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With thousands of online games out there, it is challenging to pick the best .io game out. Even while we were composing this post, we went through 100+ games and were still confused with categorizing them. But we have made this problem easier for you. We have prepared a list of some of the best multiplayer io games you can play in 2021.

Best .IO Games

This post includes not only the list but also their gameplay description. So make sure that you read the entire post and find out the best online games for yourself.

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List of Best and Popular .io Games to Play 

So here is our ultimate list of best .io games available in 2021. Let’s dive in.

1., the .io that initiated it all, remains a strong experience with .io. At this point, it is a right of passage, and you can waste at least two hours trying in vain to secure a spot on the leaderboard. In this game, you are a circle referring to cells, and your primary objective is eating and absorbing small circles around you to grow larger. While playing, you have to plan your strategy against other payers with your team to eat them and become the biggest one in the arena. You can even split yourself into as many smaller pieces as possible to become the first to earn the leader title. comprises four different online modes, namely Battle Royale, FFP, Teams, and Experimental. You can play around with any mode you like with your friends. is a fantastic and popular browser-based game, and that is why it is the first of our best .io games. You can play yourself on your browser.

2. is a browser-based game with a lot of inspiration from the popular games of snake, but you will find high-quality graphics and enjoyable gameplay. In this multiplayer browser game, you have to move your snake around by eating motes of food to grow in length, but you also have to make sure that you do not collide with any other snake, i.e., the player’s head or body. is a fun and challenging game, and you will definitely like the game once you start playing.

3. is an impressive browser game that has 3D graphics to it. For a browser-based game, is way too much because of the kind of environment, gameplay, and astonishing graphics it offers. is a top-down multi-shooter game where you have to use WASD controls to move around and engage with your enemies in a mecha battle to destroy them by using the different mechas and weapons.

You also get an option to enhance your mechas and weapons to improve your gameplay and win all the fighting battles. You can play Warbot by clicking here and build your own mech army with fatal weapons.


Despite being the oldest one, this multiplayer game is still popular. While playing, you play as a tank, and your objective is to destroy the enemy tanks around you. You would be facing and fighting against another real-time player that would be there with their tanks and army.

You have to make sure that you upgrade your tanks to add new and fatal weapons to them and change the tank’s shape to earn up to the leadership board. There are different modes that offers to you that include a solo mode, team mode, 50 v 50 mode, and a mothership mode. You can explore all the modes and check out which one is the best by clicking here.

5. is an interesting and challenging multiplayer game. In this game, you get a black hole of yourself that sucks everything that comes into their proximity, like cars, people, and other objects. Galloping things in your proximity results in the expansion of your black hole, and as your hole expands, you can suck more and more things.


If your hole is bigger than other players’ holes, you will also be able to suck players’ holes to expand yours. You can check this fantastic game out by clicking here.


I have ever played Plants Vs. Zombies and liked it, then this is the game that you will definitely love. is an arcade multiplayer shooter game where you have to protect your hoard from the fast zombies. There would be a wave of zombies approaching towards you, and that wave will grow as you progress in the game.

So you have to make sure that you are constantly upgrading your wall to protect your hoard from fast-moving zombies. You also get an option to team up with other players to hype up your gameplay. You can check by clicking here.


Swords and blobs of color go along very nicely. games have you slaying them left and right players. To power, press to slash, W to flee, and mouse. You must flee the meter to refresh, so try not to dash straight into the fray.

In this game, timing is crucial, as button-mashing is not a choice. For your character to stab again, your blade needs to return to the hand it began on.

Usually, rounds don’t last long before you get started. Goons run quickly, and making mistakes is easy. It’s more entertaining than rage-inducing, though, so you’ll keep coming back for more.

8. will either hold you from coming back for more or push you to stop raging on the spot, neon, fast-paced and exhausting. By swinging or tossing the barbed end of your tail at other players, the purpose of this .io is to eliminate other players. To steer, use the mouse, and you’re free to go!

Round of will last for two seconds or ten minutes, based on how good you are with a mouse or a trackpad. Anyway, if to show that you’re better at this game than you actually are, you’ll keep clicking to answer. While we tested this game, we actually enjoyed this game for a couple of hours and never realized that.

Frequently Asked Questions:


What does IO stand for?

IO stands for Input and Output. This particular domain has gained popularity among startups and small gaming institutes.


Are IO games still popular?

Yes, IO games are still popular in the market. These games have gained a lot of popularity because a user does not require a high-end PC to ensure that the game works.



So this was our post on some of the best browser games that you can play in 2021. We have listed some of the most engaging and popular games that you won’t resist playing. All of the online games that we have mentioned are best in their respective genre, and it is up to you which genre you like. Ensure you check all of them out and let us know which online io game you enjoyed the most.

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