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Are you looking to watch Leonardo Dicaprio movies? You are most likely aware of his recent movies like Django Unchained, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, Shutter Island, Inception, and many more. While these movies are great, there are many lesser-known gems available for you to watch.

 Leonardo Dicaprio Movies

It all started with Clitters 3 when Leonardo Dicaprio finally joined Hollywood. Since then, he’s been in many movies, and almost all of them are brilliant in one way or another. Of course, after winning Oscar, his recent movies and talent received even much better recognition.

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Here’s the list of (Underrated Movies) of Leonardo Dicaprio:

If you’ve most likely watched the popular titles, it’s time for you to dig into some lesser-known but brilliant movies of Leonardo Dicaprio.

1. What’s Eating Gilbert Grape

Let’s take a look at the movie that brought Leonardo DiCaprio his first Oscar nomination ever. What’s Eating Gilbert Grape starred Johnny Depp as a titular character while Leonardo was still playing a side role. However, it was quite a challenging role. He was the younger brother Arnie, who is mentally disabled.


If you want to enjoy the actor’s younger years, this is one of the best movies. He brings an overwhelming performance with impeccable mastery. This movie will tell you that this kid can indeed be among the best actors in the world. He didn’t just play the role. He brought it to life. The movie itself is beautiful, and you’re getting Johnny Depp in the mix.

2. The Basketball Diaries

The critics have always been in the mix with this one. This movie wasn’t exactly the best in Leo’s career. However, it was certainly something that helped him in reaching new heights of his movie career. Some call it a disaster movie, while others call it something where you witness the young actor’s raw talent and intensity. This movie clarifies that Leonardo Dicaprio is one of those actors who doesn’t mind experimenting, which led him to receive various great movies later.

The Basketball Diaries

The Basketball Diaries is about a high school basketball teenager who is at the epitome of his career. We then see him descend into the dark world of drug addiction and much more. While it isn’t a feel-good movie, the movie’s raw intensity and Leo’s performance are top of the charts.

3. Romeo + Juliet

You know Leonardo for Titanic, but before that, he played another tragic lover role. In fact, his role in Romeo + Juliet paved the path to get casted as Jack in Titanic. Romeo + Juliet was the modern adaptation of Shakespear’s literature of the same name.  It has gang wars and a much more modern take. The movie itself was over the top, and the modern retelling lives in the people’s hearts.

Romeo + Juliet

However, Leonardo brought life to the movie. Clare Danes and the lead actor were both critically acclaimed. Let’s say that many people believe that while the movie was fantastic, it was so good because Leo helped the movie 99% of the time. That’s saying something.

4. The Quick And The Dead

Remember the battle of the west? The epic stand out between the two gunfighters? Well, Raimi attempts to revive the dying culture of movies under the ‘baroque horse opera’ style. The story is quite straightforward, with a marksmanship tournament and some big names in the movie. However, it became a cult setter and one of the movies that were a ‘must watch’ for almost every Leonardo Dicaprio fan.

The Quick And The Dead

Of course, as Leo was still young at the time, he didn’t receive the titular role but still managed to capture the audience’s attention with his brilliant performance. Of course, he went ahead to become the most celebrated part of the movie with an emotional and sympathetic touch.

5. The Great Gatsby

After Titanic, we didn’t get to see Leonardo playing many romantic roles. It’s almost as if the actor was working on something else. Of course, he was exploring, experimenting, and breaking the barriers of every role he could get. However, The Great Gatsby became another movie where we saw him smile on screen again.

The Great Gatsby

While The Great Gatsby remains impossible to turn into a movie type of Novel, this one was one of the best interactions to exist ever. All thanks go to Leonardo Dicaprio and his brilliant performance. This movie proved that Leo could carry any title on his back with a brilliant performance regardless of the script or movie.

6. The Departed

This is that one movie that further helped Leo season up to become an Oscar winner. In The Departed, Leonardo Dicaprio got to work with several well-established actors and the director Martin Scorsese. The list includes Mark Whalberg, Jack Nicholson, and Alex Baldwin. There’s no doubt that this oscar-winning movie was going to test his merit, and Leo emerged victoriously.

The Departed

It is indeed one of the great Leonardo Dicaprio movies you will ever watch. The personality he brought to the character played beautifully to the settings and story. There’s no doubt that while he wasn’t the primary focus, he made this movie a lot about himself from the screentime he had.

7. This Boy’s Life

Going back to the actor’s younger years, we have another brilliant movie where we see Leo as a young boy pitted against none other than Robert De Niro. Of course, it was the young actor’s leading role, and he showed us the range that he was capable of. We see him give us a proper depiction of his relationship with his mom and step-father to-be.

This Boy

Leo played ‘range’ in this movie. You get to see him change the character and personality from being a good boy to turning into a rebellious boy before finally turning into a brilliant and independent young man. The complexity of his performance gained him a lot of encouragement and opened a new frontier of movies.

