Are you looking for some great documentaries on Amazon Prime? Amazon Prime Studios has an assortment of fantastic documentaries. Whether you like to learn about society, a little history, touch on reality, or collect something informative, this list has it all. We have curated the list of best documentaries on Amazon prime just for you. So, let’s explore the content.

Best Documentaries On Amazon Prime

In our previous article we wrote about the best documentaries available on Netflix. If you are looking for similar kind of movies & documentaires  you can also check Crime Thrillers, Action & Comedy movies from our movies section.

The Best Documentaries On Amazon Prime:

1. Chasing Happiness

Chasing Happiness is one of the best documentaries on the list as it gives you insight into your favorite celebrities’ lives. The Jonas Brothers released this one as they share their family story, history, and much more. Chasing Happiness tells us about how they were traveling the world and why did the band break up.

Chasing Happiness

We also learn about how it is to lead a life while being famous around the globe. It also promotes their Fifth Album. Happiness Begins, in the documentary. However, it is mostly about the life story of the Jonas Brothers. It is head-warming and will make you feel connected to them.

2. Hale County: This Morning This Evening

Let’s try to put this fantastic documentary in words. First of all, it doesn’t follow the standard ‘Narratives’ the documentaries are known for. It explores the lives of black people. We see them going on with their regular lifestyle as we come across various snaps, short videos, and much more. It is an experimental film.

Hale County: This Morning This Evening

Rammell Ross manages to hang out with them and capture some brilliant moments that give us a better perspective. If you really want to get an in-depth experience of black people’s lives, Hale County, This Morning This Evening is worth the watch. However, it can also be a little boring if you don’t like looking at the films’ realistic series.

3. One Child Nation

Everyone is well-aware of China’s one-child policy that existed from 1979 to 2015. It was quite a long policy as this documentary explores what happened with the people. Nanfu Wang and Jialing Zhang are the directors of this documentary and also the ones who have first hand experienced this child policy.

One Child Nation

We learn a lot about the dark side, such as sterilization of people, infanticides, even smuggling or human trafficking in the name of population control. One Child Nation is quite informative but also hits close to the emotional spectrum. It can be unsettling, and while these things happened in the past, you would feel it as if these were recent occurrences.

4. The Act Of Killing

The Act Of Killing is an award-winning documentary with a spine-chilling experience. You learn about Anwar and the Indonesian Mass Killings. It shows you how the group of mass murders would often play and act out a scene. We look into their deranged side as they would produce scenes such as a musical and much more from their favorite Hollywood movies and much more.

The Act Of Killing

The film has received a lot of acclaim. However, that’s not it. You get to see into the life of the killers, as well. It teaches you what goes with them. You also get horrifying exposure to the reality of Indonesian killings. The cinematography is brilliant in this crime documentary.

5. Gleason

If you’re looking for an emotional roller coaster, this is the one. Gleason (2016) is about Steve Gleason. He was the New Orleans Saint Football’s defensive back. The sportsman was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) while discovering that his wife was pregnant with a child. Therefore, you witness the personal and professional challenges of Gleason.


Over time, how he copes with it and the uplifting ending will leave you in tears. It is a great documentary if you want to learn about how an ALS disease can lead to so many problems. Gleason is one of the best documentaries on the list. You will find it as a recommendation almost everywhere.

6. City Of Ghosts

City Of Ghosts is another eye-opening documentary on the list that takes you into the dark side of the world. It covers the story of the activist journalist, media reporters, and the need for open journalism. The Citizen journalists go to a great depth to unravel the horrors of Syria.

City Of Ghosts

You will learn about the depths ISIS went to get recruits for their faction. It includes children and much shocking footage. More importantly, it is not just a movie, but like a thriller film. Therefore, it is worth watching.

7. Long Strange Trip

Long Strange Trip takes you on a ride of the career of the Band, The Grateful Dead. You get a first-hand experience of the band. Interestingly, we have Jerry Garcia, who’s usually reluctant to speak, as the documentary’s primary focus. The Grateful Dead has been quite influential, inspiring a cultish following and a new genre creation. They were behind many cultural movements.

