School fund raising

The best fundraiser raffle ideas are those that generate quick sales and profits. Many clubs, school groups or church youth groups want to raise funds but struggle with which fundraising ideas will work best for them. If you’re looking for the right fundraiser raffle idea to help raise money quickly for your organization, then you’re in luck. I’ll show you three unique and profitable ways you can turn your fundraising raffle idea into a big win for everyone!


Great raffle prizes are essential to the success of your school auction or silent auction fundraiser. This is true for both adult-only and family events. Expensive items can be great raffle prizes as they provide some value, are desirable, and can be donated by an organization or business. By selling raffle tickets to win a big item, you can give back to your school while making money for it at the same time. A big-ticket prize can really boost sales and make up for any smaller prizes you may sell as well.

The second to last step of this strategy is to determine and price the prizes. This can be tricky as you don’t want to promise something you can’t deliver, but it should be something that is enticing. One of the best ways is to get the digital raffle ticket software at My School Connect.

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Grand and small prizes

School fund raising

Since you don’t really provide any value to buying a raffle ticket, I’d stick with a grand prize package deal. But, if you have enough traffic and you can afford it, you might consider offering bigger prizes for second and third place.

Cash prizes are always the best for groups. Some suggested amounts to shoot for include $25, $50, $100, or even a grand prize winner of $500.00.  Here’s an example of Wal-Mart’s entry form for a raffle; they were selling tickets for a vacation package in which the winner got to go to Florida and stay at Universal Studios for five days with airfare included.

You may find that the cost of the prizes or gift cards outweighs your total sales. If you are working with youth, then a grand prize is a great way to ‘hook’ people into purchasing tickets, even if they don’t win.

The final say

School fundraising can be a difficult task. We all know that to make the most money, you need to sell as many raffle tickets as possible. So, how do you sell more than one ticket to each person? As a parent, have you ever gone to a fundraising event and purchased multiple tickets? This is an event where you could buy three tickets, but four weren’t available. The school supports you by giving you multiple ticket options and hopes that if you have the extra money, then they will get your business and don’t give up on them since your son or daughter wants this fundraiser to be successful.