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Do you enjoy playing horror games? There are so many amazing scary games available that you will love to play. With evolving technology, games are becoming more scary and frightening. Horror games are not just games, they are scary experiences. Whether you are into interactive fiction, jump scares, large men just running after you with a weapon, or just thematically interesting tales or stories, we have packed this section with a variety of horror games that will surely give you an adrenaline rush.

Best Horror Games

Below are the 35 best horror games which are our favorites and hopefully you will also love them. They are surely designed to freak you out and race your heartbeats.

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List of 35 Best Horror Games: Our Best Picks

1. Until Dawn

At a particular stage, we all have seen a teen slasher’s challenge to avoid them), and it’s a concept that is extremely rare in the world of gaming, possibly since it would have been too challenging to have it right.

Until Dawn

Until Dawn seems to be a game that progresses in mixing a video game style with slasher movie themes. An exclusive PS4 game will feature many teens heading on something like a journey to a distant mountain cabin in which there is a terrifying presence involved in choosing them one by one, surprisingly.

It is also time to make choices for characters in the game, which implies you are solely responsible for whether they live or die. Make poor choices, and an even more grizzly end may be met by your favorite. Until Dawn is a perfect horror game, and you’ll get the satisfaction of knowing a great deal of fun doing just that, even though it will fear you.

2. Dead By Daylight

Therefore, in the list, Dead By Daylight marks it as a multiplayer horror experience: one in which a sole player assumes the mad mass murderer’s role whereas four other players run for their survival.

Dead By Daylight

It’s an exciting twist on standard PvP fighting, with even various main characters each playing either as a Fighter or Murderer according to their benefits. There are more than enough strategies and tactics to apply for every map, with a framework of role advancement, which should continue you returning.

You may also activate or install protagonists from A Nightmare on Elm Street, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Saw for the scary junkies to choose from.

3. The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan

The manufacturer underneath Until Dawn, some from Supermassive Games. Man of Medan is a scary drama genetically predetermined that accompanies many young adults undergoing a South Pacific Ocean underwater diving adventure. But things have turned around, and the group ultimately ends up on a ghost ship in which their bad dreams come alive. Things are not relatively as easy as all that.

The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan

Supermassive Games relied on the popularity of Until Dawn streams, adding a Shared Story and Movie Night feature that enables players to engage with buddies in immersive horror. That is what we enjoy about Man of Medan.

In Man of Medan, the choices that you make influence who survives and who ends up dead. You could save everybody, but then you can assassinate everyone as well. Man of Medan is often the first chapter in the Dark Anthology series of Supermassive Games, and we absolutely can not wait to get our hands on Little Hope, its sequel.

4. The Persistence

Few sources are just as suitable for horror as VR. The packed penetration and restricted picture quality ensure that you’ll never be entirely optimistic about what’s in front of you, and even more disturbing is jumped alarms or imaginary monsters.

The Persistence

The Persistence is indeed a rogue-like innovative VR horror centered in such a demon spacecraft. Your starship has also been drawn into the path of the black hole, as well as the ship’s design is continually jumbled by its intrusion, utilizing a fully explorable plan to make sure that you have never understood what’s happening to be around every corner.

To balance all that off, you’ve relocated to a different version of yourself, and then the moment you die, which is helpful if the clones were just not evolving into giant misformed monsters trying to destroy you. A creative perspective on VR gaming that, you recognize, doesn’t think about making you scared.

The Persistence is now also going towards Xbox One, PS4, PC, and Switch, this year in non-VR form. VR functionality for the PC version, too, is arriving.

5. Little Nightmares

Little Nightmares seems to be a great example of the game which, without ever using conventional gore and blood, continues to cause disgust and fear.

Little Nightmares

The game places a girl named Six in charge of you and makes you explore a horrific globe much too large for her, inhabited by a diverse variety of vast and hideous monsters. You wouldn’t have to battle these monsters; you have to run all around the planet and escape in what’s a platform game to just get around them.

Little Nightmares seems to be a fantastic game of fear since it induces a sense of helplessness precisely while clearly stating that you must be worthy of surviving. This needs common and familiar parts of the house, which should be soothing.