Long Strange Trip

You learn about how the band came to be, their inspiration, and why the band was so alluring. Even though the non-believers ignored it, if you want to learn about popular cultures and a phenomenal band, this is the documentary film for you.

8. Human Flow

Would you like to go on a trip around the world? Human Flow will take you everywhere, to every part of the world. However, there’s a little twist. This documentary film brings you the reality of these places. More specifically, it focuses on immigrants and forced migrations. You learn about their lives and what goes with them. While it seems quite a straightforward approach, you will learn about the hardships and even the compassion of these people.

Human Flow

Overall, it brings you fantastic scenes and camera angles. The narrative is moving, and you can connect to these people. It is one of the best films that explore world traveling by introducing you to the harsh realities in a more compassionate manner.

9. That Sugar Film

Damon Gameau is back with another brilliant documentary film after Super Size Me. Here you the highly-grossing documentary film that sheds light on the role of Sugar in people’s life. You learn about the interest people have regarding sugar. The director and actor take it upon himself to experiment with the sugar.

That Sugar Film

In his 30-days journey, you learn about the high-sugar foods that are believed to be healthy. You will see him telling you the effects. Overall, it is an eye-opener for anyone facing any dilemma or challenge with Sugar. His Super Size Me is also worth giving a watch to.

10. I Am Another You

Another brilliant documentary from Nanfu Wang, I Am Another You, explores the life of a drifter. He is a young person who wants to live the life of homelessness. It was a casual encounter, but we see her covering his story as we witness his journey.

I Am Another You

If you’re a wanderlust or someone who wonders about how it would be like to travel the world without chains, this is a must-watch documentary. You will learn about freedom and its true limits. At least, that’s what the director told us. So, we will see what it takes to be truly free.

11. Sriracha

Sriracha takes you on a journey for that one sauce that has become a favorite for almost anyone who has eaten it. It is a short, around 30-minute long documentary. You will learn about its brilliant recipe and what made it such a loving sauce.


If you’re a food-lover looking to feast upon a delicious documentary, this is the one. With stunning cinematography and public opinion, you will get a lot of insights regarding this specific sauce and its phenomenon. It is a hot documentary for the hot sauce, which’s enough to get any food lover going.

12. The Invisible War

The Invisible War is a heart-wrecking documentary. Kirby Dick is known for bringing many controversial documentaries. He even exposes the hypocrisy of the cultures. Apart from On The Record, his documentary on the U.S. Military brought several reforms and revolution.

The Invisible War

The documentary revolves around the rape epidemic in the U.S military. It shows you the ugly face of the things and also works as a tribute to Vanessa Guillen. While it is consistently influencing military policies, we also see that the documentary has many potentials to impose reforms. It will always be one of the must-watch documentaries on the list.

13. Sound City

The sound city is a treat to rock ‘n’ roll fans across the globe. Dave Grohl takes the lead in this documentary as we take a trip into the recording studio. It’s none other than the iconic studio for rock records in Los Angeles, The Sound City. You learn about its history and everything that happened with the place.

Sound City

More importantly, you get nostalgic soundtracks. Finally, it has a fantastic interview lineup of Stevie Nicks, Tom Petty, Neil Young, Paul McCartney, and Rivers Cuomo. All of these personalities manage to give the documentary a new life.

14. Living Proof

Matt Embry decided to embark on a journey to uncover some answers after being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. As he did so, he took his camera along to document it. Along with his father, we witness the life of the people. While it focuses on Matt Embry, we also get a look at other people’s life suffering through the incurable disease.

Living Proof

We also witness the corrupt drug industry and the frustrating growth of the disease. However, it is a movie that will make you self-aware while it ends positively. Overall, this one is about hope but also the reality of the world. You will certainly admire the approach of the documentary if you love reality-based but heartwarming documentaries.

15. Life Off Grid

Life Off Grid is about people living ‘Off-the-grid’ in Canada. These people have developed some innovative methods of living that are quite different. They have various inventions and ideas. This is a perfect documentary that brings a new perspective of life to the audience.

