a leader, getting things done with your hand make others get involved too under your leadership. A good leader does not only make orders but gets himself involved in the task completely. It shows commitment to work and passion for making things done. A team that lacks motivation is a result of a leader who lacks commitment and passion.

Ability to Make Decisions

Making the right decision when it is required is one of the greatest leader qualities. Whenever the team lacks vision or does not come to a decision, the leader is the one who takes the responsibility. A great leader takes time when making a decision. Once the decision is taken, a true leader sticks to it.


For efficient teamwork, everyone should be held accountable for what they are doing. It helps in the continuous improvement of the team as they tend to learn from their mistakes. As a result, it develops a sense of responsibility among team members and they take work seriously rather than wasting time.

Creativity and Innovation

New ideas bring new horizons for a team, it is a collective benefit for all the team members. A good leader comes up with creative ideas and an innovative approach to get things done. A true leader breaks the cliché and tries to do everything in a way they are never done before. Great leaders tend to think out of the box, they know how to bring maximum output with the available resources. Here comes the role of creative thinking and innovation. Great businessmen have great business leadership skills to possess the characteristics of a leader and come with innovative ideas telling the world what they are really capable of.