6. The Dead Space Series

Among all the current supernatural horror games is Dead Room, released by EA and produced through Visceral Games. The story takes frightening plot twists, initially placed around an orbiting spaceship (duh), mostly involving zombified aliens lingering around those turns.

The Dead Space series

The first Alien game to carry it off was not released for a few more years, implementing the formula developed by Ridley Scott’s iconic ‘Alien.’ One of its groundbreaking horror games of the modern era was Dead Space, sparking a genre revival that has not yet faded away, which gets down to a few core principles: a compelling tale and a realistic visual.

So for the most real horror game, though we suggest the first title, you are required to have a kick out from its two mainstream sequels, too.

7. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Resident Evil 7 was indeed a refreshing change for an incredibly dull series, introducing a deeper awareness of scary movies and games still attempting to maintain Resident Evil’s extraordinary impression.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Resident Evil 7 changed the horror series that we all expected and worried we would never get, with a fantastic plot and intense gameplay. The popularity of the game, including the latest remakes of previous games in the series, would be enough to lead us to believe that Capcom is still going to scare us all for a long time.

It rendered the fear relate better and much more real by switching the viewpoint from third to first individual, thus showing the ability to incorporate a terrifying VR experience into the game.

8. Resident Evil 3

Keeping tabs on the phenomenal growth of Resident Evil 7 and its Resident Evil 2 sequel, Capcom reimagined and pretty much nailed Resident Evil 3. The Resident Evil 3 sequel is also one of the best horror games ever made and one that you ultimately ought not to skip, including its rapid action, fantastic graphics, and frightening zombies.

Resident Evil 3

We gave the game an outstanding 4.5 stars in our Resident Evil 3 analysis, stating, “Capcom demonstrates once more that, whenever it comes to actual horror, that’s the boss. Resident Evil 3 is a strong indication that a great horror game ought to be something more than frightening, providing inventive urban style design, gorgeous cinematography, a powerful foe – and loads and loads of zombies.

9. Slender: The Eight Pages

Published in 2012, Slender is premised around the dramatic silences accompanied by totally bizarre sharp turns. Jump terrifies, in many other phrases. In video game type, Slender is a horror film. It’s a little cheap, and yet, it works.

Slender: The Eight Pages

Your goal is straightforward: do not even kill yourself, obtain eight bits of the book, and carry. An unaccountable, uncannily lanky man in such a pinstriped suit is a possible option’ seeking you, clearly influenced by the famous Slender Man slogan. Essentially, he’s the perfect character for horror games.

In addition to just a flashlight and the capacity to jog, the game largely depends mostly on the player seemingly having no assets. Of course, both are restricted for understandable reasons, trying to make escape that much more complicated.

All in all, Slender is indeed an enjoyable, not the brilliant game of horror that will additionally scare you senselessly.

10. Alien: Isolation

Of innumerable games in the past that have used this valuable artistic license, Creative Assembly is the first creator to generate a game that stays true to all of it. The game had taken place 15 years after the 1979 Ridley Scott movie, which puts players in the space shoes of Amanda Ripley, the daughter of Ellen Ripley.

Alien: Isolation

Isolation nails how it looked like to view the video for the 1st time, going to take the first viewpoint and getting set off by a singular xenomorph searching you along with a vast space shuttle in shadows.

Far too much of how this creates a beautiful horror game seems to be the vibe, and Isolation looks like you’re trying to play via the movie. Try to put in the terrifyingly smart artificial intelligence provided to an alien, including a gripping investigation in virtual worlds, and you’ve got trappings of the masterpiece of horror.

11. Outlast Series

There in the horror genre, Outlast and Outlast 2, invented by Red Barrels Production company, also are must-plays. All games take players in charge of investigative reporters. Still, perhaps the remake occurs in the more accessible area of the decrepit rural area of Northern Arizona, whereas that one is established in an asylum for ridiculous reasons.

Outlast series

Sure, last would be that they obey a fundamental principle of horror games: do not even encourage the gamers far too much, because it’s not a horror game anymore. What makes the Outlast games.

Providing a significant change from zombies and monsters, if you’d like a quicker and potentially more frightening break from the typical gun-toting jumping scare-fest, Outlast as well as its remake are perfect games to enjoy.