Life Off Grid

It redefines the way you live, and if you want to feel closer to nature, Earth, or live in harmony, it is the one documentary you must see. More importantly, it shows you how you can easily renovate how you live. You don’t even have to compromise any luxury either. It’s just a cleaner and healthier alternative.

16. Unseen

Have you heard about the Cleveland strangler Anthony Sowell? This documentary focuses on the unseen part of the serial killings. It showcases the life of the victims of both affected and surviving families. More importantly, it shows us the bare reality about how some person’s actions can go unnoticed until they become a major crime.


Cleveland strangler wasn’t arrested until the Neighbours complained about the rotting smell. By then, eleven victims had fallen prey to the guy. This is the cruel reality in America that the director brilliantly depicts.

17. Out Of Mind, Out Of Sight

Out of Mind, Out Of Sight is a fantastic documentary that takes us on a trip to a forensic psychiatric hospital, Brockville Mental Health Centre. In this place, everyone has committed some violent crime. However, it’s about the changes they go through and if they deserve a second chance. We got the interview with the four patients.

Out Of Mind, Out Of Sight

They share their fears of going back to society. It is a tale of forgiveness, society, looking into the future, and moving forward. Overall, this is a must-watch documentary film on the list if you want to look into the mind of people who committed a crime.

18. Fasting

The term intermittent fasting is getting tossed around a lot. People believe it has several health benefits. Fasting covers every form of fasting available in the world. From cultural to religious and health-related, we take a good look into whether Fasting is the right thing to do or not.


This documentary is informative and explores a lot. It also incorporates various loopholes like juice-fasting, water-fasting, and much more. That’s what makes it worth adding. If you’re all about living a healthy lifestyle, this one is available on Amazon Prime.

19. The Little Count

This is a top-rated documentary available on Amazon Prime. The best part? It’s from three friends in Durham, England. These aren’t trained specialists. It is a Do-It-Yourself project. It tells the story of three friends who go into a local building and find a legend related to it.

The Little Count

Ultimately, the documentary is about Joseph Bruwlaski. He is a 3’3 ft or around 99cm tall musician and a traveler. The documentary focuses on his story and his interaction with the three boys. Overall, it has a rating of around 9.3, making it worth watching on Amazon Prime Video.

20. The Class Of ’92

Alright, sports buffs! This is it. We have something even for you on this list! The Class of ’92 is an intriguing and ambitious approach for the fans of Manchester United out there. It covers the six players that dominated the game in the early 90s to later. That’s right! It’s about Nicky Butt, David Beckham, Paul Scholes, Ryan Giggs, Gary Neville, and Phil Neville.

The Class Of

It shows you how they rise to the top and dominate the game as we know. Live through the epic journey and teamwork of the best players Manchester United ever got. It is almost like watching a movie with the players starring themselves, which is quite entertaining in every aspect.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Do You Need Prime Membership To Watch These Documentaries?

Yes. You will need an Amazon membership to watch any of these documentaries. To access any content on Amazon Prime Videos, you need to have a membership. However, you can also use the trial, if it is available in your country. The trial comes with all the benefits and access to the content.


Are Documentaries Worth Watching?

Documentaries are worth watching if you like to acquire knowledge. A documentary movie is something that is based on facts and true events. It is ground-reality and not a work of fiction like movies. Therefore, if you want to witness the world’s reality, or if you want to learn something, documentaries are an interesting way to go about it.


Are There Documentaries Available Other Than On Prime Videos?

Yes. Documentaries existed before Amazon Original or Amazon Studios production. You can find several titles in various other places. Even on YouTube, there are plenty of titles waiting for you. However, Prime does have a great collection of valuable choices.



That covers up about everything you can find on the site. As the viewers, we hope that you will find the content worth your while. Documentaries are a great way of learning or realistically experiencing something. Amazon prime has several other lesser-known jewels hiding in its collection of content. So go ahead and explore! Let’s see if you can find something worth it all!

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