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Are you looking for the best Minecraft Seeds? Then you’re at the right place! Your doubts will get clarified if you’re confused about what these seeds are and how you can use or create them. We have done some extensive research to bring you New Minecraft Edition Seeds to old-school and best of all times.

10 Best Minecraft Seeds

If you’re bored of the typical Minecraft gameplay, it’s time to zest it up. Spawn in a different location, loot the villages or explore the ocean with these creative seeds as you build on the map or reign superior. However, before we begin, let’s ask some right questions and get a clear answer:

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What Are Minecraft Seeds?

Minecraft Seeds are like a special code, much like a password that you enter to play various maps in the game. As Minecraft is a sandbox game, it allows you to build custom worlds. People can hop in on those worlds if you enable them to. To enable it, you have to share the Minecraft Seed. Many players worldwide create a custom world that can be very charming or spellbinding, while others might be more threatening.

These custom worlds allow you to enjoy what the creator (of the world) has intended—for example, survival or maybe just building a home. Hence, Minecraft worlds vary in purpose and objective. By using Minecraft Seeds, you enter a specific world or spawn in a different world.

Custom Or Random Options:

Generally, you have two options to choose from. You can choose to find random seeds, join a random world, or build a custom world. Now, a random world is the bread and butter of Minecraft. In other words, it’s available at large. You go to different worlds and try to find a way to pull through.

Meanwhile, Custom world gives you two options. First, if you use Minecraft Seeds, you can choose where to go, the world you want to enjoy. As you have a choice, you can play the game you like with the favorable settings. The random world is more for when you can’t decide what you want to play. Either way, both of these are fantastic options available for you.

How to Finding The Minecraft Seeds?

There are different options available for people to find the Minecraft Seeds. As you can see, you already have one of these options here. It is a list that has various seeds available for you to choose from and use. Similarly, there is a Minecraft Pocket Edition, and there are even iOS and Android databases. You can search the internet conveniently to find almost any type of seed available for you to play in the Minecraft Universe.

Regardless of whether you do that or not, let’s begin the list for the best Minecraft seeds that we thought you should know about:

Top 10 Best Minecraft Seeds:

1. The Pillager Outpost

  • Seed Code: -5479241985391318616
  • Available On: PC/Mac

Pillager Outpost is available after version 1.14 of Minecraft. It is a world set in the snowy landscape. Your objective here is to avoid the ‘Pillagers’ mob. These people wield crossbows and will shoot you down if they spot you. Hence, stealth becomes a key element in this seed. You would have to gather materials and build as always.

The Pillager Outpost

There are wooden mountains and a pillager output that you can cross with sealth to find your own crossbow. The world isn’t too expansive. It keeps around the straightforward outlook of a village and pillagers. You can build around that and have some fun.

2. The Woodland Mansion Village Seed

  • Seed Code:  1208416085
  • Available On: Version 1.14.1

This is a well-defined Minecraft Seed available for you to play. The Woodland Mansions are usually very challenging to find, but here you have quite a game ready for you. Here you can defeat the mobs to become the King of the Mansion. That’s right! You can even visit the nearby village, full of friendly folks! Alternatively, you might find a blacksmith that has some rare items waiting for you if you can unlock the chest.

The Woodland Mansion Village Seed

That’s not all! Woodland mansion delivers mesmeric scenery for you to admire in the immersive world of Minecraft. You can even enjoy Nether Portal and the villager town for more things! Overall, it is quite a popular seed.

3. Potzol And Spruces Trees

  • Seed Code:  306959825
  • Available On: Version 1.14.1

Desert temple seeds have always been quite popular, primarily because they all often seem to offer rare diamonds. However, if we take a little change, here you have an aesthetically pleasing seed available for you. There are many pleasant and appealing biome locations spread across this land. You can easily shift to different biomes.

Potzol And Spruces Trees -Best Minecraft Seeds

More importantly, as you spawn, you will find material conveniently around the area. Hence, you can make the early-game survival a piece of cake. Various biomes to collect different materials also make it easier for you to find relevant stuff. Finally, there are various ruins for you to explore. You will also find Shipwreck to find and even a temple. Finally, it has an amazing view, as well!