12. Left 4 Dead 2

Although Left 4 Dead arrived first, the second edition showed Valve nail the Turtle Rock Developers’ concept, its initial makers. Based in a world overrun by zombies, in its quest to live through multiple competitive and cooperative multiplayer types, the game will feature four players, allowing for a lot of interactivity combined with PC modifications.

Left 4 Dead 2

Everyone’s friends have ranked it at PC Gamer amongst their highest FPS games ever made. We’re reasonably confident most PC people are going to comply with that.

Because of its graphical content, the game is prohibited in Australia: a de facto seal of approval, if you really must. Although the ban has also been removed, fans of extreme horror games are sure to revel in their gross, extended scenes of destruction.

13. Five Nights at Freddy’s

5 Nights with Freddy’s is indeed a unique sort of horror game, unquestionably. It’s undoubtedly to almost just about everything in the category, with the idea of watching gamers “survive” a night inside a kid-themed pizza restaurant.

Five Nights at Freddy

Nevertheless, it’s a real joy to play when you can navigate past the frightening face of even an animated character teddy bear guitarist throughout the dead of the night coming to life. Usually, with surveillance cameras, players battle these warped, possessing figures. Poltergeists do not like leaving proof.

The game would be creating an independent artist, Scott Cawthon, who published this in 2014. There have been three other direct remakes ever since, all of which have earned favorable reviews. Speak about the strength to stay.

14. Soma

SOMA, published in 2015 by Frictional Games, the creator of Amnesia, is a fascinating and sort of assumed game that could be called an interactive movie. The game does not involve aliens or zombies, but rather a transition between 2015 and 2104 when a meteor has taken out humanity.


What is left of civilization must try to live underwater in a fugitive deserted research center. Although SOMA is not quite as wholly terrifying as, for instance, Amnesia, owing to its glowering atmosphere, relatively new subject material (for horror games), and incredible audio layout, this is still a great game.

15. Amnesia Series

Amnesia is also one of the greatest survival horror games ever made, claiming to be amongst the most frightening games we’ve ever experienced, with the first title in the franchise, Amnesia: The Dark Descent.

Amnesia series

Assume, if you need to, that a demon is chasing you and that you’ve no way to protect yourself. Everything you could do is run for existence, smash a few doors in the face, at least, to slow down. You may be able to barricade yourself if you have the appropriate tools, and you realize when you’re captured, you’re gone. This is the frightening essence of Amnesia: The Dark Descent, a game which, if subjected to darkness for far too much, often drains away at the health of the player. Oh, there is still plenty of light there just to protect you from shadows.

You could even carry the entire selection for modern consoles, even though the main game, Amnesia: The Dark Descent, was first published for PC up later in 2010. The Amnesia Collection includes Amnesia: The Dark Descent, its development of Amnesia: Justine, and the remake, A Machine for Pigs.

16. Phasmophobia

Phasmophobia became a very popular game from the time of its access. Some also named it “the best ghost game’’ created. Phasmophobia is a group detective horror game. You can be one of the four detectives or investigators. In this game, you will investigate various haunted locations with other players.


Think that you are investing like the involved spectral entity using a UV flashlight, an EMF reader, thermometer, etc. Phasmophobia gets in your head and will leave you stunned. If you have not played this yet, it is time to check it out with your friends and enjoy your experience.

17. Resident Evil 2

Most of the time, we experience that remakes are not that good as the original but the Resident Evil 2 remake is more radical than others. It is one of the best in the Resident Evil series. If you have played the original Resident Evil, this remake is a treat for you.

Resident Evil 2 Remake

Resident Evil 2 Sequel is exactly what it is supposed on a tin: that’s a sequel of the Resident Evil 2 horror franchise of the 90s. If you were playing the initial and didn’t seem to think it would be any good, get prepared to show yourself wrong.

Resident Evil 2 by Capcom will make you feel like zombies are real and they will scare the hell out of you. It is much more intense, clever, and terrifying than the original Resident Evil game. This action and adventurous horror game offer incredible and amazing visual scares, claustrophobic environments, and Crimson heads make you feel that you’ll die if you will not kill the zombie properly.

You will never feel frustrated and outdated while playing this scary game. The proper amount of nostalgia and retro appeal of the game makes it modern. It offers replayability and a high level of content that you can unlock. You can play this thrilling & passionate game multiple times.

