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Educational Games for Kids are more than just an entertainment source. However, it’s true that games are the easiest way to capture a kid’s attention.

But, if a game is introduced for the right purpose, which ensures the overall mental development, it can work way better than any educational activity.

Best Educational Games For Kids - Overview

We aren’t counting action-packed games here, but games help kids get better in their academic lives. If you’re a parent and looking for the best educational games for your kids, here we’ve compiled a list of 10 amazing games that’ll target their varying interests and abilities.

Best Educational Games For kids:

1. Animal Jam

Animal Jam

Animal Jam is truly one of the best educational games on our list. The game is powered by National Geographic Society Collaboration.

In the game, kids learn lots of stuff around ecology and zoology. Animal jam takes kids through a wonderful adventure. More than 160 million registered users prove how amazing the game is for kids.

2. Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker

Captain Toad and the treasure tracker raise the puzzle-solving abilities of kids. The game sharpens your mind; that’s why every kid should give it a try. The game ensures proper exercising to the mind while solving the puzzles and hunting down the hidden treasure.

3. Prodigy


Undoubtedly, it’s another amazing game on our list. In particular, Prodigy is a role-playing game, but the entire game actually revolves around mathematics questions. When a kid answers any question, he earns a reward. Though, kids can also enjoy the Prodigy with their friends by sharing some quests within the game.

4. Thinkrolls 2

Thinkrolls 2

Thinkrolls 2 is basic gameplay that comes with a unique concept. Such as, while solving the puzzle, kids can learn physics, such as various modules related to acceleration, gravity, buoyancy, and much more. Though, your kids can play this free game without the internet as well.

5. Fish School HD

Fish School HD

Fish school HD is undoubtedly a helpful game for kids who often finds it hard to remember the numbers, colors, shapes, and letters. The game is very basic yet quite interesting and engaging for kids. The animated fish guides a kid extremely well throughout the game levels.

6. Tinybop Games

Tinybop Games

Tinybop another amazing learning-oriented game option that every kid must play to amp his learning power. The app teaches kids about animal anatomy, space, and the human body.

That’s why you can call it the best science-packed gaming app for kids. Parents should definitely consider downloading this app in the summers if they want to see their kids become smart.

7. Dragonbox Math and Chess Game

Dragonbox Math and Chess Game

As the name sounds, it is a math-related game, but it takes a kid through a wonderful adventure on how to play chess. In a nutshell, a kid learns how to play chess using some mathematical tactics; that’s why the game on its own is an amazing gift to a kid.

8. Endless Alphabet

Endless Alphabet

If your kid finds it hard to read complex sentences, this game will make him master of it. In the game, animated monsters teach English to the kids.

Such as how to remind alphabets and join them to create a word out of it to a sentence. In a nutshell, a kid starts becoming smarter in English.

9. PBS Kids Games

PBS Kids Games

You can find tons of apps powered by PBS. That’s why, feel free to pick the best ever game for your kid as per his abilities, so he grows to outsmart it. PBS games are very engaging and recommended for kids in the 4 to 8 age brackets.

10. Stop Motion Studio

Step Motion Studio- Best Educational Games For Kids

Though it isn’t a game but is a wonderful activity that checks the patience level of a kid. Such as, a kid uses his intellect and creates an animated series through any of the objects around.

Once the kid gets into this app, he’ll instantly learn how to use the stop motion studio. Though, at a few steps, kids may seek help from adults as few features are sometimes difficult to grasp.

Benefits of Educational Games for Kids:

Surprisingly, the benefit of educational games isn’t minimal. As technology advances, game developers and designers are coming up with a more engaging and helpful educational game for kids.

That’s why scientists are also sharing the eye-opening benefits of playing any educational game for a kid.  The benefits include-

1. It boosts their memory

It has been proved that games can improve the memory of kids, so you can sharpen his memory by introducing him to these games.

2. It brings positivity to kids’ moods

If you want your little ones to feel positive all-day, games are the only way to do it. With these games, your kid feels positive and doesn’t get irritated quickly.

3. Playing games enhances the spatial visualization of a kid

By playing games your kid can improve his spatial visualization and that’ll help him in the long run.

4. He/she develops their social skills by playing along with family and friends

Your little one can be a socially mixed person rather than being an introvert.

Here are some other benefits that your kids get with these games:

  • A child stays physically fit.
  • Strategic educational games enhance the decision making of a kid.
  • Kids observe improvement in their problem-solving skills.
  • Curiosity and learning abilities also improved after playing a game.

Frequently Asked Questions:


What are the Disadvantages of Gaming?

Ans: Playing games for stretched hours can develop gaming disorder linked to a Psychology issue that causes depression, anxiety, and loneliness-related mental attacks. Kids are more prone to this issue.


How long should I play a game?

Ans: Time spent on a game less than an hour is enough for a kid. More time on a game can lead to a severe brain disorder.


Are Action-packed games bad for kids?

Ans: Yes, Action-packed games put a negative impact on a kid’s mood. Sometimes, the inappropriate content in such games raises concerns for parents as well, as the kids try to follow them in real life.


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Conclusion: Best Educational Games For Kids

The next time, whenever your child asks you to give them your phone, don’t stop them. Though, it is also not necessary that the kid keep playing the game throughout the day.

But let him spend at least an hour on an educational game. Within this timeframe, the kid can develop his numerous skill power, and mind.

It’s important as in the rest of his academic life; these developed skills will surely help him a lot.

Download the above-listed game on your Android, iPhone, or Computer, as these games are compatible with any device.