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Call of duty is one of the most popular games worldwide, and it has been a leading one regarding the number of people playing. It was started in the year 2003. Initially, it was played only on PCs and laptops, but after the emergence of smartphones, a dire need was seen for its mobile version. Since a smartphone has no comprehensive keyboard and it is not easy to use the small touch screens for fast moves while playing a game like call of duty.

Best COD Mobile Controllers

So, mobile controllers were invented to make your gaming experience on your smartphones more enjoyable, entertaining, and comprehensive. A portable controller for playing games allows you to control the gameplay with its flexible and easy to maintain buttons. They make the gameplay easier and more efficient.

The Best COD Mobile Controllers-Top 5 List 

Maybe you are searching for a game controller to play Call of Duty. So, we thought to give you a quick check on one of the best mobile controllers available in the market for playing COD on smartphones.

1. BEBONCOOL Mobile Controller

BEBONCOOL mobile controller

It is one of the best mobile controllers available for playing call of duty on your smartphones. It is compatible with both Android and IOS and comes with 12 motion map control buttons. You can have an immense and amusing gaming experience while using this tool with your smartphone for playing CoD.




  • Great quality build-up
  • Premium gaming experience
  • Great analog stick




  • No battery indicator


2. GameSir G6 Mobile Controller

GameSir G6 Mobile Controller

GameSir G6 is a single-handed, wireless mobile controller for playing games on your smartphones. It is new in the market and has innovative specifications. It helps you to play while keeping both the controller and touch screen controls.




  • Ten control buttons
  • 3D joystick
  • Great gaming experience




  • Does not support Android


3. 5 In 1 Mobile Controller

5 In 1 Mobile Controller

This mobile game controller provides you with the benefit of simultaneously trim, aim, move, and shoot merely by using the index fingers to control the buttons. This mobile controller frees your thumb from the trouble of making any additional controlling.

In addition to this, it comes with an advanced and smart cooling fan and a built-in 400mAh battery that is useful in lowering down the smartphones’ temperature and simultaneously charges the smartphone.




  • Charges the smartphone and lowers down its temperature
  • 5 in 1 control system




  • Slightly smaller touchpads


4. SteelSeries Stratus Duo

SteelSeries Stratus Duo

It is a wireless gaming controller and is compatible with Android, Windows, and VR headset. It provides you with an excellent gaming experience. It comes with up to 20 hours of battery, which makes it perfect for long-distance gaming sessions.

Its 2.4Ghz connection ensures you zero lag, which never lets you lose your gunfights in the game.




  • Excellently built
  • Great quality
  • Easy to use




  • Doesn’t support iOS


5. EasySMX Grip

EasySMX Grip

EasySMX Grip mobile controller provides you with ease in handling it and replaces the wired and bulky mobile controllers that are not easy to handle. This mobile controller provides you with an additional grip and adds triggers to your smartphone.

It also includes a cooling fan to protect your phone from over-heating.




  • Easy to handle
  • Great grip
  • Ultimate gaming experience




  • Power consumption


How Much Useful Are The COD Mobile Controllers?

Although playing games on a smartphone is also exciting and you can play your favorite games anywhere. Smartphones have changed a lot from the gaming world. Playing shooting and other such high profile games don’t need a PC or a laptop anymore. You can download them and play non-stop.

On the contrary, laying games on mobile phones might be a little frustrating for two reasons. The first one is that the screens on your smartphones have limited space, and secondly, you cannot use the controls on the touch screen effectively.

To counter such problems, mobile controllers can be the best choice for you as a game lover. If you are a fan of CoD, then playing it on your mobile with a mobile controller will help you experience it with more smoothness and excitement. Additionally, a mobile controller increases the chances of winning as it makes it very easy to jump up, dodge, move, and shoot.

Final Words:

Mobile controllers have changed the gameplay on mobiles. Games as Call of Duty are too much to play on smartphones by using a mobile controller. The small screen and limited touch screen control will no more frustrate you while playing.

Using a mobile controller not only helps you to enhance your enjoyable and entertaining gaming experience, but it also increases the chances of winning by increasing your pace with smooth control buttons.

We hope that we have helped you enough to get the best mobile control for COD by giving you a detailed analysis of mobile controllers and adding the two best products in the above article.

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