The magnificence of an original game is elevated by Resident Evil 2 Sequel into some kind of brilliant new survival horror adventure. So it will maintain you scared for hours with such a second runtime open, providing a unique character perspective.

The embodiment of sophisticated modern horror is this fantastic reboot, providing puzzles, the zombies, soul action, and a highly stylized setting that needs exploration.

18. Control

In the traditional sense, this game is not very scary but you will feel like you have been thrown directly in the middle of any thriller show. If you are lost in this game, don’t worry, it is a feature of Control.


The setting of the game is probably most unique. The uncanny or supernatural manipulation of light, reflection, and shadows will astound you. The most impressive thing about this game in technical terms is how physical objects just fly through the air.

As the new director of FBC (Federal Bureau of Control), you’ll explore an unusual and strange office building (also the HQ of the Bureau of Control) along with Jesse Faden, the heroine of the game. Some also named this office as the world within a world. It possesses uncanny objects, possessed workers, and a lot of mystery. The mystery of the office deepens as you move further.

19. System Shock 2

System Shock 2 offers an unstoppable or unbeatable cyborg protagonist. Like the original system shock, this cyberpunk game is filled excessively with weapons & powers-you can play as an anonymous soldier on a super-fast spaceship that is apparently overrun or occupied by parasitic aliens. It is a combination of FPS & RPG, rewarding exploration, important character advancement, and horrifying enemies.

System Shock 2

System shock 2 makes use of a complicated upgrade set-up with draconian cutoffs/block for equipping essential items, unlike its predecessor. The main character or protagonist can be elevated into a master of the power weapons or the old fashioned firearms, a psychic warrior possessing invisibility cloaking and pyrokinetic power, or a super-hacker. This game impresses the players with wandering enemies and constantly destructing weapons.

20. Oxenfree

This game is about a group of Northwestern teenagers who are trapped on a mysterious island. The island is full of mysterious happenings, strange incidents, unnerving, and it becomes more strange as you progress in the game.


Oxenfree holds your attention with its clever tricks. The time-travel feature of the game is so fascinating and its effect on the story, characters & they’re dynamic. The impact of each decision on the story is interesting to see.

The sound-driven system of the game is an interesting way to engage you in it. The best thing about the puzzles is how those images adapt & twist under duress. The characters are like cartoons in Oxenfree.

22. Darkest Dungeon

Darkest Dungeon is a cruel game. There are several external horrors and their effect on your adventures will solve your journey puzzle in & under the scary mansion. The monsters will develop fears & vices to make your adventure harder & harder.

Darkest Dungeon

The most stressful and engaging part of the game is stress itself. When the characters of the game are stressed, they are not very effective fighters. Stress makes the characters prone to more attacks and weakens their personality traits.

The game starts with you finding out that you inherited a mansion or house from a relative who suicides. Soon you got to know that your dead relative who killed himself detected some unsaid horrors. These horrors were hidden away in woods, caves, & catacombs around the mansion. Now the player has to clean his relative’s clutter or mess and remain sane while you do so.

23. Outlast 2

Outlast 2 is among the interesting games on our list. It is a trial & error stealthiness game and may not fit in everyone’s list of horror games. But once you start playing it, you might scream louder at your computer than usual, or may need some rest in between to calm yourself. Outlast has no direct link to its original or we can say that you do not require any information about the original Outcast.

Outlast 2

This game starts with you and your journalist wife on a plane in search of a missing woman. But soon your plane crashes and you both get separated. After that, your journey starts to find and save your wife. Planning about how you will reach from one end or point to another point and in which you have no weapons to fight back with your enemies, the only option you have is to run and hide. This story of chase sequences and saving your wife without getting yourself murdered is quite interesting and adventurous.

24. Inside

Inside’s world is very scary and has a concrete setting. It is best if you experience it on your own. The nasty weather, creepy mermaids, people trying to hunt you down, security robots, and much more that you can explore. You will be amazed when you experience the set up of Inside.


Inside is a very good puzzling game. The elements of each puzzle are quite interesting to experiment with. Some puzzles of the game require lateral thinking. Inside did an excellent work of virtually not putting the player in circumstances where he can easily solve the puzzle. This game is filled with moments that feel handcrafted.

