happy married life, love, care, and fortune to come by in your marital home.

I don’t know what comes to your mind when you hear the word lady love. But to my mind comes all the women who have always helped and respected me, shared my emotions, gave me wings to fly, and so many other things that they have done for me that I cannot repay them but of course there are some things that I can do for them and that shows my gratitude love respect and all the answered feelings that I have in my heart for them.

Get the Best flowers for your lady love

You know this is the time when you should think about when was the last time you made your lady love feel special about herself and it’s just not about online flower delivery, but learning to share your feelings with the other person. So let’s check out the flowers that you can give to your lady love to make them feel special and convey your heartfelt feelings for them –

1) Roses

George Barlow once said “Which is better in a rose? It’s coy beauty when it’s budding or its splendor when it blows.” Rightly has he said so, there are so many emotions that just one rose can express especially when it comes to saying those unsaid feelings. And after all the variety of colors in roses is in abundance so you can not only combine two to three colors at a time or as many as you want and make a beautiful bunch and express an array of feelings.

2) Orchids

Orchids are beautiful flowers especially in regards to their not so flowery geometric patterned petals. Orchids are considered to be the most luxurious and beautiful flowers especially because of their look and beauty. Also if you happen to celebrate your 14th of wedding anniversary then orchards are the flowers for this anniversary. The purest form of affection that you have for your loved ones is for your lady love then you should give them pink orchids. And the best part is that whether it is the pink or white color they are all available, you can order orchids online and get them delivered at your doorstep.

3) Marigolds

Marigolds are the most beautiful and amazingly fragrant flowers they are used not only as a symbol of friendship, respect, sunshine, joy but also have medicinal uses as well as they are a part of holy rituals in India. So whenever you think of giving marigold to your lady love just make sure that they are dark orange. So make sure that whenever you give these flowers, pluck out all the leaves and cut a large stem. Then make sure that near the bird they are properly tied because they are fragile and might not remain still.

4) Dahlia

Oh! I know you must be thinking when was the last time anyone ever received a bouquet of dahlia that is because they are one stem flowers, but quite often we can see that it might have more than two flower buds. Dahlia belongs to the family of the Asteraceae genus which consists of more than 30 species and varieties of color combinations especially the mixed colors available in Dahlia have a beautiful outlook. And add cake and flower delivery in Bangalore of Dahlia shaped cake and flowers for a better surprise. Dahlia carries expressions of mutual respect, dignity, and a bond that’ll last forever. If you were thinking of proposing to your lady love during the pandemic times then that just might be the flower for you. Because of the expression, it carries it is often used to express your love and or as a part of marriage anniversary celebrations.

5) Apple Blossoms

Apple blossoms sound similar to that cherry blossom but actually, these are different flowers with beautiful fragrance. Indo-Europeans used them to decorate their homes and for them, these flowers were a symbol of love and promise. So with an Apple blossom, you can make a promise of a life of love and of the fact that you would try to change yourself or anything else about you that you want to promise to your loved ones and make sure that you learn to keep it.

6) Peonies

These cabbage shaped flowers are nothing but sheer joy to whomsoever they are given. These flowers not only have a wonderful fragrance but also lots of colors to match your feelings and show your concern and care towards your lady love. You can’t give them to your lady love as a symbol of a happy married life, love, care, and fortune to come by in your marital home.