If you don’t want to pay for the extra cloud storage, you probably need to try this free cloud storage software to keep your data safe and secure. Luckily, many free online storage providers allow you to store data and share your videos, photos with family and friends.

Best Free Cloud Storage in 2021

But which one is ideal for you? Every time whenever anyone is ready to choose cloud storage, this question hits the mind. But don’t worry, we will help you choose the right option that matches your needs.

In this article, we’ve got the ten best free cloud storage providers here. From Google Drive to iDrive, you’ll get everything in between. So, let’s get started.

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Here is the list of the 10 best Cloud Storage Software:

  1. Google Drive 
  2. Amazon Cloud Drive 
  3. IDrive 
  4. Sync.com 
  5. Yandex Disk 
  6. Apple iCloud 
  7. Microsoft OneDrive 
  8. Dropbox 
  9. Media Fire 
  10.  pCloud 

So lets’ dive in.

1. Google Drive (Best for Collaboration and Team) 

Google Drive is a free online storage platform that is powered by Google. In G. Drive, you can store your documents, files, photos, and even videos. However, you need to create a Google account to access the platform.

Google Drive

Moreover, it offers you 15Gb free storage and allows you to store file size having 1.02-million-character, 100 MB presentation, a spreadsheet of around 5 million cells, and many more. The best thing about Drive is that you can sync data anywhere and on any platform like mobile phones, tablets, PC, and laptops. Easy to use and available on any device. It provides unlimited storage if you use business plans. It offers quick integration with 1000s of other apps such as Gantt chart, mind map, diagram tools, and many more. This could be convenient and affordable.

2. Amazon Cloud Drive (Best for Storing Photos) 

Amazon Cloud Drive is the cloud storage platform powered by Amazon. It provides you the facility to access and upload files, documents, spreadsheets, photos, and music albums too. This is one of the best secure, online cloud storage providers who recently added features to upload documents quickly.

Amazon Cloud Drive - Best Free Cloud Storage

It also provides you the facility of previewing the spreadsheets, documents, presentations, photos, and videos before you upload them. Moreover, it gives you access to share your composition as links and attachments by text messages, emails, etc.

It also allows you to play the music and videos which you stored in the cloud Drive. You can easily organize the files by creating a folder. You can sync data from any device. Amazon Drive offers you unlimited space for photo storage if you are a prime member. However, if you require extra storage, you have availed of the storage plan of $11.99 per year.

3. IDrive (Best for taking the backups of files) 

IDrive is another cloud storage solution provider that gives you access to the data backup. The file stored in the IDrive can also be accessible from Mac and PCs. You can also access the storage from its mobile app and other android devices.

Idrive Cloud Storage

It allows you to take the backup of the file in real-time and also allows you to back up the whole data of the Drive, including other settings and OS. Although it gives you only 5 gb of free data, it would be worth storing your small files.

It helps to organize the backup files. Upload up to 2GB size files at one time. It is best for protecting your real-time data. It gives you 256-bit AES encryption to your files. IDrive gives you 2TB space for $104.25 for two years.

4. Sync.com (Easy to use and for security purpose) 

Sync.com is one of the encrypted cloud storage platforms that allow you to share and send files to anyone. It also gives you impressive features like collaboration tools so that you can share your files anywhere and with anyone.

Sync.com - Best Free Cloud Storage

It also gives features like advance share control, 365-day history, restricting downloads, password encrypting, and many more. It can be accessed from Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms. Although you have limited storage to store your file, it would still be worthier to store data for free.

It also has productivity features such as document previews, file requests and auto camera upload, and other access. It also provides unlimited sharing & collaboration access from anywhere. Highly encrypted and accessible from all platforms. It offers three pricing plans, and the standard plan starts from $5 per user per month.

5. Yandex Disk (Best for storing data and sharing with others) 

Yandex Disk is the best cloud service that offers you space to store the cloud server’s data. Moreover, the hard drive is available on Mac OS, Windows, and Linux. This will allow you to upload the file of 50 GB size without any trouble.

Yandex Disk

It is available to you with two plans monthly and annual subscriptions. You can upload the files, store them from anywhere, and share your data with anyone from your remote devices. Plus, you get access to download data from the public pages without any effort.