25. Imscared

Imscared is one of the rough and unsettling games that are available today. It is full of tricks, surprises, and guessing. This game plays with the emotions and puts you in a confusing situation or confused world.


The retro presentation of the game is used to its fullest, throwing harsh transitions, unsettling ghosts, and oppressive fog at perfect timing which are scary enough to make you scream or jump.

The sound system of the game is a big stand-out. Do not underestimate this game and make sure to give Imscared a try. This game is roughly divided into 3 acts with a proper ending of each act.

26. Thumper

Thumper is one of a gem game that remains in your mind or head for so long after you are done playing it. Thumper is a horror game cloaked as a rhythm action game. It manages to impress a lot using very little input and making it very easy to pick/lift & difficult to master.


This tempting game demands replaying. It becomes a rhythm-based gaming experience. The 1st level does its job well by introducing the basic mechanics to you and that will help you in planning for the interesting and intensifying layers of increasing obstacles over each of the 9 stages of the game.

27. Silent Hill 2

Silent Hill 2 is the most intimidating game ever created by appealing to the emotion of uncertainty. The game offers a complex psychological story or narrative. The story loosens the player’s grip on his reality while the scary creations like Pyramid Head make sure that you do not find comfort in your uncovered answers.

Silent Hill 2

This is that kind of narrative that pushes the scary stories as subjective. To fight in this game, you have to pull the trigger, then aim and just press one button on the pad. The result will make you feel helpless. Silent Hill 2 is truly a dark brilliance that welcomes interpretation.

28. Sylvio

Sylvio uses electronic voice phenomenon (EVP), audio manipulation, and sound as its attention ideas. The entire awesomely creepy world of the game is built around this fundamental strive theme. The players aim to uncover the bizarre plot turns & twists, insights, and backstories of it. Sylvio is one thinking game & is unique in its way.


In the game, the player plays Juliette Waters who is an intrepid sound or audio technician specialized in using EVP to capture the audios of the dead. Juliette Waters becomes trapped while investigating at some abandoned and old amusement park. She only has wits, her dandy reel recorder, and a flashlight with her.

The one best thing about this game is the acquisition & investigation of the recorded ghost messages.

29. Anchorhead

Anchorhead is inspired by HP Lovecraft’s novel’s drawings & stories. This is a story of one married couple and the player is cast as a woman. Michael, the husband of the woman, inherits a mansion in some creepy town of New England left by his distant relatives. Not only the mansion, he additionally inherited the curse of the family.

Anchorhead gameplay

There are cryptic journals, newspaper clippings, and a lot of paper to be uncovered by the player. The combination of theme, genre, and setting boosts the game. The world in Anchorhead revolves around the hidden crawl spaces. It is that type of game, unforgiving, large, and playing without any walkthrough might be frustrating for everybody but lovers of the genre.

This game is free to play. It is possibly the last game that incorporated a maze & was widely appreciated by the community of interactive fiction.

30. Amnesia: Rebirth

If you have played Amnesia (The Dark Descent) and loved it, you will surely be pleased to play this brilliant and new Amnesia: Rebirth. The story of this game is “profoundly disturbing” which takes the level of horror up. We all know that action in any horror story involves a lot of running. But in reality, running away is not the solution. The amazing story of the game is breathtaking and worth your time.

Amnesia: Rebirth

Amnesia shows the correlation between horror & running better than various games that were released before this game and after this game. Amnesia: Rebirth turns running into an act or reaction of courage in the game in which sound triggers the creepy monsters & passing darkness blindly makes you crazy. It shows that horror games do not have to include a half-baked battle or combat arrangement to engage & scare the players.

31. Pathologic 2

Pathologic 2 is a horrible, and weird game that will sit or stay on the hard drive like some disease (gangrenous limb) requiring amputation. And do not take this as criticism, it is a compliment for this game in the horror genre.

Pathologic 2

This game is theatrical, asking you again and again about your role or job as a player and to break the fourth wall. It gives you the challenge to survive for twelve days in the game. During your challenge, you will have to save a town that is going completely mad or shit. This town is afflicted by paranoia, paranormal happenings, mob justice, and diseases.