4. Extreme Hills Lava Falls

  • Seed Code: 321708923
  • Available On: 1.14 and above

This is a very mesmeric and glorious Minecraft that would surely provide you an enthralling experience. Of course, it is a little scary too. After all, who would want to get closer to the lava, right? However, you have quite a beautiful looking lava fall (instead of the waterfall). You can see it right behind the desert village, which means you have more going than meets the eye. Finally, you can build a sandcastle around, as well.

Extreme Hills Lava Falls

This map has an obsidian collection ready for you. Thus, you can enjoy those to your heart’s content. You will also find a Nether Portal on this map. Finally, different biomes have plenty of ores and materials ready for you to mine. Of course, it was one of the Minecraft Village that you could loop or trade.

5. The Mushroom Island

  • Seed Code: 64093444 (chill)
  • Available On: 1.14 and 1.15

Mushroom Island is another unique approach to Minecraft Seed. It is quite a straightforward and easy enough map for you with a unique Mushroom biome that is hard to find, as it is quite uncommon. There are cows as a mob around the area. However, this one is all about a treasure hunt. That’s right! You will get a map of the buried treasure, and you can use it to explore.

The Mushroom Island - Best Minecraft Seeds

Shipwrecks are waiting for you to come and find some valuable loot. You can find a wide assortment of things from food and items to emeralds. The Mushroom Island allows you to explore a new world of possibilities.

6. Mesa Seed

  • Seed Code: 8429444967367737379
  • Available On: 1.15.2 and 1.16.1

Mesa Minecraft Seed is one of the most eye-catching and appealing ones available. It is quite popular too! You might have seen it in various blogs. After all, it showcases to you what a player can build in Minecraft. You have a mesa biome with various colorful layers of sediments. However, it has a desert-type appeal thanks to the absence of trees.

Mesa Seed

Cave spider spawners are waiting for you in their lair. If you plan on building, you have to consider the environment and the threats looming around. There is plenty of gold around, and you can find several gold-related crafts to make in this Minecraft Seed.

7. Ice Spikes

  • Seed Code: 2223210
  • Available On:  Pocket Edition / PE/ Bedrock Edition

This might seem like an adventure right out of a ‘Frozen’ movie for you. However, this seed spawns you right at the edge of the forest. From there on, you will embark on a journey to explore the ice river and come across various creatures like polar bears and whatnot. Beware, the ice-spies will protrude to strike you down.

Ice Spikes

More importantly, you can find a castle or village, even one like an Ice Skyscraper for you to live in. There is a plains biome in this map to ensure that you won’t end up stranded without appropriate resources.

8. Village Ravine And Jungle With Diamonds

  • Seed Code: 598080973
  • Available On: 1.14.6

This is yet another best Minecraft Seed available for you to explore. The spawn point is near a jungle biome. As it has a ravine, you have to be careful to fall and actually die in this one. However, that’s the most thrilling aspect of it. You need to be quite careful as there are two or three villages on this map.

Village Ravine And Jungle With Diamonds

If you climb down the Ravine, you will find several precious diamonds and other materials waiting for you. So it is up to you to decide whether it is the right risk or not. Correlatively, it is related to the Ice Spikes biome. So, you will have some real fun around here.

9. Temple Of Doom

  • Seed Code:  2029492581
  • Available On: PC/Mac

Jungle, Desert, River, Mountain and Oceans, this Minecraft Seed has it all. There are pillagers on this map, as well. However, it is more of a hardcore survival. Therefore, you will face some challenges as you try to find the tools and materials to craft something. It is quite like a standard Minecraft map, and you have several choices ready for you.

Temple Of Doom -Best Minecraft Seeds

However, the name has it means, at every point, you do feel like you’re doomed. A lot is waiting for you in these jungle and desert biomes. You should give it a stroll to see if you can survive. Alternatively, it is popular as ‘Fear Artemis’ Minecraft Seed. Still, the essence is in the hardcore survival.