Sync data from different sources. It provides free access to Excel, ease of use, Microsoft Word, and PowerPoint. Easy to download files option available from any platform. It offers quick uploading. 1Tb space in just $2 per month

6. Apple iCloud (Best for Apple User) 

Apple iCloud is one of the best cloud space options for Apple users. It gives you the best free cloud storage services to store photos, documents, and music files. The best thing about iCloud is that users can download their files and store them on Windows, Mac, and iOS devices. It also offers you a backup service so you can quickly create a backup of the documents.


Like other cloud storage options, one also needs to create an account to Apple iCloud for availing of the services. Other than this, it also gives you access to collaboration features so that you can quickly collaborate with numbers, pages, and notes.

It works efficiently with calendar, reminders, contact, and safari, etc. It will let you pick the conversation from where you left. This feature also works even if you change your device. Space up to 5GB of free storage is available.

7. Microsoft OneDrive (Best for Window User) 

Microsoft OneDrive is one of the free cloud storage platforms which offer 5 GB of free space to store your files and photos. The owner can access their images and files from any device. Moreover, it allows you to scan your document directly and access on-demand from the Window PC.


It also allows you to access offline mode, provides SSL encryption, and readily shares folders and files. You can send the link of your files through emails, text, and iMessage too. This software is available for Android, Windows, and iOS. For business purposes, Microsoft offers three plans to purchase extra space. It will have ease of access and integration with all the devices.

8. Dropbox (Best for light data user) 

Dropbox is the best cloud storage provider that provides you modern workspace and free cloud storage to keep the files and documents in one central place. It is accessible from any device and anytime. One can sync the files, photos, and documents from all devices.

Dropbox - Best Free Cloud Storage

Moreover, with Dropbox, you can easily share your files from computers, tablets, and phones. It also allows you to create and share the data, videos, and images to sound and code. Freelancers, teams, solo workers and will enable you to share a small file, a big file with anyone. You have only 2Gb free storage, and if you need to access more storage, you can avail of the monthly pack. It can be accessed on Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms.

9. Media Fire (Best for file hosting) 

MediaFire is one of the best cloud platforms that offers file sharing, file syncing, and allows you to access your files from anywhere. It provides the best cloud storage solution for managing the data and digital stuff online. No matter which device you are using right now, you can access any device’s storage without any hurdles.


It offers a maximum file size limit of around 20Gb. Moreover, you can paste the links and share your files from anywhere, and all the data will be uploaded to the account automatically. Besides that, you can allow having specific access control too. Some ads may interrupt you while storing and accessing the data, but that could be fine if you are getting huge storage for free.

10. pCloud (Best for storing large size files) 

pCloud is also the best cloud software that allows you to store files and folders. It is easily accessible from any device and offers more comfortable sharing and collaboration with pCloud. Besides that, you can also encrypt your private files and keep your data confidential. It provides free storage of 10Gb and provides multiple file-sharing options. Although it’s specific apple bandwidth, and if you need more space, you can subscribe to a monthly plan.


Besides that, it is easily accessible on any device and any platform. Above this, the complete encryption keeps your data secure and safe so you can share your files without worrying about encryption and theft.



How to access unlimited cloud storage without any cost?

Google Drive, Media Fire, iCloud, Yandex Disk, pCloud are the best option to get storage of up to 200GB for free. Other options are also available such as Diego, Koofr, and IceDrive, which can offer you maximum storage for free.


Suggest some of the best free cloud storage service providers?

Sync.com- 5 GB free

pCloud-10 GB free

IDrive- 10GB free

Drive- 15 GB free

Mega- 15 GB to 50 GB free

Amazon Drive- 5 GB free

These are some of the best cloud space service providers that offer free storage and fully encrypt files.


How to get more online storage space on Google Drive for free?

To get unlimited storage for free, go to the share with my option. Here, you will see the folder that you created in the Drive of personal email. After that, right-click to the folder and add to my Drive. You can upload your files in that shared folders in Drive and get unlimited free storage.



Most users share the files these days, create a data backup, and upload their essential documents on a cloud storage platform. So, these are the best options to try for free and get unlimited storage space.

Moreover, one can have fully encrypted files and complete security, so you don’t need to worry about data security. Other than this, you can also share your data from anywhere from remote devices.

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