The indicating clock is not only for show- events are unfolded in real-time as the player walks through the foggy districts and invades people’s homes for scraps and sometimes meets important people like a childhood friend, faction leaders, or a mob boss. You will have to take important decisions like whom do you want to save and what do you want to do further? This game is exhausting, grueling, but also unforgettable and unique.

32. The Evil Within 2

The Evil Within 2 is a brilliant psychological horror game that aims to discover terror aside from the jump scares. It is intense, thrilling & definitely ambitious. The setting of The Evil Within 2 is interesting, open, and large locations. The game offers the starkest and astounding turnarounds.

The Evil Within 2

The deeper you get into the game, it becomes more clear what this game benefits by creating open locations. In case you need the traditional approach, the original “The Evil Within” is worth your time and checking out. The ending of The Evil Within 2 will buzz you with excitement.

The Evil Within the season comes from the mindset underneath Shinji Mikami’s Resident Evil. When that doesn’t offer you sufficient incentive to pick that up, we’re not aware what else would. It is a horror of 3rd personal survival that will drag you into some kind of world of nightmarishness inhabited by gruesome and terrifying enemies.

In 2017, at the moment for Halloween, a remake, The Evil Within 2, screams on stores, with leader Sebastian Castanellos once more bringing on dark forces in STEM’s twisted world above his comprehension. It’s a daily horror show in certain aspects: a seemingly idyllic city, dark magical beings, and just a little girl trapped to an ante.

The way it mixes iconic horror tracking with much more platforming features of action, with a realistic way of impotence to boost the continuing fear, makes this a must-have for genre lovers.

33. Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth

Call of Cthulhu is a survival horror game that stays true to its source, & provides a lot of ideas through its different-different levels. You will be running away or escaping from an assassination, hunted by some cultists, and also fighting with Shoggoths.

call of cthulhu dark corners of the earth gameplay

Call of Cthulhu features great adventure elements, you will do a lot of puzzle-solving and exploration. Some puzzles will require pattern recognition and some might just require the use of the correct inventory of things or objects in the correct places. You do not have a map in this game.

This action-adventure game involves action, surprises, sneaking, adventurous elements. The player will be cast as Jack Walters who is a private investigator having a mental instability history. He is trying to get back on the track of life and planning his career but the only problem is that he is not able to remember the 6 years of his past.

Call of Cthulhu does an excellent job by gradually increasing the mess and danger. The game deserves appreciation for creating some very truly troubling chase sequences.

34. Cry of Fear

From time to time, Cry of Fear is FPS, a survival horror game, and then a puzzle game. It is definitely a cinematically inclined experience.

Cry of Fear

The story of “Cry Of Fear” is a little confusing and you might lose track if not paid attention. The game began in a town in Sweden. A young man, Simon, is knocked by a car. And after a string of brief flashbacks of vague or unclear medical imagery, the young man awakens in some alley having no clue of how he came there. The player plays as Simon and he aims to get home safely. There are some really good atmospheric touches in the game.

Cry of Fear cope up with some highly upsetting issues such as anxiety, depression, suicide, and also pedophilia, at a point. The game is surely disturbing but it does not cross the line. Cry of Fear also features some excellent nightmare sequences and fascinatingly dark & twisted monsters.

35. F.E.A.R.

F.E.A.R. is one of the highly anticipated shooter-action games. A little girl, Alma, is the creepy villain of the game. Alma can rip anyone apart just with her thoughts. The unique thing about F.E.A.R is that it is a combination of Eastern horror and Western action. It is kinetic, incredible, and gives you almost an exhausting feeling from start to end.


This game is one of the most creepy and atmospheric games ever created and also an intense shooter game. The player will cast as the newest member of the military’s secret task force, First Encounter Assault Recon. The task force is allocated a job to deal with paranormal activities. The weapons like pistol, assault rifle, rocket launcher, shotgun, and a submachine gun in the game are extremely powerful. The psychological horror continued in its sequels—FEAR 2: Project Origin & FEAR 3.


Horror games, moving through basic horror and jump shocks, have evolved. Although these aspects still play a significant role in the category, there is more depth than ever before-game makers’ style to horror. Play lovers still seem to like horror games, enjoying the challenges of horror games. So if you’re a horror game fan, you should pick any of the titles since they’re all the best horror games.

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