For Any Flight Simulator, 2020 came as a boon because people were exploring the content. They came across many options like War Thunder, X Plane 11, Microsoft Flight Simulator, etc. However, the real question is, which one of these are the best free flight simulators?

Best Free Flight Simulators

Many could’ve made it to the list, from providing you an aircraft game to enthralling battles and simulators. However, we decided to simplify it further and offer a list that has something for everyone. In other words, we didn’t just bomb the list of war games. We decided to offer you a different list of simulators that have unique features for an immersive experience. Let’s begin:

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List of 5 Best Free Flight Simulators:

1. Extreme Landings

Extreme Landings is very-well worth being part of this list. It has realistic graphics and brings you a combination of problem-solving games with an immersive gaming experience. Ultimately, you start with a single plane that you have to take off from one location and land on another. As you do so, you will face various challenges.

Extreme Landings

These challenges may range from something mechanical and the airplane’s problem to weather conditions, winds, and storms. There is a career mode, so you are playing as a pilot to progress the flight simulator further. Higher levels are more challenging.

It is available across every major platform. While it is one of the free flight simulators, you only get access to one plane. If you want more, you would have to pay a little fee to unlock more options. Overall, it’s quite a great choice with realistic controls and scenarios.

2. Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft is known for bringing you the best simulators, tycoon games, and much more. Here you have a game that does bring you the authentic feeling of a pilot. In other words, Microsoft Flight Simulator is quite realistic with brilliant graphics and immersive mechanisms.

Microsoft Flight Simulator

More importantly, these are now compatible with VR. So, if you want to have a real-life-like experience, you can get VR headsets. It magnifies the complete experience.  Of course, there is free content and premium content. You can customize your controls and showcase your skills.

Correlatively, you will come across various problems and challenges. Sometimes, these are as simple as getting the plane off the airport. Others could be landing it. Overall, what makes it worth adding to the list is that it is quite great for practice.

3. Digital Combat Simulator World

Are you perhaps looking for something more action-packed? Then Digital Combat Simulator would satiate your thirst for action. It comes with realistic graphics and a wide assortment of planets. There are various modes, from single-player to multiplayer. You can join campaigns, create missions or join pre-existing missions. It is quite an action-packed ride.

Digital Combat Simulator World

Instead of a simple simulator, it is more of a game about fighting by using your plane. You would fight ground units and air units both. If you’re looking for that dog-fight thrill, this is certainly a must-have flight simulator on the list. There is a training mode too, and rightfully so, because it will take some practice to get used to the intriguing world of digital combat simulator.

If you’re looking for the ‘best free flight simulators,’ then this is the one for you. It is completely free as you can get more models, maps, and other content without spending a single penny.

4. Flight Gear

Google Earth Flight mode would’ve been on the list, but it is not exactly an app or a simulator. It just allows you to move around and get a ‘fight-like experience. Therefore, Flight Gear is a better contender for this list.  Much like an open-world build for grounded games and simulators, this one is open-air.

flight gear Flight simulator

It means that with the intuitive and easy to understand interface, it is quite a beginner-friendly choice. You can use this for testing various scenarios. There are model creations, even manipulation of the scenario to see how the aircraft model will fare. Apart from that, you can use it for designing better air crafts. You can even test flying conditions, as well.

Finally, it is quite realistic in the controls. You can learn how to take off and land a plane, and this knowledge would be beneficial even in real life. It’s that immersive and true to the sources. More importantly, it is available for every platform. So you needn’t worry about its availability. Hands down, it is one of the best flight simulators on the list that you can get.

5. PicaSim

PicaSim is not as expansive as other options on the list. In fact, it is more for a casual approach to a Flight Simulator. In other words, it is quite breezy and brings you RC aircraft and gliders to use. You can download it for Android, iOS, or Windows as you like. It is quite a simple Sim projection, as well. While it is completely free, you can donate to the development of the game.


You can unlock a wide range of aircraft models and sceneries. There are enough maps for 3D simulation, as well. Overall, it is quite a great choice. Mostly, it is easy on the system and a breeze to run. If you would like to have a casual experience and take things to the new height, this is the one simulator you should certainly give a try.

Frequently Asked Questions:


What Is The Purpose Of The Flight Simulators?

Flight Simulators are mostly like games that vary in purpose. Some will enable you to have war simulation or battles for fun. Alternatively, you can find those that will bring you more real-life experience, focusing on small details. It will enable you to practice and become a better pilot. Many pilot schools use flight simulation for education, especially VR, around the world.


Are There Any Specific System Requirements?

There isn’t any specific requirement. We’ve tried to bring you something for every engine. There is an app for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, and so on. That’s what makes these the top choices, as these offer a high level of features and an immersive world for any platform.


Is Google Earth A Good Simulator?

Well, Google earth will enable you to experience some form of flying. It isn’t exactly a game or a simulation. You can select various destinations on Google Earth and then take a flight for a high flight experience level. There are some aerial planes that you can still control and fly. However, it’s not as great to play with as other top options mentioned above.


Should You Get VR Headsets For Flight Simulators?

Well, VR headsets will deliver a different perspective to learning. It will make you immerse more and feel like you’re in a real flight. Therefore, it can be a great choice. In fact, many VR content providers are working on things like flight simulators, submarine simulators, and other similar experiences to entice users. So, it could be a great choice for anyone who wants to learn something.



That’s a wrap for all the best options we could find! Certainly, War Thunder and X Plane 11 are honorable mentions, but those are more game-oriented. If you’re looking for a flight simulator, then this list has the best option. From free-content to something a little more premium, we hope you can find your perfect choice on the list.

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