8. The Aviator

Most people don’t know about this gem as well. You have seen Leonardo Dicaprio impersonating people on screen. Wolf of Wall Street was a great movie, no doubt. But that one shows the range Leo had and highlights his versatility. This one focuses on the millionaire businessman and inventor Howard Hughes. Of course, it was also one of the most challenging roles for Leo.

The Aviator

Still, working with Director Scorsese, Leo’s acting made this movie amazing. It became one of the greatest movies of all time. If you love Leo in various roles he undergoes, you will certainly admire him for this one. The movie itself is quite entertaining, as well.

9. Gangs Of New York

Gangs Of New York was another collaboration with Director Scorsese that brought the best out of him. It’s almost as if the director acknowledges the potential of Leo. At the time, the actor was known for playing pretty-boy roles. However, here he managed to flip his image 180 degrees.

Gangs Of New York

With some of the best cast, you see Leo playing  Amsterdam Vallon on a quest to avenge his father’s death. Almost everyone was reluctant to watch Leo in the role. However, Leo takes a different approach to the role. This not only showed people that they couldn’t ‘categorize’ or ‘singularize’ or ‘stereotype’ Leo’s roles but also highlighted the potential he had.

10. Revolutionary Road

After Titanic, we see Leonardo Dicaprio and Kate Winslet reprising each other’s role in Revolutionary Road. This American-style movie and novel adaptation brought something completely different from their previous work. Revolutionary Road (2008) is an intense, chilly, and heart-wrecking movie about two people who discover that they live hellish lives. There’s no doubt that Leonardo once again proves he is among the best.

Revolutionary Road

Believe it when we say it. This performance feels more organic and intense that Leo once again proves why he always managed to become the center of attention in almost every movie.

11. Django Unchained

Of course, there had to be an addition to a well-known movie. This is a Quentin Tarantino movie partnering with Leonardo Dicaprio. The western-exploitation and revenge flick is one of the best movies to ever exist in Leo’s career.

Django Unchained

Among all other Leonardo Dicaprio movies ranked, it would top it over The Revenant. You get to see Leo in a negative role, and that’s not the best part. He brings such a psychotic monstrous character with a charm that just captivates us. If you don’t want to fall in love with a villain, it might not be for you, but overall, it is one of Leo’s best movies.

12.Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood (2019) is another Quentin Tarantino movie that brought a lot for us. Not everyone gets this movie, but those who do get this movie simply love it for what it is. You see Leo as Rick Dalton, a washed-up actor at the ending strings of his career. The movie has Brad Pitt playing Leo’s stunt double and a best friend.

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

His performance is so captivating that you can’t help but feel for the character by the end of it. Some scenes were improvised that brought much more out of the movie. This is the movie that proves that Brad and Leo’s duo is one of a kind. Of course, this is the first movie that doesn’t have as much violence but inevitably ends in it by the end of it. Overall, it is that one movie you should certainly watch if you’re a Leonardo Dicaprio fan.

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What Are Some Of The Best Movies Of Leonardo Dicaprio?

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, Django Unchained, Blood Diamond, Wolf Of Wall Street, The Man In The Iron Mask, Titanic, Body Of Lies, Poison Ivy, and of course, Inception are among the best movies of Leonardo and must watch.


Did Leonardo Dicaprio Win Oscar For Revenant (2015)?

Yes. Leonardo Dicaprio has been in many Oscar nominations, and many of his movies have won Oscars. However, he finally received the Oscar for best actor for his Revenant’s raw performance, where he pushed all the limits to the peak. The man wore actual bear fur, ate raw bison meat, and much more for the sake of the performance.


Why Aren’t Some Of The Popular Movies Like Blood Diamond or Titanic on the list?

We tried to narrow down the movie list to some of those that are lesser-known by movie lovers. Leonardo Dicaprio has done more than 70 movies in his entire career. This list needed 12 best must-watch. Almost everyone would’ve watched the popular titles like Catch Me If You Can, Shutter Island, Django Unchained, and so on.

We decided to curate a list of lesser-known movies and deserve all the attention they can get.


What Is Leonardo Dicaprio’s Net Worth?

As of 2020, Leo’s net worth is around $260 million. He has scored among the top ten highest-paid actors of all times consistently for eight times.



That concludes the list of the best movies of Leonardo Dicaprio that deserve a lot of attention. Leo has worked with various productions like 20th Century Fox and Warner Bros. We have seen him co-working with legends like Samuel L Jackson, Christopher Nolan, Steven Spielberg, Questin Tarantino, Brad Pitt, Tom Hardy, and many more stars.

Even though he has won the Oscar and consistently scores academy award, we can see Leo continuing with his passion for being an actor. You can pick almost any movie if you admire him and watch it anytime, any day. You won’t be disappointed. With that, we hope that you found something new and unique to watch. So go ahead and have fun.

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