10. Minecraft Seed Island

  • Seed Code: -573947210
  • Available On:  PC/Mac

Minecraft Seed Island is quite a straightforward approach but full of excitement and a lot to explore. It is one of the seeds that stay true to the nature of Minecraft. You have buried treasure and hidden loots that you can find. More importantly, there are plenty of Islands waiting for you to explore and find something unique or rare to collect.

Minecraft Seed Island

There are various items like gold nuggets, ingots, swords, tunics, and much more. More importantly, there are shipwrecks on the map, as well. There’s even a map. It is similar to the Mushroom biome but different at the same time!

How to Use Seeds To Create A Minecraft World?

It’s easy to create a world by using the seeds. In fact, seeds are just the ID of the Minecraft world that you have generated. All you have to do is use the Terrain Generator (Also known as World Generator by many). There you can create various biomes and build the entire world.

Another option is to use Minecraft PE. Although the game itself generates random worlds, it allows you to create your unique worlds, as well.

The Java Edition (PC or Mac Version):

All you have to do is follow these steps:

  • First, go to the menu and find the ‘Create New World’ option.
  • Another screen will appear. Find ‘More World Options.’
  • Now, you can see available codes or insert the code you want
  • Once done, you can click on ‘Create New World,’ the seed will be ready.
  • Next is just for you to customize as you like it.

Create Custom Worlds In Minecraft PE:

The steps are similar, but to avoid confusion, here’s everything:

  • In this version, find the ‘New’ button in the options.
  • Click on ‘Advanced’ to make sure you get to the right options.
  • You will find ‘Seed,’ and then you can find the value or try inserting random numbers and alphabets.
  • Once you have an available one, click on ‘Done.’
  • Then click on ‘Create the world.’
  • Now you have the world ready to customize.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Are Minecraft Seeds Cross-Compatible?

No. There is quite a difference between Minecraft Seeds for each version. Some games or versions allow for cross-platform compatibility, but not all of them. There is a specific difference that sets them apart.

PC Vs. PE Seeds

PE versions usually have 256 x 256 block size because these are designed for the pocket world. Hence, as these are not as expansive, PC worlds are bigger. Apart from that, there isn’t much difference. There seems to be some increase in the PE versions, but there is still much left for improvements.

Console Difference

Each console has a different database for seed codes. Therefore, the code that works on one console might not work on another. More importantly, it might land you on an entirely different spawn point and map. You would have to specifically check for which console you’re using and if the seed is compatible or not.


Can You Use One Version Or Edition Of Minecraft Seeds Into Another?

Unfortunately, no, you can’t. You would have to check your Minecraft Version and ensure that you have access to the right and compatible seeds.  Consoles don’t have as many seeds as other editions because of the players’ ease of availability.

You might want to check for the version compatibility before you can use the said Minecraft seed. Some seeds work on the older version and might be limited in that manner. If you want to find out your version of seeds:

  • Find the launcher and go to ‘Launch options’
  • Then find the ‘Add New’ button.
  • There you can add the version you want the seeds for
  • If you go to the ‘News’ option, you will find the right version and seeds.


How To Activate Or Use The Minecraft Seeds?

While joining the world, all you need to do is click on New World, and instead of creating, you can join. The option is somewhat similar for every version. All you need to do is confirm that the Seed code is available in your version.

Next, Minecraft seeds are case-sensitive. So you have to ensure that you’re using the right cases and numbers to enter the right place. That’s all! You’re good to go!

The joining process seems to be quite similar for every version. So, it shouldn’t be too hard.


What Are Biomes In Minecraft?

Biomes are the terrains or the type of land you come across. Different types of biomes offer unique materials and items. For example, you have Jungle, Ocean, Desert, Ice, Village seed spawns, portals, and much more.  Apart from different items, these places will have unique mobs and obstacles waiting for you. However, a seed might combine more than a single type to bring you a unique aspect.



That’s everything you might need to know about Minecraft Seeds. From the best options available to how to create them, even how to use them properly. Make sure you have the right version or edition and a compatible Seed. Remember, it’s not illegal or wrong to use the seeds, either! Hence you can have all the fun you want with this collection of great options.

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