The terrifying masterpiece movies of all time are so unpredictable. You never know when the ultimate frights will arrive, and what’s being said, the horror movies don’t have jumpscares. Rather these are better at keeping the secrets. If you’re longing for that creeping darkness that lights don’t touch at all. If you want to experience that realistic horrifying feel, then you’re in the right place. So, let’s have a seat for a while and read it finely.

Best Horror Movies to Watch

Below we have an amendable collection of the best horror movies to watch in 2020. Must say, these movies are a sneaky blend of new and old scars. So, let’s settle down, turn the lights off, and get ready to have a spooky go.

Best Horror Movies to Watch in 2020:

From slashers to monsters and haunted hotels, here are some of the best horror movies to watch in 2020.

1. The Shining (1980)

Shining 1980 is one of the scariest movies to watch. Jack Nicholson’s unhinged performance as the man plunging into murderous absurdity to Kubrick’s relentless direction as he hypnotically follows Danny while navigating the hotel corridors on his trike. The movie never lets you sit over the chair.

The Shining

It’s like being determined by a drunk mad man. But what comes up next is terrifying. Chopped up little girl, Lifts of the blood, and the terror that creeps in the bathroom of 237, this is what you will find next in the movie.

2. Hereditary (2018)

Well, that’s fair to say there’s no second in the movie where you can say you don’t scare. The horror story is just hidden beneath the perfect happy family—Ari Aster’s at first led by the harrowed Toni Collette. The movie features a grieving family’s mother—the death of their sent some shockwaves throughout their homes.


During two hours of the movies, you don’t feel for while you can stop and take a deep breath. Every shot of Collette’s artist in the movie creates a miniature cyclorama that feels like a menace, and every stubborn conversation between the teenagers of the family gives you a shock for a while.

3. Host (2020)

Host 2020 the most horrifying movie yet so far to watch in the quarantine period. Based on Romero’s gory attack on the consumerist, the American dream tracks the four better survivors of the Zombie catastrophe as they arrive in the sprawling mall.


Well, we can speak fluently about the interaction in the movie, and that’s so relatable. Some modern tech and innovations create the perfect scariest movie to watch in 2020.  This is what the director, Rob savage, can create in this lockdown period. That’s interesting to watch how they survive from the Zombies attack.

4. The Things (1982)

The thing movie remains one of the tensest horrors and glorious splattery of all the time. The group of Americans at the research station of Antarctica takes on an alien. Well, the things that infect the blood.  What’s so scary about the movie is that it creates intense paranoia and horror speckled in part to spread the infection.

The Things

Yet so far, the practical efforts and the responsibility to the young Rob Bottin and the uncredited Stan Winston are the true stars decapitated, the head sprouts legs, and the bodies are stretched. The vision of the movie and murderous monsters is not less than the true nightmare.

5. The Exorcist (1973)

Exorcist is quite similar to the shining movie, and that’s why it achieves fifth place on our list. The movie is so unpredictable and scary as it includes Regan’s tale, daughter of a successful movie actress, who one day hides in the basement while playing with an Ouija board. However, the girl wants to do some exceptional things with the board.


Rest the horror history when the titular exorcist arrives in the movie. Although the movie is merely based on the simplest premises, it also includes some anxiety-inducing that never lets you sit back on the sofa. The actors were frozen in the bedroom refrigerator, physically pulled across the sets to recreate the physical prowess. The movie is so terrifying and a must to watch in quarantine.

6. Halloween (1978)

The movie pretty much like the stalk and slash. Halloween sets another standard remark of the best horror movie that is never going to match. The carpenter composes his shots that let you guess, fearful exposure, and blending the both with claustrophobia.


The uneasy soundtracks and sensing of the vulnerability of whatever is happening in the movie let you scream for a while. That’s the reason that thrashing doom-synth is still oppressive horror.

6. Jaws (1975)

Before the Et and other screaming movies arrive, there was a movie Jaw, created by Steven Spielberg’s toothy horror movie. This movie haunts you for a longer time because the vindictive shark’s shark ruins everyone’s trip to the seaside.


This terror full and precarious trip over the ocean waves and the spending sharks keep you spooky the whole time. Children die, the dog dies, floating heads over the sunken boats. That’s enough to say about this movie and the terror that you feel while watching the movie.

7. Alien (1979)

Alien is a science fiction movie that was made as to the greatest horror movie. Originally the distress call from the spaceship of aliens, the terrifying monsters. Scott sends the crew of their Nostromo to investigate this. The dread goes much deeper as you think, and the creature has created the multilayers bottomless put of the psychosexual horror.


Also, the visual ambiguity of the Scotts’ direction during the final act is the tension creating. If you want to feel the real horror movie, they must go for this.

8. Screams (1996)

The horror movie arrived in the late 90s. The slasher trope was confounding in need of a cup of strong espresso. But what he got was the scream of the Wes Cravens. The scream mask is based upon the munch painting that might be twisted into the stone’s bliss.


The screams remain so unpredictable, and the victims keep on slashing down the slashers knife. The end game is so stressful and wonders until the end, who is going to survive.